Throughout surgeries like organ replacement and treatment of ailments

  Throughout human history, disease has played a powerful role. Similar
to the way a river erodes entire canyons, diseases have been responsible for
wiping out entire civilizations and cultures. It’s only in the last two
centuries that our understanding of how to combat such illnesses has progressed
beyond superstition. By far one of the most important medical advancements of
the modern age has been vaccination. They have been responsible for eliminating
most of the world’s most crippling pathogens. However, since their introduction
to the US in the early 19th century, opponents have been found.


     The debate surrounding mandatory vaccines
has surged recently due to multiple outbreaks of deadly diseases such as measles.

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These outbreaks have been largely attributed to the anti-vaccine movement
becoming more popular in the past few years. These groups have advocated for,
things such as alternative medicine and other solutions based in pseudoscience.


  certain vaccinations should be mandatory, but
not all of them. Severe illnesses like measles cause a lot of damage and
suffering and possibly death. If not for you or your own children, for another
person. There are people that cannot receive vaccinations due to autoimmune
disorders, weak immune systems due to other ailments like cancer, surgeries
like organ replacement and treatment of ailments like chemo therapy. Catching
something like the measles can be deadly for these people and it isn’t fair to
lock them in a bubble, no more fair than to quarantine the sick people.

Vaccinations prevent either of those from happening.

There are vaccinations that do not cause you to catch a form
of the illness injected, unlike the flu vaccine. Unfortunately due to travel
and immigration people are coming from countries that do not have certain
illnesses like the measles under control and that makes it impossible to
eradicate in a country.