Three like these are affordable and can include ecommerce

Three pieces of a successful startup business website
What goes into a successful web presence? There are three main components and for each one there are services that can get you up and online in no time at all. The three main steps to creating a promising website are: build it, optimize it and promote it. You build your site, optimize it for prime search engine visibility and then promote it. Sound daunting? It isn’t.
Build It
First, you need a website, but even before that you need somewhere for it to live. Enter web hosting providers. If you were to build a house, you’d need property to build it on. A website is your “home” on the web and it too requires somewhere to exist. Hosting providers offer that virtual space on the web, where the files that make up your website are stored. A good hosting provider will also offer a myriad of tools and services designed to make getting online a quick, easy experience. Be sure to find out what tools a hosting package includes and make sure they offer packages designed for the novice as well as the pro.
One of the services you might want to look for is a “ready made” hosting package that includes design, hosting and site maintenance. A package likes this allows you to have a strong web presence, but removes the time commitment from you to build the site and maintain it. You choose the layout of your site and the desired pages your business requires, and a team of experts will design it to reflect your company’s brand and marketing message. When the need to update or add new information arises, it’s a simple phone call away. Packages like these are affordable and can include ecommerce / shopping cart functionality if you intend to sell products online.
Optimize It
Once your site is built, how do you let people know it’s up and running? The short answer: search engines. Search engines account for a massive amount of online traffic, so good placement on them is essential. The way to assure good placement is to “optimize” your site for search. Search optimization does involve some technical knowledge, and it is without a doubt time consuming, requiring continuous effort to maintain a high ranking on search engine results pages.
The good news is that there are search engine optimization (SEO) services that take care of the entire process for you. A service like this assigns a specialist who will analyze your site and give you simple, step-by-step, instructions on how to modify it for targeted keywords and search phrases. Simply put, there are certain keywords searched for more often than others. In your site’s analysis, the keywords most appropriate for your business are ascertained and then applied to the site. This helps the search engine find your site when a potential customer enters those keywords.
Once your site is optimized with keywords, the other half of the coin is your reputation, as the search engines see it. For the most part, that comes down to the outside websites that point to your own through links in to your site. Search engines view these referrals as confirmation that an objective, outside source saw fit to point their own traffic to your site. Some of this can be accomplished by submitting your site to specific directories, but most of the work involves the process of finding relevant and respected sites that are willing to point traffic your way – again, working with an experienced SEO firm can be your quickest ticket here. The bottom line is search engines are a powerful way to find customers that traditional media might never reach.
Promote It
Another highly effective way to use a search engine to increase your site’s visibility is to promote it via targeted search engine advertisements. Each major search engine offers ‘cost per click’ or CPC pricing for ads in their search results. The big benefit – you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your website. Even better – there are services that can help you manage this process.
How do they work? Usually a site analysis is performed, as well as a thorough analysis of your competitor’s sites. Targeted keywords are chosen and an ad campaign is designed around them. The campaign also integrates copywriting, and the ads are then placed on major search engines and monitored for performance. Many services like these also offer guarantees that your ad will receive a minimum number of views (impressions) or a set number of new visitors to your site each month. Weekly reports are also sent so you can monitor your ad campaign and consult with your service professional on how best to modify it.
This is an excellent, tangible way to guarantee that those customers looking for your goods and services find your site. These services are usually very affordable, especially when you consider what you’d spend to hire a marketing consultant.