This responses given. Subjects of the Study This study

chapter presents the research design, subjects of the study, instruments used,
data gathering procedure and the statistical tools used in data analysis.

Research Design

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            Descriptive method was used
by the researcher to find out the effects of petrochemical emissions to the
residents of Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba Batangas City. This method chosen by the
researcher is appropriate to investigate ideas regarding the effects of emissions.

            This descriptive method is intent
for the purpose of gathering, analyzing, classifying and tabulating data that
describes the effects of petrochemical emissions to the residents of Barangay
Pinamucan Ibaba Batangas City. It uses visual aids such as graphs and charts to
aid the reader in understanding the data distribution. The researchers used
descriptive-survey method in order to get the accurate findings and information
because in descriptive-survey method research, participants answer questions
administered through interviews or questionnaires. After these participants
answer the questions, researchers describe, analyze and evaluate the responses



Subjects of the Study

            This study involved thirty (30)
individuals who occupying the Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba, Batanagas City. These
thirty (30) participants aged from 18 years old and above. In selecting the
subjects of the study, purposive sampling was used.

Research Instrument

            As the basic tool in experimental
research, a questionnaire was used. It was formulated based on specific
problems of this study to generate the desired information. The questionnaire
has two parts, the first part is the profile of the respondents, gender and age
was included while the second part contained respondent’s feedback about the
effects of petrochemicals emission. Before the final administration of the
questionnaire, it was shown to the research adviser for approval.

Aside from the
questionnaires, books, journals, and online sources are used. They are related
literature and studies about the problem. These are used in gathering reliable
and accurate information that is beneficial for the study. The researchers make
sure of the used of proper citation for these instrument.

Data Gathering Procedure

obtaining the necessary information for the study, the researcher conducted
survey and asked the participants of the study to answer questionnaire in
addition to the data gathered from the books, journal and online sources. The
simple random sampling is used in selecting the respondents as the study needed
the answers with generalizability.

The researchers
gathered information and conducted a survey in a span of a week. The
researchers have gone to library and surf the web for numerous times to gather
information needed in the study. At the same time, the researcher has roamed
around the Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba, Batanagas City for selecting respondents.

The researchers
guided the respondents while answering the questionnaire in order to explain
everything about the study to the respondents to achieve more accurate answers
and statistical data.

Statistical Treatment

 The data gathered
were tallied and analyzed by the used of descriptive and inferential
statistics. The descriptive and inferential statistics used by the researchers
are percentage method and weighted mean.

Percentage Method. It
is used as the statistical treatment to the profile of the participants. This
method determines proportion of the responses of the participants to its total
number of participants. To acquire this, the formula is:

Where     p= percent


n= total number of respondents

Weighted Mean. It is used in assessing the respondents’
agreement to the set of statement about the effects of internal audit to
business’ profitability. According to Intopedia, average is a mean calculated by giving values in
a data set more influence according to some attribute of the data. It is an
average in which each quantity to be averaged is assigned a weight, and these
weightings determine the relative importance of each quantity on the average.To get the
weighted mean, the formula is:

Where     = mean

= measurement or

= number of