This period has a little bit problem, this is

age called as Victorian age because in this period the leader is Queen
Victoria. This period is also they called peace period and in this period the
revolution of the industry was happened. Before they called as peace period
this period has a little bit problem, this is because of Queen Victoria, the
people called her Lady
Melbourne because she always obeying the command from Lord Melbourne. Lord
Melbourne is Queen Victoria’s best friend, because she over trust to him she
forgot about her duty as a leader, she forgot about her people and she did not
care them anymore. It was made the people hate Queen Victoria.
The revolution of the industry is like radical change because of the invention
of a new technology and transportation. The negative side of this revolution is
including about the rich and the poor and the positive side of this revolution
is the development of education and prosperity, for example, the benefit of
electric power for people’s life. In this period there is a famous and known
novelist, he is Charles Dickens. This essay will explain about Charles
Dickens’s life and his works that related to the Historical background.

life of Charles Dickens was started on 7 February 1812, he was born in
Landport, Portsmouth and his original name is Charles John Huffam Dickens.
Charles was a second child from eight siblings. His father is John Dickens, He is scribe at the Navy’s
Treasury Office and his wife name is Elizabeth Dickens.
In 1814 Dickens family moved to London and two years later they moved to Chatham,
Kent, Charles spent his childhood in that place. Because they have a problem
with the money they back moved to the London, in London, they stayed in the
settlement of the poor people. When he was 12 years old he had to resign
himself from the school because his father had a problem with the money and his
father had to live in jail. After he resigned from the school he worked in
shoes shine factory, he did that to help his family. After his father was
released from prison Charles went back to the school and he went back when he
was 15 years old.

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1836 his story of his love was started, this was after he success in wrote
about The Pickwick Papers and this was followed with his wedding on April 1836
with Catherine Hogarth, she was a sister of George Hogarth, he was an editor of
Morning Chronicle. Charles and his wife had 10 children from their wedding. 3
years ago, before he met with Catherin Hogarth he broke up with his first love,
her name is Maria Beadnell, they met in 1830. Charles thought Maria was his inspiration
for Dora character. Meanwhile, the people thought Charles was inspiration Dora
character from Catherine sister, Mary Hogarth. Mary Hogarth died when she was
17 years old, the people thought Charles more love to Mary because he wanted
his grave is in beside of Mary’s grave. The people thought Charles was falling
in love with the other Catherine sister, she was Georgina Hogarth that life
with them in 1842 and she helped them. In 1858 Charles and his wife got a
problem and they had to divorce, at that same time Charles must lose his
parents, his ninth child and his fourth child. His life was very messy. One
year later he met with Ellen Ternan and then she accompanied but both of them
did not marry.

8 June 1870, He got a stroke in his house after he worked for one full day. On
9 June he passed away at Hill Place Gad and it coincided with the five years
anniversary of the accident Staplehurst train. He wanted to tomb himself in Rochester
Cathedral but at the last, he buried in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey. The
people wrote the sentence on his tombstone “To commemorate Charles Dickens (the
most famous English writer) who died at this residence, Higham, near Rochester,
Kent, June 9, 1870, at the age of 58. He had sympathy for the poor people and
he also got sympathy to the people that got suffered. Because he passed away
English lost the most popular writer in the world. The last words of Charles
Dickens are “Be natural my children. For the writer that is natural has
fulfilled all the rules of art”.

His famous work is
Oliver Twist. This is his second novel that his write, his first novel is The
Pickwick. The story is a child that does not has parents. The name of the child
is Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist lives in the shelter, from that Oliver learns
about dark life. One day, Oliver feel angry and he wants to get more portion of
food, because of that they moved Oliver from house of shelter. After they moved
Oliver from the house shelter the Obolensky family meet with him and ask him to
come and stay with them. In Obolensky’s family Oliver they ask to be a slave
but in there Oliver get a lot of food, he gets more than before but it is a
food leftover dog food. Only Mr. Obolensky that sympathy to him and one day
Oliver get insulted from obolensky