This of interest in Under-Graduation and would like to

This was the first lesson taught by my parents which I take as inspiration and follow till my last breathe. Moreover, my schooling helped me in establishing strong academic and interpersonal skills. During my studies, I would always query Why’s and How’s in every subject, which eventually led me to grasp the underlying concepts. This skill made me stand 3rd in the entire school with excellent score. Understanding the fundamental concepts does differentiate me from my co-students. In my school, I used to participate in various extra-curricular activities, ranging from general knowledge tests to inter-school competitions. I represented my school at Science Exhibitions conducted every year. I enjoyed being a part of the school and was ready to switch to the next level of studies by choosing my field of interest in Under-Graduation and would like to take the subject as Major in my Masters.


In the pursuit of my knowledge and delight to learn new things, I had always adopted a stern approach in order to attain a profound understanding of the subject at hand. This has amply reflected in my consistently well performing career. My innate strengths have been my quantitative and analytical abilities, which implanted in me a special interest for mathematics and basic sciences.

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After high school, I opted for Computer Science Engineering as my undergraduate major from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad (JNTU­H) and went on to study more about technology and its insights.


A well structured and comprehensive curriculum at my institute, along with an experienced faculty, has given me a broad perspective and better understanding to the fundamentals of core Computer Science viz., Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming etc. I found myself inclined to subjects related to the real time systems. It was then, that I decided in which area I would specialize in as a part of my graduate study. Scoring the highest marks out of the lot in subjects such as Database Management Systems, Information Security and Design and analysis of Algorithms gave me the confidence and boost to work on them more. Wanting to go deeper into those concepts led me to attend various workshops on Management systems, and Cloud computing etc. Apart from academics sense of teamwork, ability to put sustained quality effort and confidence of judgment has been a bigger part of my undergraduate studies Presently, I am doing an internship at DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) – RCI in Hyderabad, INDIA where­in I am learning about the new technologies involved in the development of software and subsequently giving my inputs and suggestions for the totality of the project.


My committal to travel across half the globe and dedicate two substantial years to an academic task is a serious one. Coming from a background where I have been taught to value the significance of education, I am proud to have reached this stage in my life where I contend for graduate studies.


Twenty years from now, I want to be able to look back at all my achievements and relish the sense of satisfaction. If I am able to successfully get to this point, I will consider myself a winner. The past four years at college made me realize that an approach towards this goal involves leveraging my abilities and efficiently utilizing them to enhance the understanding of Computer Science and technology.


An opportunity for a Master’s degree will provide a springboard that would allow me to reach the highest altitude of my career to date Four to five years from now? I picture myself among a group of like­minded researchers in the field of Computer Science giving my utmost suggestions and providing a base for levitation in the field of Computer Science. Given these interests to explore more about Computer Science, I believe that pursuing an M.S in Computer Science is the right move towards my long term goal.


By working under the esteemed guidance of Professors, I assure to do full justice to my course. The ongoing research work at the George Mason University makes me believe that it is the right place for me to be. I believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability and preparation to set out on this exhilarating and arduous path with absolute commitment and preparedness for necessary personal sacrifice to your on­going research work. I am confident that my undergraduate experiences, sharp aptitude and my strong incentive will assist me in successfully accomplishing graduate studies at the George Mason University.


I eagerly look forward to be a part of the graduate family at the George Mason University.