This and Electronic Engineering for undergraduate education, I just

This era has witnessed the marvels
of wireless communication. The industry has progressed from analog phones to
3G, then 4G and now 5G is gaining prominence. This furtherance has dramatically
altered the way we do, see and think. However, with ample possibilities, it
comes with unique challenges. Given the pace of change, the issue with
technological obsolescence is booming along with the colossal amount of capex
requirement for infra and network readiness. In addition, there is gestation
period considering the competitive landscape of the industry. Extensive
research, dynamics and strategy is being placed to handle these hiccups. This
is definitely going to be an interesting time to get involved in this campaign.

To fulfill the dream of becoming
an Electrical Engineer I got admitted to Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
back in 2012. As I came from a middle class family, my first proper interact
with computers was in our computer laboratory for one of our programming courses.
That, as a whole, changed my perception about future and I never looked back. Today,
I work in the field of telecommunication and now I believe it’s my time to get
involved and make myself prepare for the upcoming future of immense
possibilities and wizardry of Wireless Communication. I intend to pursue my MS
degree majoring in Wireless Communication Engineering from University of Oulu engaging
in new and unique strategies of different wireless solutions and smart energy
efficient wireless sensor application.

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Choosing Electrical and
Electronic Engineering for undergraduate education, I just started to explore
the fundamentals; like DC and AC electrical circuits, Basic electronics, energy
conversions, electromagnetics with related laboratory works and preliminary
projects. From third academic year, more specialized programs, such as, Digital
electronics, Continuous Signals, Power Systems, Digital Signal Processing,
Communication Theory, Microprocessor Systems enriched my diversity on the field
of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I could not but mention two
accomplished projects during this period named ‘Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) design’ and ‘PCB Based Touch Activated Alarm System’ through which I could
develop my practice of critical thinking and implementation ability. Also, in
my final year, I along with my two other group mates, using MATLAB, designed ‘A Solar Power System Serving the Dual
Purpose of Irrigation’. The project was a perfect combination of
implementing coding ability, solving logical errors, sophisticated device
designing and organized group work, as a whole, taste of an advanced research

During my Academic years, I was
not only bound by the textbooks. I was an active member of IUT IEEE society
arranging various seminars and forums under IEEE umbrella. I was also involved
in IUT Debating and Photographic Society. Being an enthusiast of travel &
tours, I have arranged numerous outing with my fellow mates travelling to different
parts of the country and abroad. Some of my travel articles are also available
online at which is a joint
venture to accumulate curated contents. I chose to carry out these
responsibilities willingly as avoiding my social obligations was not an option.

Currently, I am working as a
UMTS/LTE RF Planning and Optimization Specialist at Robi Axiata Limited, a
leading Telecommunication company in Bangladesh. I have educated myself on
planning, designing and dimensioning radio network. I play with Geographic area
of Bangladesh to ensure coverage, capacity and quality of Mobile Broadband
(MBB). I have led the end to end Dual Carrier activation scope under
Robi-Airtel Merger Project which was a huge success and earned me the title of
Robi Guiding Principle Champion 2017 for “I CAN I WILL”. Additionally, my drive
for shaping standard parameter settings considering different clusters was
appraised loudly. Now, I am leading the preparation, spectrum strategy finalization
and interface dimensioning for upcoming LTE and third carrier (U900) which will
be launched shortly. I utilized my skills in programming to develop
applications for day to day business process automation, regular Network KPI
& parameter monitoring for efficient planning. Now I believe that Antenna
modeling, channel efficiency, quality upgrade, advanced modulation and coding
techniques are no more mere professional works to me, rather further research
in these fields have become my core interests.

I believe my country is a place
of immense possibilities. Although 80% of our people live below the poverty
line, the number of current mobile subscriber is 143 million as per the report
of Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC), which is almost 84% of the
total population. Amongst which, the Smartphone penetration is 33.65% with a
humongous incline of 628% from 2012 (GSMA). After completion of my Graduate
studies, I expect to apply what I have learned to drive the communication
industry forward and thus benefit people and society as a whole. In my country,
where the telecom industry is drastically changing its shapes and concepts to
fit in the near future, I wish to blend in and contribute with my gathered
knowledge and experience for the sole purpose of modernizing my country and
community. By working in this context, I am confident that I can distinguish
myself as a leader in my profession, keep my social commitments and also look
further beyond.

In this regard, I find Finland to
be the most appealing option as it has technological advancement in
communication sector which exceeds beyond imagination and clearly excels as the
front runner in the race of competitive future. Making internet access a legal
right added a surprising tone to me as in the context of my country, it seems
pretty improbable.

I believe University of Oulu is
the appropriate choice for me, since it is focused on teaching, research and
scholarly activity. The involvement of global telecommunication and electronics
companies like NOKIA to undergo some cutting-edge research is too good to avert.
Substantial research works related to 5G, IoT, future wireless communication
technologies anticipated me to pursue research work here for MS acquisition. Here,
I will receive an education that gives me both, the technical skills and the
intellectual discipline to become a leader in the arena of Wireless Communication
Engineering. In all, it is a comprehensive university that furnishes an
education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of