This added in calculation, it increases the man power.

        This paper is big solution on social
problem which is mainly held at temple. In temples people donate money as per
their wish; this donated money is collected at donation box. This donation box
is available in all temples. When temple’s trusty wants to calculate this money
they are using manual method for calculation of money. It is time consuming and
tedious for those who handle the counting work. Mistakes on counting happen most
of time due to many reasons eyes tiredness, losing focus, rise corruption, fake
money are added in calculation, it increases the man power. To overcome this
problem we have designed this new system. In this system money are counted and sorted
automatically. That’s why we made money counting and sorting system. This
system count the money as well as sort it one by one, by this  the overall problem of Indian temple is to be
solve, as well as this system is useful for all over the country basically for temples.
As we discussed above, the money counting is big issue now a days and no other
system can solve this problem. Foreign country can solve counting problem not sorting,
so because of that we made such system in that we count the money as well as
sort it. Due to this system corruption in temples will be reduced as well as
man power will be saved.

this project, we are using At mega 328 microcontroller and various components
like IR sensors, UV sensor, color sensor, dc motors and LCD display. Note is
inserted into the system like paper roller mechanism which is used in printer.
First IR sensor will be used for detection of notes and then Color sensor will
be used for detection of color of notes. Second IR sensor will be used for
sorting mechanism. First motor will accept the note and note will be given for
sorting mechanism. If in case note is fake then this will be detected by using
UV sensor, then it will be given to the faulty compartment. For better output
purpose we are using LCD display monitor so that we can get all the information
simultaneously and in steady format. In short because of this project temples
donations system will be easier.

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