There get a good education was because his family

There was once a kid named Tony who lived in a very impoverished area in Detroit. He was a smart kid who loved to learn but was surrounded by violence. The school that he went to wasn’t the best in Detroit and didn’t have the right necessities do to the school budget cuts. The reason he couldn’t get a good education was because his family could hardly afford food to eat, let alone get books so he can study. Because the school had a budget cut student were required to phrases their own books but that wasn’t easy for Tony. Teachers noticed that he had that push to try and learn and tried to help as much as possible. The reason why he couldn’t get a good education was because his school was underfunded and couldn’t get the right resources to teach students that wanted to learn. If the state would have given more money the students, they could get better tuition. Tony kept on trying to stay in school and learn as much as he can. Many of his friends went down the wrong path, for instance, Rico got in trouble with the law because he didn’t have anything else to do after school and didn’t have the motivation to go to school in the first place. Only if the state would fund the school and the teachers they could have after school programs and highly educated teachers. With that it could have saved someone’s life or wouldn’t go down the wrong path like Tonys friend Rico. This isn’t the only example of schools being underfunded and bad things happing.By 2020 schools that are affected by poverty should increase the funding of students than ones that are well off.Argument 1 Many people have been trying to find justice for underfunding of schools. Some people may say if schools want more funding they have to realise that they need to raise the taxes. People don’t want to face the fact that if they wanted to have the schools be more funded they would need to raise the taxes and people don’t like that. But on the other side people who try to make schooling be equal always make prototypical school images as a standard. “Under the prototypical school model, lawmakers decide how much money to send school districts based on factors like how many students they have, how old students are, their family income and how many students have special needs. The goal is to provide a baseline for what it takes to operate a school” (Anika 2). The government is making changes on how much schools need and that is a good start. Some states have taken this standard and  “estimates vary about how much new spending is required to meet the court order. Dorn’s office pays the figure at about $8 billion, with other estimates ranging from $3.5 billion to more than $10 billion” (Matt 3). With schools getting more technology more funding is needed to keep with demand. The population of the U.S is starting to grow, more schools need to be up to date. When you fund schools positively and give them options for what they need schools become more productive. If every school in the nation looked like this education wouldn’t be a problem and success rate would be higher. By having the courts and government make new laws regarding schools they need to set new standards for school. For example “a basic education must have learning tools. A nice learning environment, school and district staff qualified, And learning programs such as Remedial education for students who fall behind” (Anikka 2). By having program and qualified teachers at school is one of the many things government are looking into to change. If the government starts to worry about the schools at the very bottom it can then satisfy them and they can function. “In New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts and elsewhere, increased spending on basic educational resources has led to demonstrated improved achievement” (Valerie 19). States that have already started to imply these kind of laws already are seeing results with academic achievements with more money. Schools that are getting the right financing are really succeeding in the things that they are  doing.Argument 2 Things are starting to change because people are starting to take the issue up to court and getting it solved there. The court can veto or just can ignore the things that you are trying to get. Court doesn’t want to deal with all of the issue and can put money into other things like infrastructure. A group of families, school districts, teachers, union and host sued Washington state in case known as McCleary vs State. “The McCleary opinion reminded the legislature of a rule in Washington law that school funding must be drawn from “dependable and regular tax sources”. The Supreme Court has said that these sources can’t be local property taxes” (Zahava 17). This case showed the state of Washington that they are one of the most underfunded states in the nation. Washington state not supporting the school system really hurts the nation in becoming a really good education country. “In 2007-2008 $7114 per pupil in 2011-2012 $6890 per pupil in 2014-2015 $7666 per pupil. Some things that still need work onis reducing the number of students per class in grades K-3 and Market-rate staff compensation” (Anika 2). It shows that after the McCleary vs WahingtonState has made affect in the state of Washington. This is a big step up for school that are being underfunded and helping them out. Washington vast and persistent gap in students outcome among the largest in the nation- suggests that kids who arrive at school with low skills are not getting what they need to catch up-Claudia. “Tukwila- where almost every child is poor receives $440.48 from the state to pay for tutoring… But Northshore, with a higher staff mix gets $479 for the same child. And in Everett that youth would generate $493” (Claudia 13). This shows the different gaps the state of Washington has depends on the kind of school is based on the teachers not the student. Schools that are in poverty areas are going through tough times and need more help but are not getting the right funds. “Saturday Aug.13 marks one year since the Washington State Supreme Court decided that the state legislature refused to properly fund public education, there would be consequences. It issued a fine- $100,000 for every day of inaction, or #36.5 million for a year- that has gone unpaid ever since” (Zahava 17). Washington is starting to step up and fund schools more which is a really good step to helping the poverty parts of the state. With this money schools like Tukwila can get more funding and have the same opportunities as other schools.Argument 3 Since the government is finally starting to realise that funding schools is necessary people are starting to ask what has to happen in order to fund all schools. It will cost to much money and we are in debt we need to worry about that. People are worried that we are going to spend that much on schooling but we don’t really do anything with the money. Children also pay taxes and we don’t get a say in what we get-kelly. “If states and districts increased their spending on public schools just 1.5 percent and directed that money towards the neediest schools, the funding gap between rich and poor schools would close completely” (Scott 14). By just increasing the public schools spending can really put the gap between rich and poor schools complete. This will help the students that are struggling in school and at home and getting an education. “For example, districts can pay great teachers more when they choose to teach there, invest in wraparound services and extend the school day” (Scott 14). By having a great school teachers would want to teach there instead if a broken down school. With schools getting better qualified teachers with a good phd they can get school more money and poorer schools have to stick with less money. Increasing the spending in school can really help how a school is run. “Staff mix is a formula used by Washington government to see how much money that district gets and increase based on the education and the experience” (Claudia 13 0:20-0:30). By using staff mix you can increase the funding your school can get. When a school has a good school mix you can spend more money on making your school have more success. “Levy is a wonky word for what essentially a tax that’s assessed or levied, on the value of a taxpayer’s property” (Anika 2), When local stores get taxed they get mad and don’t want to pay for others and the schools which is hard to get funding. People get mad when they get taxed but it is the reality that you need to check because you need to do it to keep schools running.