There Engineering as my Course during my under graduation.

There exist inventions that have blend so well in our lives that we cannot do without them. Inventions, especially rooted in the science of 0s and 1s have always intrigued me. It was in the 8th grade, that I attended a workshop on Web Technologies. I was deeply moved when I understood how a web page is created using HTML and CSS concepts. This movie taught me how a logic can do wonders. Thinking on the same lines, I have always been inspired to innovate and create programs and tools that could simplify even the most mundane and intricate tasks and in the process give back to the society. This subject has continuously ignited a desire in me to learn more and motivated me to pursue Master’s in Computer Science in your esteemed institution.Computer Science has always been my interest right from my school days. It was in my 9th grade of my schooling; I have learned about HTML markup language and created many web pages. My inquisitiveness towards this field made me handpick Computer Science and Engineering as my Course during my under graduation. Entire First year of my engineering was more like an enlightenment of my capabilities as a coder. I won first prize in Programming Hub, an event conducted during Sadhya-2k14 and Sadhya-2k15, a National Level Tech Fest conducted in my college and also bagged second Prize in Technical Quiz in the same technical fest. I also participated in a two-day Android hands-on workshop conducted by National Android Development Championship, India (NADC) in 2014 and also organized and participated in another Android workshop conducted by i3indya Technologies in 2015. During my mini-project work at college titled ‘Fifteen Puzzle’, which was developed using JAVA, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, It is a classic game consisting of a 4×4 grid of numbered squares with one square missing. The main objective of this game is to arrange the tiles into numerical order by repeatedly sliding a square that neighbors the missing square into its empty space. It also contains a timer that shows the amount of time taken to complete the game. Apart from the academics, my interest lie in many areas of sports especially in ‘Table Tennis’, Winning many university level competition’s.This led me to apply for an internship at Oracle India Pvt Ltd. and successfully got selected as an intern for six months in Oracle E-Business Suite at Oracle Hyderabad. My project was based on Cutting Edge User Interface Technologies titled ‘Infolet Component Development’ where I designed infolets with certain functional specifications like flip, flip back , expand and shrink views of an infolet which enables users to view and interact with high-level, essential information generated from different sources through a quick assess where to direct their attention. During this internship, I was able to delve deep into the subjects which further, improved my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java. This internship has helped me to acquire a practical understanding of the subjects that I have learned so far and has increased my inquisitiveness.I have completed my undergraduate course in computer science in June 2017. I am currently working as a tester in “Planit Testing India Pvt.Ltd”. My first project was titled ‘Government-Salesforce’ which is based on DFSI-CRP(Commerce Regulation Program) domain. My role was Understanding the client requirements as well as business user requirements by BRS, used agile methodology to ensure the new features meet the customer requirements and acceptable quality assurance standards, involved in writing test cases and executing test cases, involved in Test datapreparation to execute test cases on AUT, Experience in bug tracking and solving with project teams, Analysing test results and prepared bug reports. My intrigue towards testing made me an ‘ISTQB Foundation level’ certified tester. I am currently working in an SAP Module project titled ‘Zespri’ which is based on Customer Relationship Management domain. My role is to generate invoice numbers for the purchase/sales orders and test the application flow for different seasons.I want to pursue my further learning in my passionate field of computer science. As I always wanted to have a career in computer science, I firmly believe that graduating from a reputed school such as the Kansas State University will make me ready to face the challenges in this ever-expanding subject. I was much fascinated to get into Kansas State University when I have gone through the research areas and activities of computer science. I have started developing interest towards Database research that focus on different areas. I have read about the current research areas focusing on the knowledge discovery in databases that emphasis in the areas of applied artificial intelligence and knowledge-based software engineering for decision support systems. The course enables me to specify, design, implement, document and maintain large software systems in their specialty areas. This course intrigued me to get into your esteemed University.Pursuing graduate studies at the Kansas State University would strengthen my skills and help me reach my goals. Kansas State University stands among the top schools for computer science in the USA and I am keen to learn from the eminent faculty of your venerated university. The university is classified as a research university with highest research activity by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. The university also provides wide exposure to the students and I want to be a part of the various activities by participating and organizing the events that take place here. It has been my long cherished dream to be a part of the Kansas State University.Having conveyed my goals and aspirations, I hope you appreciate a Master’s program in your University will be the most logical extension to my academic pursuit. For me personally, it would be a stepping-stone to higher echelons in academic researches that I intend to pursue. I aver that my talent will be utilized to its optimal best if I have an opportunity to be a part of the intellectually stimulating environment of your University. I shall persistently strive to do your institution proud.