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There were many ideas and laws formed to stop the denial movement. ” In today’s Germany the outright denial and even the trivialization of the Holocaust in public is a federal crime,” stated by Söllner , The first attempt to stop the denial movement was a law passed created to stop anti- semitism from occuring any further. When this law was passed it was widely celebrated. Two members of a right- extremist group reacted by covering the synagogue in Cologne with swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs.  Then, following that an entire wave of anti- Semitic acts started to occur, so chancellor Konrad Adenauer was forced to take action. He had to pass a law against ‘ incitement’ and this laws main purpose was to make the denial of the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews a crime. The law was not really used to sentence the deniers because the crimes they committed had a high sentencing time.The judicial system was also filled with officials that started their careers in the Third Reich.They weren’t willing to convicted the holocaust deniers because they didn’t want anything to do with their country’s past.  In the 1970’s and the 1980’s there was an attempt to pass more laws against the Holocaust deniers. To make it easier to prosecute the Holocaust deniers a law was passed. This law was also passed for the purpose that people deny the fact that Germans were deported from Eastern Europe after the WWII  aftermath. After the incitement law was passed the  Holocaust was not really often denied publicly stated by Söllner.  ” Many perpetrators confessed to what they had done during the war, after it was over,” state by Lipstadt, for an example, one of the commanders of the Einsatzgruppen units, confessed openly to murdering 90,000. Many of the deniers excuses for the confessions were that it was done during torture and that is the only reason for accepting the conviction of crimes committed against Jews. There evidence for that statement is that they know the consequence for commitment such a crime against Jew, why would they confess to such a crime unless they were being tortured. While, using that as a excuse they didn’t know that most of the confessions were written after their death. They also tried to play the victim card and they claimed they didn’t have any idea of the crimes committed against the Jews. Since the denier believe that the Holocaust was a Hoax. Lipstadt states, ” Not only did they win the cooperation of the world’s greatest military and political powers, forge thousands of documents in record time without being detected, and create physical evidence attesting to an annihilation programme….” Lipstadt is stating that for the Holocaust to be Hoax it is nearly to being impossible.