There as it sounds. A decline in population growth

There are a lot of important issues we should be talking about. Things like net neutrality, our educational system, our judicial system, all the systems really. Not to mention the effect we’re having on our planet, and the reality that we’re quickly running out of resources.  There are also issues that we’re already talking about, but with the wrong focus in mind. Things like climate change, gun control or the mental health issue, and our topic of the day, our population problem.When it comes to the topic of population, my generation, the “Entitled Millennials” versus our elder generation, the “Gen Xers”, seem to be on different pages. Where one side believes we need to populate more, we don’t see an issue in not populating at all. I’m generalizing of course, but it does seem our generations have a general difference in opinions on what to do about our population and what it means for our future. The fact is, our population growth is in decline.Now that’s not as scary as it sounds. A decline in population growth doesn’t mean there are fewer people on the planet than there was last year. All it means is that we’re not growing as fast as we use to. We’re still making babies. We’re just not making as many compared to the Boomers and Gen Xers and this is where the debate begins on whether this is a good or a bad thing.To understand the debate, we first must understand the facts. Right at the turn of the century, which was right before I officially became a full-grown, voting, human creature, the US population growth was at 1.20 percent, which meant we made about 3 million more people than the previous year. Five years later when it was my generation’s time to bring forth the spawn our growth dropped to .92 percent, and it’s only continued to drop since. We’re now sitting in the .70 percent population growth, which means we’re only birthing a little over 2 million more babies every year. ( as with everything else we millennials do that’s simply not good enough. Whether it’s your parents nagging you about it or peers pressuring you into it because they did and it’s “like the best thing ever” you’ve likely dealt with the conversation of being childless in some capacity. There are even countless articles that either claim that not having babies is wrong or suggests it’ll bring about vast consequences in the future. Everyone seems to think that it’s irresponsible for us to not have kids.Parents I get it. It’s one of the duties as a parent to nag your child into bringing forth new life. Your parents probably did it to you, and their parents before them. The thing is, we live in a different world now and not is it okay that we’re not growing as quickly as we use to, it’d be a problem if we grew any faster. I know this sounds exactly like what an entitled millennial would say, but hear me out.Let me start by just saying that I do believe the population issue is a non-issue. We’re still growing in numbers. Maybe not all of us want to have kids, but my Facebook feed is enough proof that a lot of us still are. So, unless we’re hit with some kind of new black plague, we’re still going to end every year on the positive side of growth.We currently have around three hundred and twenty-five million people in this country and around five hundred thousand of these citizens are homeless.  Many lives in this situation simply due to a lack of opportunity and resources. Add on the hundreds of thousand families and individuals that aren’t homeless, but just scraping by and we can see that we have an issue just handling our current population. On top of that, there are four hundred thousand kids currently in our foster care system. Kids that didn’t ask to be born and abandoned, but deserve a home like every other child. Kids that have lost their own parents through a tragedy that deserve to be part of a family again. My point is before we worry about how many more lives we bring into this world, perhaps we should focus on the quality of living on those that are already here.Not making more babies may be a non-issue, but making too many babies will eventually become an issue if we don’t start talking about the real problem at hand when it comes to our population.  Our current systems aren’t designed to function for this many people and we’re building towards a future designed for fewer people. As automation advances, we need fewer people to do fewer things. We’re designing cars to drive themselves, drones to deliver our packages, and robots to make our stuff. Detroit, Michigan was once known as the motor city, but have lost their jobs to factory machines that work faster, more efficiently and cheaper.  This was one of the contributing factors that led the city to file for bankruptcy in 2013.Every year is filled with technological leaps and bounds, but all of it leads to the same conclusion. We don’t need as many people to do the things that keep the world running, and yet, we’re doing nothing to evolve our systems to accommodate for this change. Our general educational system still only provides the bare basics in “valuable” education and our universities have veered towards exploitation. People are unable to maintain their household without working multiple full-time jobs and bumping up wages is only going to continue the cycle of inflation.Speaking of inflation. Things are getting more expensive and it has less to do with evil corporate heads and more to do with diminishing resources. To oversimplify, it takes stuff to make stuff, but our planet only came with so much stuff, and we’re running out of stuff. We’re also simply running out of space. We’re already at the point that we’ve taken over every livable space that we’re now considering chopping down national forests and exotic jungles because we need more stuff and more space. Without getting into the whole climate change conversation, we need our trees, we need our bees, we need a balanced ecosystem filled with life of all shapes and sizes, not just because the effect it’ll have on the world or because it’s morally right not to destroy the homes of other creatures we share this planet with. It’s also simply because we need to leave the next generation some beauty to be in awe with.To leave them the opportunity to not just hear about the beauty of a forest or jungle, but the opportunity to visit one themselves. If we continue the path that we do one day animals like lions, and tigers, and bears will be as much as myth as dragons, unicorns, and the Demogorgon.I’m not saying that we have to stop having kids. We’re nowhere close yet to be having the population control talk, but if we don’t start talking about how we need to change to accommodate a still growing society we’re going to be having that conversation sooner than later. One thing that’ll help is to stop pressuring every generation to make babies.Kids are wonderful. I love kids and do plan on starting a family one day. Whether or not I do and how I go about doing it is my choice and not your worry. Something we all should be worried about is the quality of life we’re leaving behind for this next generation.There’s no point to making babies if this world isn’t going to be suitable for those babies to live in.