The word used the GPA of the students to

The social and economic
development of the country is directly linked with student academic performance.
Educational institutes play important role in the development of nations in
every field. Higher education is one of the most important tools for research
that is so much productive for each and every field. The students’ performance plays
an important role in producing the best quality graduates who will become great
leader and manpower for the country thus responsible for the country’s economic
and social development (Ali, 2009).. In Pakistan, the numbers of both private and public sector
universities are playing their role in promotion of higher education. In
Pakistan there are four education sectors included public, private, military
and virtual universities. All universities of Pakistan recognize by HEC
organization. The HEC facilitated the development of higher educational system
in the country with main purpose of upgrading the universities and colleges in
the country to be main focus on the high learning of education, research, and

university level there have more facilities rather than college level , in
universality level  master and PhD
programs are studied, few years ago maximum universities of Pakistan also
introducing the HONS (4 year) program. So in the universities some identified
the factors that influencing academic performance of students. All those
factors that face the students in universities those are written here one by
one social, psychological, economic, environmental and personal all these
factors influence the academic performance of the students. These all factors
vary person to person and country to country, for example in Pakistan the
students face different problems in educational institutions rather than other

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Pakistan from last few years the government trying to improve the literacy rate
and education so that’s why most of the educational institution in Pakistan
improving the educational level through skilled full peoples best technologies
and giving more facilities to students and also teachers. That’s a reason the researcher find out
such factors that influencing student’s academic performance especially in
university level students, this level is so much important for future of every

previous study of student’s academic performance conducting on such issues like
Communication, Family stress, Proper guidance, Learning facilities, Socio
Economic Status of the student intake, 
Rural/Urban location, gender difference, teacher’s education and
teaching style, class environment. These all issues are different in rural and
urban areas.

research is focuses on the public universities in Lahore one of the biggest
city of Pakistan. Students of government universities of Lahore are taken as
population and focuses on the result of the student academic performance.

             In this study the researcher will measure the
student academic performance through different ways like CGPA, GPA and their
test result. Some of the researcher around the word used the GPA of the
students to measure the student academic performance (Darling, 2005; Broh,
2000; Stephen & Schaban, 2002). They used GPA to measure student performance
in particular semester. Some other researcher, they measure student performance
through the result of particular subject or the previous year result (Hijazi
& Naqvi, 2006).

Objectives of the study

1.     To identify the factors influencing
student’s academic performance

2.     To find out positive and negative
effects of factors influencing student’s academic performance

3.     To explore the important factors
that affects the academic performance of the students.

4.     To provide suggestions to overcome
the negative effects of factors influencing students’ academic performance

Research Question

are the important factors that influence the students’ academic performance?