THE VIRTUAL WORLD OF JOSÉ José was a teenager


José was a teenager who felt a huge fascination with
computers, his hobby and favorite activity, he spent so much time stuck in a
computer that he neglected many of his tasks.
His favorite games were in which he had to hunt enemies as if he were a spy, he
also had a very active life in social networks.

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One day, his family celebrated a very special occasion,
the birthday of Jose’s mother, where the whole family agreed to go to a
restaurant to celebrate it, they wanted to entertain her with a delicious
dinner. His father asked him to get ready to go to the restaurant, to which
Jose responded, then he would go, the family left home reminding him that it
was a very special occasion and he had to be present, to which José answered: I
will reach you later , I promise!

We’re back home !, Jose incredulous replied: It can not
be, but if only a few minutes have passed since you told me to enlist. Jose had
lost track of time and in fact it had been 6 hours since his family had gone to
the restaurant to celebrate his mom’s birthday.

His father was visibly upset, he said: Your mother feels
very disappointed, you were not present on her birthday!
Jose could not believe that his time had gone that way, submerged between games
and messages from social networks.

Upon returning to school José faced another serious
problem, because of his distraction, forgetting to do the reports and
activities of that day for school, not to mention that he had arrived late,
because he was revealing a lot playing on the computer, so always I was very
sleepy and forgot my homework.

José had to face that he had many problems at home and
also in school, he was neglecting his family and his studies.

One morning José got up very early, and as a noble
gesture, he prepared breakfast for his entire family. When the family went down
to the dining room they were amazed to see that Jose had been the first to get
up and had also prepared breakfast, his mother was very surprised, José hugged
her and asked her forgiveness for having missed her birthday. the chair with
all kindness and shared breakfast with his family, as he had not done for a
long time.

At school, Jose’s teacher was very surprised to see that
she had arrived early, and was even more surprised to see that she had done all
the pending activities.
Joseph’s change was very remarkable during the following weeks. The curious mom
for the change of her son approached the room, and was very confused to see
that the computer was not anywhere. He had disarmed her and kept her in the
closet, I asked her, what had made him change, and I answered him: I realized that
I was neglecting many things that have much more value, a virtual life does not
compensate what is lost in the real!

Jose understood, the meaning of self-control, if we can
control and remove from our lives what is causing us problems, we will feel
happier and fuller.