The Very Dfferent Same s Essay

& # 8211 ; I Have A Dream And Shooting An Elephant Essay, Research Paper

The Very Different Same Essays

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Both Martin Luther King s I have a Dream and George Orwell s Shooting an Elephant are essays about denouncing racism through effectual linguistic communication uses, for illustration, nonliteral linguistic communication and precise enunciation. Both essays are powerful pieces that draw reader s attending to the unfairness of racism. However, the points of contrast between the two are clearly identifiable. For intent of treatment, I will be concentrating primary on the differences such as the usage of nonliteral linguistic communication, sentence construction and method of presentation, every bit good as tone.

Language Manipulation is one cardinal component of a good quality essay. Although both King and Orwell show a high grade of uses in nonliteral linguistic communication and sentence construction, they are, in fact, rather different. King s essay, originally a address, is a extremely persuasive and emotionally charged piece because of broad scope of metaphor and scriptural allusions. By utilizing allusions, mentions to good cognize books, narratives and events, he is able to show his address swimmingly supplying that the audiences understand them. For illustrations:

a ) Five mark old ages ago, a great American in whose symbolic shadow we stand signed the Emancipation of Proclamation.

B ) I have a dream that one twenty-four hours on the ruddy hills of Georgia the boies of sit down together at the tabular array of brotherhood.

On the other manus, Orwell s essay is a narrative, where in he relates a existent life experience to reprobate the unfairness of racism. His essay is rather abstract because of his usage of the elephant as a symbol. This forces the reader to construe the symbolism in order to understand the writer s intent.

Another major linguistic communication use of the two essays is the sentence construction. T

he most important sentence construction use in King s essay is possibly the usage of repeat. Because of the fact that his essay is presented as a address, the usage of repeat allows King to stress his points. For illustrations:

a ) Now is the clip to lift

Now is the clip Now is the clip the speedy littorals of racial unfairness to the solid stone of brother goon.

B ) Paragraph 10: I have a dream.

Paragraph 11: I have a dream.

Paragraph 12: I have a dream.

Paragraph 13: I have a dream.

Paragraph 14: I have a dream today.

Paragraph 15: I have a dream.

Paragraph 16: I have a dream glorification of the Lord shall be revealed, and flesh shy see it together.

Where every bit Orwell presented his essay in descriptive sentences with a few asides. He puts the reader in suspense. And merely until the terminal of his essay, the reader so, eventually, realizes his purposes.

The method of presentation and tone are different in both essays because the audience focused on is different. Martin Luther King s essay is non merely concentrating on the authorities and the white people, but furthermore, the whole universe. His essay is cosmopolitan. His tone is optimistic. He presents the whole essay in a really simple, direct and clear manner. In contrast, George Orwell focuses his audience on the Imperial British Empire. By utilizing the elephant and the agony of the elephant, he, ironically, reflects the weakening and perverting British Empire. His tone is pessimistic ; he abstractly shows a narrative to turn out his point. He is indirect and ill-defined about his intent.

Both Martin Luther King and George Orwell presents their intent in reasoning against the racial unfairness. However, because the method used is different, they are effectual to different audiences.