The Unemployment Problem and Possible Solutions Essay

Unemployment is a residuary and single job which consequence on whole economic system. By late the 1980s unemployment becomes a large policy and public consensus for the G5 states ( UK, USA, Japan, France and Germany ) . It continued argue that among the G5 states the degree of UK economic system was “ an economic system of Unemployment ” with all the human and economic waste and inefficiency such as an economic system entails. In position of the rapid rise in unemployment that has occurred between 1990 and 1991. But late the UK has lower unemployment rates than France and Germany. However a figure of logical idea seeking to explicate the policy of unemployment rates and turn to the solution of Unemployment.


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Unemployment defined as the Numberss of people of working age who are able and available for work at current pay rates and who do non hold a occupation. But the unemployment rates in the proportion of unemployed people in the economically active in labour force.

Unemployment Ratess calculated by: figure of unemployed/number of economical active X100.There is two basic ways authorities can mensurate the unemployment rates such as

The Claimant Count: means the figure of people when claiming their unemployment benefit from authorities on any given period clip.

Labour Force Surveies: by this study authorities count figure of employed including figure of unemployed people.

Harmonizing to Labour Force study the graph shows that in 1990 unemployment rates fall at merely over 6 % where employment rates picked at merely under 76 % . Currently ( beginning: IMF ) UK unemployment rates more than 8 % whereas Germany holds good above 10 % unemployment rates.

Zero Unemployment Ratess

It is true that the economic system unemployment rate could non at nothing if an economic expert full employment because there are two type of unemployment exist in our economic system such as:

Structural Unemployment:

It occurs when consumer demand for the new merchandise. For illustration when new technological advancement has made accomplishments blockage such as computing machine introduced white neckband disappeared.

Frictional Unemployment:

It occurs when for the peculiar accomplishment demand for labour and supply for labor are non fit or people are non cognizant for the occupation chance or geographical lucifer of workers ongoing procedure.

Besides those ground unemployment could non zero for some institutional phenomenon such as:

Minimum pay jurisprudence may do it excessively expensive to engage a excess labor

Government employment benefit cut down occupation involvement

Government limitation on establishment may cut down occupation arability.

Racism or gender favoritism may diminish involvement of occupation. etc

However there are Numberss of chief schools of idea in macroeconomics offered the cause of unemployment such as

Classical Thought

Keynes ‘s Thought

Neo -Classical Thought

Monetarism Thought

New classical Thought

New Keynesian Thought

Classical Thought

The classical idea assumed that the economic system would be given to full equilibrium if left its ain. Harmonizing classical theory, labour market operated demand of labour and supply of labor when balanced by monetary value signals.

From the graph shown that there is unemployment exist when extra labour supply ( N2 ) and demand of labor ( N3 ) . The classical school of idea explain that if extra labour supply being in economic system, rewards would fall ( W1 to W* ) until the labour market uncluttering equilibrium is restore, instead when extra labour demand being labour deficit would force up rewards and reconstruct the equilibrium ( NFull ) .

Say ‘s Law is justified the classical position and jurisprudence said that: “ supply creates its ain demand ” . That means the economic system is in a lasting province of full-employment equilibrium. Because says jurisprudence guarantees any addition in end product of goods and services will sold for sufficient demand and therefore house will ne’er cut down end product or cut the occupations. However, if there is unemployment, market forces should rapidly extinguish it and reconstruct equilibrium.

But after 1929-33 great depression the whole universe economic system collapsed in industrial capitalist economy and the classical school of theory could non explicate the constituted economic wisdom. This depression finally gave to raise Keynesian idea.

Keynesian Thought

Keynes his most celebrated work “ The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money ( 1936 ) ” argued that could non settle at Equilibrium and it would non alter the labor market state of affairs because of aggregative demand. If aggregative demand fell, end product and employment could fall and the economic system could go trapped in a less than full-employment equilibrium.

The graph shows that when demand for labour autumn ( D1 to D2 ) the pay besides autumn ( W to W1 ) and unemployment would organize ( Bachelor of Arts ) .

However 1970 ‘s uninterrupted unemployment and inflexion failed the Keynesian ‘s demand deficient unemployment and this statement considered as Keynesian ‘s two analytical frame plants such as the 45 degree theoretical account and the Philips curve which is known as a Neo- classical theory.

Neo Classical Thought

Harmonizing the neo classical thought the 45 grade demonstrates the Keynesian aggregative demand.It means to utilizing the appropriate financial policy if aggregative demand attention deficit disorder and cut down the economic system autumn in inflexion force per unit area. More exactly where end product and employment are below their full employment degree if authorities cut revenue enhancement or higher authorities outgo which is increases the aggregative demand. On the other manus where end product and employment are at their full employment degree if authorities addition revenue enhancement or diminish authorities outgo in this state of affairs demand- pull inflationary force per unit areas are exists. Therefore the aggregative demand direction will keep the economic system at close to full employment equilibrium both unemployment and inflexion need be a job.

The graphs show that if aggregative demand fall a positive demand daze occurred at full employment equilibrium place ( Ye ) and meanwhile inflationary spread existed in economic system.

Conversely the 45 degree aggregative demand says that the unemployment and inflexion non appeared in same clip. In the late fiftiess Philips curve more purify the Keynesian idea. In 1958 Professor A.W.Philips illustrated a statistical relationship between unemployment and inflexion

The Philips curve shows the opposite relationship between unemployment rates and inflexion. It argued that if authorities wants to cut down unemployment it has to accept higher rising prices as a trade off.

The graphs shows that if unemployment rates fall ( 1.5 % to 1 % ) rising prices rates up ( 2 to 4 % ) Second

Although in 1970s the Philips curve was unable to explicate the job of unemployment and inflexion which is traveling up together stagflation. In mean while clip two economic experts Milton Friedman and Edwards Phelps appeared with monetarism theory that able to demo at the same time inflexion and unemployment based on “ outlooks – augmented ” Philips curve.


Professor Friedman argued that there were a series of different Philips curve for each degree of expected inflexion. He persuaded that when authorities injects resources into the economic system one time once more the unemployment autumn in short-run but there would occurred high rising prices. As a consequence people expected inflexion to happen so they would expect and expected a correspondingly higher pay rise.

The graph revealed that unemployment below Un to U* the series of Philips curve ( SRPC1 ) moved entirely with rising prices rates zero to 4 % because the outlook has been changed and people adept new rates.

But Friedman failed to long term unemployment related with rising prices rates which is elaborated by New Classical viewed.

New Classical Thought

Robert Locus who is one of the new classical economic expert argued that announced and unheralded financial and pecuniary policy are affected on out and employment because of natural rate of unemployment will change the equilibrium and this thought really spread out the rational outlook.

The graph shows without short term decrease of unemployment ( Un to U* ) rational agent would expect an inflationary environment.

New Keynesian Thought

The new Keynesian idea wrecked the long tally Philips curve which is breakdown by Friedman depends on NAIRU ( Non Accelerating rising prices rates of unemployment ) . In Behavioural theory George Akerlof argued at the low degree of rising prices lasting trade off between rising prices and unemployment because low rising prices non soundless.

In the diagram shows when unemployment autumn from U a soundless rising prices becomes higher.

Furthermore harmonizing New Keynesian point of position existent pay rate could set up long unemployment equilibrium.

The diagram exposed that a higher market uncluttering efficiency pay paid attendant unemployment ( N2-N1 ) whereas aggregated demand daze switching the labour demand curve which is lead the unemployment ( N2 to N3 ) .

Most Satisfactory Explanation on nature of European Unemployment

The classical idea believed that supply automatically creates full employment and efficient market economic system drive the unemployment job where a small demand of authorities intervention. But 1929-33 great depression pushed the European unemployment rates to unprecedented degree and whole economic system collapsed.




United States



United Kingdom









The tabular array shows the per centum of unemployment rates of European states during depression period. In 1930-38 USA enjoyed high Unemployed rates 26.1 %

The depression finally gave to raise the Cambridge economic expert John Maynard Keynes thought and he identified the root of the job as a deficiency of aggregative demand. He explained that if aggregative demand fall the economic system were hit by inauspicious dazes which create a autumn the concern assurance where Say ‘s jurisprudence would neglect to keep as houses cut investing, end product and employment and this procedure could go forth the economic system in less than full unemployment equilibrium. Furthermore a less than full-employment end product would happen merely adequate demand for that end product and the economic system would be stuck in a slack.

Keynes suggested that authorities effort stabilized the policy for settle the degree of end product and full employment. Despite the fact that until 1970s the Keynesian aggregative demand direction dominated western policymaking the economic system in of “ overheating “ and confronting the inflationary pressured.

In1970 ‘s rising prices rates increase 10 % to more the 20 % . The graph shows that after 1970 rising prices rates in UK and Japan reached at good above 20 % whereas USA and France more than 15 % abut Germany enjoyed the less inflationary rates. In the mean while clip G5 states were suffered by high unemployment. From the following graphs we can see that in 1970s unemployment rates increased quickly where full employment appear merely 2.5 % .

In 1970s economic system are experienced by lifting unemployment and rising prices which made together stagflation where Keynesian policy failed to explicate the new quandary. On the other manus Keynesian appeared that most unemployment arise outside labour market but the great depression and early 1980s and 1990s recession Keynesian position unsuccessful to explicate Frictional and Structural unemployment. Conversely Friedman position ‘s clear the all of Keynesian ‘s confusion which is based on outlooks – augmented Philips curve ” . Because 1970 ‘s stagflation redundant the Philips curve. Whereas Friedman indentified that the cause of rising prices is balanced by the natural rate of unemployment and this unemployment occurred inside labor market which should be in microeconomic nature, do macroeconomic policy non affectional in the long tally.

He besides argued the stabilisation policy which was driven the Post war roar means it uneffective to keep the economic sciences at possible GDP and full employments and it should be destabilized cause economic will stable inherently. Yet Monetarist premise abandoned the1980s and 1990 ‘s recession and in monetarist position labour market are non flexible even though the deficiency of fight has obsessed the existent pay.

After all in my point of position the Keynesian school thought probably attack than other school of idea though monetarist would favor to abandon the stagflation. But if we see the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s rising prices and unemployment is high but overall GDP rate remarkable. In add-on Keynesian position is applicable in recent recession. Recently viewed that the Europe states aggregated demand autumn and lower rates of growing people are less involvement to devour which tend to increased unemployment manus.Besides the Keynesian thought non decline financial and pecuniary policy and Labour brotherhood power to find the pay and right.

Recent Unemployment and Solution

In UK jobless jumped by 43,000 and unemployment reached at 8 % . Harmonizing to IMF study planetary fiscal crisis impact on European end product and employment and it increased the recent unemployment. In Germany, UK end product falls in significantly which reduced the growing of employment. Furthermore labour market flexibleness, chiefly the higher degree of employment protection tilt to cut down employment influx and escape and declines the labour reallocation. Further more rapid rise of structural unemployment, fiscal establishments prostration, cutting hours, early retirement tend to increased the Unemployment

On the contrary mix labor market policies and flexiblenesss at steadfast degree bit by bit employment has adjusted in UK and Germany. It is true that “ clip histories ” smooth the Germany ‘s employment whereas authorities subsides decreased the on the job clip. But pay flexibleness and authorities support aid to excel the UK unemployment.


As concluding point unemployment is a major job in the universe economic system. It is really hard to convey down equilibrium place if it is non stop to increase at the first topographic point and in the long tally unemployed non able to take part in labour market. Therefore, authorities should originate the bettering labor market by increasing work inducements, reforming the operation house market and trade brotherhood.