The the term healthy is subjective, depending on upbringing

The awareness surrounding
health has created debate and now the term healthy is subjective, depending on
upbringing and environment, opinions may differ.

healthy diet should contain carbohydrates, fats, sugars and protein. It’s argued
that diary should be a part of the diet for calcium but from reading articles
there are many reasons why it could cause more damage than benefits. This is a
reason why the plant based diet seems to growing so rapidly.

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are very important to achieve a healthy lifestyle because it is where people
get their main source of energy from. When carbohydrates are consumed it
releases glucose which is either stored or used immediately. Carbohydrates come
in two groups, simple and complex, for a longer and slower release of energy it
is important to eat more complex carbohydrates. Starchy carbohydrates such as
sweet and white potatoes and whole grains are also high in fibre. Fibre helps
to break down foods and slows down the amount sugar absorbed in our blood, it
also smoothens and quickens bowel movement. An excessive amount of simple
carbohydrates will be stored as fat and could lead to obesity.



is also an essential part of one’s diet, it helps the body rebuild and repair muscle
and skin cells. Most common proteins are beans, legumes,
eggs, tofu, nuts, fish and meat. Not all of these sources can be classified as completely
healthy, meats for example are high in saturated fats and too much could lead
to heart problems. Some argue that meat is a dietary must because without it, B12
intake will be low. B12 helps red blood cells divide and with
maintaining heart health and a lack of it can cause
problems like mental disruption, mouth ulcers and paraesthesia.
B12 supplements are sold globally so that will insure you will avoid these complications.
In summary there are wide range of plant based foods high in protein and eating
these will help improve health rather than gradually damaging organs. A plant based
diet can come across as very limited, those that try to execute this lifestyle
sometimes end up eating too much of the same food and end up depriving
themselves of foods they should be including. Concerns
about protein deficiency when removing meat is understandable on the
other hand unlikely because there is a percentage of protein in most foods.



Sugars are also put into two groups, refined and unrefined.
Unrefined sugars are found in natural products such as fruits and vegetables. Different
fruits and vegetables have different jobs, in fact the colour of the fruit can
tell inform the health benefit. Orange and yellow fruits help improve the immune
system, green are high in vitamin A,C, K and folate, blue and purple fruits
have antioxidant properties that limit damages caused by free radicals. This is
why it is important to ingest 5 or more fruits a day, it can improve overall
wellbeing. Refined sugars on the other hand have no nutritional benefits,
excessive amounts promote weight gain and raises blood pressure like salt does.
Refined sugars are found in processed foods, such as donuts, cakes, coffee and
fizzy drinks.


 Fats are needed to help absorb
vitamins, A, D, E and K, protects vital organs and insulates the body. Monounsaturated
and polyunsaturated are fats we need if swapped with trans fats can lessen the
chance of heart disease. Polyunsaturated fats come in the form of omega 3,
foods high in omega 3 raise HDL cholesterol levels, help eyesight and can
improve health in a variety of ways. The best places to get high quality fats are
from avocados, chia /flax seeds, fish and nuts. Good fats are useful for humans
but a large number trans fats which are mainly found in processed foods can cause
inflammation whilst fatty omega-3 acids reduce this. An excessive amount of
fatty processed foods can lead to obesity and heart complications. This is why
it is important to eat the correct food and balance within each food groups.



It is argued that having a daily intake of dairy for calcium purposes
is needed to have a healthy balanced diet. Calcium is very important because it
creates dense bones and without it would be more likely to breaking bones and diagnosed
with the illness osteoporosis. Insuring to eat a wide range of green vegetables such as
broccoli and kale, which are rich in calcium will prevent these issues. These can
be seen as a better source to get calcium from as products such as milk are high
in calcium but low in magnesium and could be potentially more damaging for the
body. This is because magnesium is needed to absorb calcium. These vegetables
are also high in iron, iron is needed to prevent
anaemia which is caused from unhealthy or a small amount red blood cells that
struggle to carry oxygen around the body.



In summary each food group contribute to a healthy lifestyle and
to achieve a healthy the plant based diet it is important to plan meals because you could be missing out on essential nutrients such as calcium, iron
and vitamin B12. In addition the healthy term is
perceived differently everywhere but collectively a diet cannot completely be
healthy without balance of all food groups as a substantial amount of anything
can become dangerous.
Food is medicine so it is important to consume foods that will boost our energy
and immunity.