The the same hair colour from their family. but

The art of engineering is applying scientific theories to design.
The fundamental principles that are applied to products and structures are
paramount and by studying engineering I am hoping to learn how engineers use
these principles and then integrate them into designs. A design that has always
captured my imagination is The Three Gorges Dam, the 2335m concrete wonder
holding back 39.3 cu km of water, powering 9 provinces and 2 cities, slows down
the rotation of the earth by 0.06 microseconds.

    my interest in civil
engineering was prompted at a young age. my grandfather’s career has really
inspired me so that I got a great interest in civil engineering in general. I
think most children inherit the eye colour or the same hair colour from their
family. but I’ve acquire much more than just physical characteristics a passion
to learn. the majority if my childhood my father was away in another country (Bahrain)
for his work. so I raised by grandfather a contractor, who taught me to have
curiosity about everything, so I have always had an interest in the way things
work and since then I was young, science and math have been one of my favourite
subjects and they developed throughout my time at school, and enjoyed the
challenge of using scientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday

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my passion for learning and my enthusiasm made my parents decided
to admit me to school when I was five years old, a year young from my other
colleagues. the third grade was difficult year for me as child, my grandfather
died that year a person who I consider aim a role model and my family decided
to move Bahrain. I felt sad and lonely, I lost both my grandfather and my
friends and what make it worse the Bahraini society had a little of racism to
African people, I still remember their mockery and they don’t want to accept we
which effect both my academic and psychotically, but I realize who I am and
where I came from should not be something I feel shame of it. So I decided that
will be going to make them recognize me as equal. So I study effortful that
even my teachers were impressed about my improvement and at the end of that
year I ended up with the highest score which make the other children to start
change their way to me and finally I ……. my friends. I kept my academic
record high until I came back to Sudan to complete my undergraduate study and I
had no doubts that I wanted to study civil engineering.  as a result, civil engineering appeals to me
because of challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to

One step to become a civil engineer , I get admit in the top
university in my country which is the most difficult one to get adimtion , my
first and second year was a bit disappoint to my because they focus on subjects
that are relate to civil engineer but in my second year I was chosen to  a practicable 
in the biggest engineering even which is engineering week , and I was a
leader of 7 people group I was exithing because I consider it a challaing , it was
adiufult to lead a 7 people but our hard work and effort get reconas by the
head of the department and was inorse by our work , and our project won the
pest project in …day . I always felt the important of vo. Work so in my first I
volnt..  to be ???? ???? ???????? ???????? who ????? and organize
the social and acdmic event in our class I fill that potion for 3 year in roll,
I also get invlo in engineer week 16 but this not a partotocanl but as organza,
in my fianal year my graduate project was aewdsnymaic force on bridge the aim
of tjis project to sudy how the wind affect the bridge be study tier effacr in
lab , thr impronaton of our receacher is there are no code of parcitla in

The trust and confidence reposed in me by the teaching faulty were
evident when they offered to join the staff at my department as a Teaching
Assistant. It is my belief that knowledge gained has to be
shared. I believe that imparting knowledge is an enjoyable and satisfying
experience. I have enjoyed giving ideas, lectures and making presentations on
technical/non-technical topics at college and at the workplace , Being able to
teceh and help sutend in their classwork and providing them with references and
clarifying any confusion they might have, made feel enjoy and helpful,
therefore I enjoy every minute off it .My responsibilities included
 supervision of tutorials and laboratories as
well as cooperation and assistance in carrying out function relating to
educational responsibility such as faculty examination including invigilation
and evaluation . also the head of my department appointed me as coordinating of
Teaching Assistants My Responsibilities Supervision and coordinate and organize
Teaching assistants in the department. Beside my job at the university, I’m
working as an engineer at renowned consultancy firms in Sudan. The skills and
confidence acquired during my work provided me with a great amount of acquaintance,
improved my time management, communication and team-work skills.


will stand between me and to reach my goals; which I believe that graduate education
is not merely a continuation of college studies.  I think that graduate education is process,
in which the student learns how to do independent research. The field of
structure engineering is what interests me the most.  I want to acquire the learning and the experience
that will enable me to contribute to be
participate in major researches with significant societal impact. I am looking
for a supportive environment, in which I can learn and enhance my knowledge in
structural engineering, which can
improve efficiency, and accuracy of my work in varied spheres.  Digital processing is already transforming
the world of communications.  My ambition
is to work at the forefront of the technology with the ability to find
innovative solutions to the changing needs


have selected university of Florida as the place for me to continue with my
education because I found that the Graduate Program in Civil Engineering suited
my needs perfectly. since it provides a unique mix of educational advantages. It is one
of the most dynamic universities providing personal attention and extensive
academic resources along with superior education in the field of Computer
Engineering with the help of a capacious course. …. I have found the Duke
Computer Science Department faculty and the research being carried out in
Computer Systems, especially in Distributed Operating Systems, to be very
impressive. I feel that to be associated with this group for the many years of
my Ph. D. would stand me in good stead for my research career. I have also been
impressed by the computing facilities available at Duke for research and
education. These are much superior to those available to a graduate student in
India. Taking all these factors into 
account, I feel that Duke is the perfect place for my graduate studies
and I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to the ongoing
research work at Duke.