The the most part. The FDA approves many harmful

The United States has an abundant amount of health organizations that’s responsible for protecting the public’s health by regulating items, restricting certain products, or simply to provide the population with helpful information to promote healthy lifestyles. The FDA is one of the most recognizable health associations that are deemed to do what exactly people expect, to protect their health. They’ve been around for over a century and everyone thinks they’ve been doing their job. In reality, that’s not the case for the most part. The FDA approves many harmful ingredients and/or products that actually are detrimental to the health. This may seem completely false to some, but this is what people need to be aware of. Even though this contradicts their philosophy of helping, there’s numerous amount of carcinogenic ingredients that are available to everyone. They’re often found in everyday ingredients such as: sweeteners, cigarettes, meats, produce and other non conspicuous items. People need to realize what the FDA is allowing the United States population to consume and notice the harmful effects it can take on their body.

The Food and Drug Administration is a government organization that helps keep the public health safe by regulating products used by the people. Despite origins dating back to 1848, when it was patented, the FDA was not established until 1906. Thanks to Lewis Caleb Beck, his ideas can be considered the foundation of this governmental group. This organization came along with 100 other bills with the Pure Food and Drugs Act, which all had one goal in mind: stop the abuses in consumer product marketplace. Harvey Washington Wiley was a strong advocate of protecting public health. His 1906 act passed due to his efforts on unhygienic conditions in Chicago areas.  Harvey however, did not necessarily do all the efforts. 26th US President, Theodore Roosevelt actually approved the Pure Food and Drugs Act In 1906. Theodore Roosevelt was considered a naturalist, so health was a major concern for him. During the approval of the Pure Food and Drug Act, America was going through the Progressive Era. The Progressive Era eliminated social problems that the government did not take care of. They simply reassure certain products or food that are safe and not inflicting damage to human health. FDA will approve that things are properly labeled, sanitary and wholesome. People may think that the FDA just pertains with food, but actually regulated cosmetic supplements, tobacco products, electronical product radioaruim and human drugs. Basically, the FDA protects any sort of food or item that pertains to human health. All of there responsibilities extend to all US states and territories. The FDA was simply made to stop public goods from harming human life. With the efforts of Roosevelt, Harvey and Beck, our nation would not be exactly where it is today without them. They made this organization regulate harmful products. 

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The list of harmful ingredients and products that is granted to the public, can go on forever and people do not realize. These products are found in many products that are consumed by the human population. Things like artificial sweeteners, sodas, coloring, cigarettes, vegetables, meats, and basically anything with additives. The list starts with sulfites, artificial coloring red no, erythrosine, hydrogenated oils/artificial trans fat, mercury, aspartame, fluoride and antibiotics in animal food and high fructose corn syrup. There’s plenty of more chemicals that are exposed to the public, these are just the most prevalent. Sulfites and antibiotics are used in the agricultural industry, in which return to us. Farmers will use the sulfites and GMOS to enhance crop growth, which will increase production efficiency and then will return in a better cash flow. The FDA allows this company to contaminate are there supply and genetically modify our food. Monsanto’s can increase the chances of developing breast and gastrointestinal cancer, and is illegal and 27 countries but some reason it’s legal in the USA. In recent years antibiotics used on animals have increased to 80%, meaning 20% of the animals are antibiotic free. That my sound good to the people, however this is the complete opposite. These antibiotics are used to produce bugger animals with less food, and grow a lot quicker- in which increase profits. As reported by the CDC, antibiotic use on animals has been responsible for more than 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths. European Union took a serious note to the report by the CDC. They banned all antibiotics in Europe, in 2006. Mercury is present in the food world as well. People know mercury is incredibly toxic to human health, but don’t realize that it’s in our foods. An abundant is found in fish like tuna and salmon, which are commonly eaten by the United States population. Food dyes are contained in many foods, like erthosine, caramel coloring and red #3, in which all are considered cancer causing. High fructose corn syrup and aspartame are commonly found in the drinks we consume. Both these chemicals have been linked to cause cancer and increase obesity. In fact, high fructose corn syrup attacks your liver, just like alcohol. It’s turned directly into fat and will increase the obesity epidemic. But why exactly are these getting approved? Many of the points lead directly to money. To ban or restrict some of these products, inspections are needed. According to Plunkett, “Their budget right now is not adequate, and it’s certainly not adequate to implement this law.” Other reasons suggest that certain addictive products, like drugs, will only bring more customers. The FDA is only protecting huge companies, which can be their money makers. This will increase the budget, brining more profit in for FDA. 

Everyone knows tobacco is incredibly harmful to the human health, but why exactly is it approved and not banned by the FDA.  But what people don’t realize, is why does the FDA approved tobacco products despite its form for fax. Cigarettes can be considered a harmful death, each time you inhale The smoke, it increases your risk of  cancer of the long, stroke, heart attack, and any respiratory disease. For lifetime smoker’s  can expect to die as a result of their cigarette smoking. Due to controversy of cigarettes, nicotine vapor’s have them quite prevalent. Just the thing is no one really knows what’s in them. One man named Clive Bates, said “”If e-cigarette could take half the cigarette market then it would make huge inroads amounting to hundreds of millions of avoided premature deaths. That will be one of the biggest public health into versions of all time.” In the UK, 200,000 children age between 11 and 15 start smoking. The problem with cigarettes is the nicotine inside of them. It makes me incredibly addictive and just makes you want more. Some say that leads to why they are approved, similar to the addictive chemicals found I’m food. The more addictive products can be, the more it will be purchased. Tobacco is a huge business in the United States. Banning companies can dramatically effect the economy and the FDA. 

Although, FDA is beneficial to the United States and the public, a stand must be made to prevent the approval of the harmful products. Even though why they exactly allow these things remains a mystery, the awareness of the public should increase and avoid it with self control. This shouldn’t backlash the FDA because they do help in certain ways. Explaining the effects and the toll it can take on your body, should encourage and enlighten people from using these substances