The the government have to designed educational curriculum that

The role of curriculum is very
important for education since it gives shape on national education in which it
unites the national education purposes, the content that should be taught to
the students, approach and strategy in order to achieve the equality of
national education.  As the results, it
is expected that the implementation of curriculum in all region of the country will provide
satisfied outcome that is qualified generations who able to compete in the
world of work national and international, have a good nationality, attitude,
moral, social behavior and spirituality to give their effort for the
development of the country.

Curriculum consists of many aspects
relate to the dimension of learning, therefore it should be organized to follow
the changing aspects in the community to reach the goal of national education.
Developing the proper curriculum that in line with purpose of educational
education give an opportunity for a country to foster the national unity and
integrity (Njeng’ere, 2014, pp.4). He argues that education should assist to
allow society to accomplish its needs and aspirations, consequently the
government have to designed educational curriculum that include encouraging
nationalism, and promoting social equality, moral and religious value, and
respect for national culture.

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In simple terminology,
curriculum is an explanation of what, why, how and when students should learn
(Stabback, 2016, p.8). It is the guide for the teachers about what he or she
has to do in teaching activity in the classroom.  Based on the regulation of National Education Ministry No. 22 (2006) the curriculum contains not only materials, but also involves the entire
life of the classroom, teaching method, evaluation and relation between
teachers and students. Therefore, teachers have to understand the curriculum to
be a competent and expert in their profession (Kunandar, 2007, p.113).