The the diversity and rapid transformations in technology together

The world of contemporary art is rich, diverse and
unpredictable (Robertson and McDaniel, 2009). What the writers really mean by
this statement is that the world of contemporary art is evolving and there are
changes that can be seen from the 1980s to the present. According to the
writers, the diversity and rapid transformations in technology together with
the change of the world demographics had driven the contemporary arts to be in
flux. The fast increase of immigrants due to wars, famines and economic
pressures had had open up the opportunity for the artists to express their
emotions and ideas in their artworks (Robertson and McDaniel, 2009).

            Because of
the influx of this contemporary arts, there are many great artworks that are
made for public views. Public dollars funded many public art activities, making
it easier for the artists and institutions to develop their skills and had
increased the attention to contemporary public art (Robertson and McDaniel,
2009). For example, Charles Ray’s artwork of a boy with a frog that was made
public at the Grand Canal in Venice showed the artist’s great combination of
conceptualism and humor. I personally think that this kind of public art in the
public settings would help to promote art among the visitors and will
indirectly instill a sense of appreciation towards art in themselves.

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            The main
drivers of the changes in the world contemporary art are the changes in
technology and globalization. The changes in technology are helping the artists
and society in expressing their ideas into a more visual image that could be
seen by the world. This rise in technology not only complement the art world,
but it also helps in forming new art creations. We can easily turn our ideas
into various forms of arts that we desired just with the help of technology. According
to Robertson and McDaniel (2009), the computer with the help of improved
technology makes possible the almost instantaneous dissemination of images and
data of all kinds. As we can see, the introduction of the internet and the
World Wide Web help connecting people all over the world and make changes of
idea easier and cheaper among artists and society. Our present generation had
no difficulty in discovering art since social media such as Twitter and Blog
websites help to link the audience, interact about art and function as the
populist art critics (Robertson and McDaniel, 2009). I strongly believe that
internet and social media play a great role in influencing people and younger
generation on how important the art is and directly promotes the new idea
produced by the local artists.

            Then next
important factor that had influenced the changes in the world contemporary art
is the globalization. According to Merriam Webster, globalization means the development
of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade,
free flow of capital and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets. The
global economy has affected the entertainment and culture markets (Robertson
and McDaniel, 2009). The globalized market had helped the artists to promote
their artworks throughout the world, for example through trading and
international art fairs. In this new era, trading activities such as exports
and imports play an important role in boosting up the economic and social
growth. An artwork is being traded between countries and exchange of ideas is
being made with the help of globalization. Besides, artists would enjoy a whole
bunch of great opportunities in this globalized economy in promoting and
expanding their artworks around the world, without barriers. As a result of the
globalization, artists could benefit from a higher profit when their artworks
are being marketed internationally. As mentioned in the article titled “Globalization of the Art Market; Good, Bad, and
Interesting”, there is a dramatic increase in lower-priced works (those
under $10K), rising to 56% of the market share due to the globalization of the
art market. As an Economics major, I cannot deny that globalization is a key to
a great economy and that it has helped the mobility of artists from countries
all around the world.

            Conclusively, it is
true that contemporary arts have gone through many changes and improvements
over the past several years, making it accessible to every person in the world.
These changes in globalization and technology help in promoting art globally
with fewer costs. I am so blessed to be born in a generation where art is being
promoted everywhere in diverse designs and being able to appreciate the meaning
of each artwork.