The that Old Major is a wise and intelligent

first is Old Major. Old Major is a wise and charismatic pig. When Old Major announces
that he wants to share the content of his dream, the strange thing is that the
other animals follow his orders, it points out that the other animals give
great respect to the Old Major. The Old Major’s speech that
blamed humanity for all sickness and the causes of hunger
and forced labor of humanity, and that humans must be removed so that they can
be free from all that suffering. Old Major believes that man can only do evil
and animals can only do good. Some messages conveyed that animals should not be
like humans, and Old major said that “No Animal must ever live in a house, or sleep in a bed, or wear clothes,
or drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or touch money, or engage in trade. All the
habits of Man are evil. And No animal must ever kill any other animal. All animal
are equal”. These indicates that Old Major is a wise and intelligent pig.
The old Major is a protagonist of the story. It is based
on the characters of Karl Marx and Lenin.

second is Snowball. Snowball is a smart pig, and that he most follows the
direction of Old Major’s
speech, and he also
devotes himself to improving animals with intellectual, moral, and physical. He
brings a positive impact so that animals can more understand the principles of Animalism by reading the
Seven Commandments that he painted. He also turned the seven commandments into a
single teaching: “Four legs good, two legs bad” so that all animals which can not read and which are not intelligent can understand the philosophy of
animalism. Snowball also demonstrates his cleverness through strategy
of “the Battle of the Cowshed”. His
plan for the windmill was also a glorious plan, but it was all destroyed when
the expulsion of Snowball by Napoleon. Snowball is also the protagonist in this story. It
reflects Lev Trotsky’s character.

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brief, Animal farm is a
satirical novel written during World War II and published on August 17, 1945.
The events in this novel are similar to the actual situation when George Orwell
wrote the novel. For example, there is a power struggle between Stalin
and Trotsky, symbolized by the feud between Napoleon and Snowball.
Although originally written to criticize Russian communism and the Soviet
Union, but because of the parable or satire it uses is animals, its
interpretation can be detached from the context of the Soviet Union. Napoleon’s
character in the novel can symbolize a government that eventually becomes a
dictator, and Animal Farm can also symbolize the countries they command.