The Swimmer By John Cheever Research Essay

The Swimmer By John Cheever Essay, Research Paper

John Cheever? s narrative? The Swimmer? depicts a protaganist, and the society that has nurtured him, as lacking in earnestness and duty. Neddy, the baffled supporter, represents a society satirized for focus oning its values on societal position and philistinism. During the class of Neddy? s journey, the semblances he has constructed about his life are stripped off, and in the procedure the truth behind his society is realized. In unveiling the calamity of Neddy? s being, Cheever reveals the unworthiness of an unexamined life.

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The calamity of Neddy? s presence leads to his ain death. Through an alone use of tone, Cheever foreshadows the bad lucks of the supporter. Stereotypically, the writer intimations at the fact that that affluent people loaf around and indulge themselves with intoxicant to free themselves of their jobs ( 368 ) . In a mocking mode, about puting Neddy up for his failure, the twenty-four hours begins beautiful and everyone is happy, but a feeling of confusion shortly follows ( 368 ) . Significantly, by representing the point of position, Cheever allows the reader to see Neddy from two different positions. Harmonizing to Neddy, ? his life was non restricting and the delectation he took in observation could non be explained by its suggestion of flight? ( 368 ) . The bystanders position of Neddy, nevertheless, depicts him as? close to naked, ? as they? wondered if he was the victim of disgusting drama, had his auto broken down, or was he simply a sap? ( 371 ) . This is the lone minute in the full narrative where a position other than Neddy? s is offered, bespeaking that Cheever wants to keep an accent on the obfuscation of Neddy. In add-on, elements of symbolism throughout the narrative exhibit the problems of Neddy. The H2O, a symbol of the unconscious, represents the ideas and actions of Neddy. Alcohol, a agency of flight, lies as a menace to Neddy? s being because he feels that? whisky would & # 8230 ; carry him through the last of his journey? (

373-74 ) . The storm represents a alteration from the confusion of Neddy into the truth about his being.

The ineptitude of Neddy? s unexamined life finally forces him awy from world. Initially, the word picture of Neddy and the society which he represents reveals the nonsense of both his life and that of the society. ? My bad lucks? & # 8230 ; .I wear? T know what you mean, ? ( 373 ) Neddy obliviously responds when having understanding for his fiscal bad lucks that he seems wholly incognizant of. Due to the clannish behaviour accustomed to Neddy through his society, he is afraid that the public pool will? damage his ain prosperousness and appeal? ( 372 ) which he no longer possesses anyhow. Furthermore, the changeless use of allusion remains apparent throughout the narrative. Almost Fitzgerald-like in his descriptions of the? comfortable work forces and adult females, ? ( 370 ) Cheever satirizes the society. Besides similar to the plants of Fitzgerald, the supporters? ain wealth and power force his societal diminution. Importantly, symbolism besides plays a function in depicting the life style of Neddy and the society of which he represents. The storm adds to Cheever? s satirical narrative in that confusion is even moreso emphasized ( 370 ) . The parties and changeless imbibing of the affluent society Acts of the Apostless as a manner for them to get away mundane duties ( 368 ) .

Cheever illustrates the nonmeaningful life of Neddy and his satirized society by bring outing the affliction of Neddy? s being. The fact that Neddy feels that he still holds the same societal stature as he antecedently did, exhibits his ignorance and inability to accept his ain bad lucks. Throughout the narrative, both the society and Neddy think that they can avoid the jobs of life by devouring intoxicant, obtaining wealth, and partying. Ultimately, the personal calamity of world consequences from his ain ignorance and misperception of world.

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? The Swimmer?

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