The strange case of Dr Essay

An example of this occurs when Dry. Layman leaves Mr.. Deuteron two letters, both written by him. The first letter discussing the reason behind his death, and the other letter is not to be opened until after Dry. Jelly’s death. Mr.. Deuteron, although tempted to open the second letter, decides not to. For example, Mr.. Deuteron states, “A great curiosity came on the trustee, to disregard the prohibition and dive at once to the bottom of these mysteries, but Professional honor and faith to his dead friend were stringent obligations; and the packet slept in the inmost corner of his private fee”(Chi. 6).

Mr.. Deuteron usually acts on his feelings of curiosity, but in this instance he refrains. If he opens the letter, he could attempt to rescue Dry. Jewell from his tail of unfortunate events; however, Mr.. Deuteron experiences so many incidents where his curiosity guides him into trouble; therefore, he decides to stay out of their business. Unfortunately, his curiosity could have helped his friend, Dry. Jewell, for the better. The setting also shows curiosity and its consequences throughout the events that occur. For example, curiosity leads to Dry. Jelly’s creation of Mr.. Hyde. As a man of science Dry.

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Jewell remains curious about everything. For instance, Dry. Jelly’s curiosity causes him to wonder how the lower class lives and how they survive. He also wants to know what happens to an individual’s personality when they turn evil. He takes these two ideas and decides to create a new version of himself to find out what his personality would change into; this way he can live a double life. Dry. Jewell develops a formula that transforms him into this other version of himself. He states, “But the temptation of a discovery so singular and profound at last overcame the suggestions of alarm.

I had long since prepared my tincture; I compounded the elements, watched them boil and smoke together in the glass, and when the ebullition had subsided, with a strong glow of courage, drank off the potion “(Chi. 10). Once he knows his formulas capabilities, he has the urge to continue using it, and to continue exploring the new version of himself. However while transforming into Mr.. Hyde, Dry. Jewell does not realize the quantity of damage this evil character causes. He finds himself falling in love with the rush he experiences while transforming into Mr.. Hyde. Once Dry.

Jewell sees how much damage he has inflicted on their society, it is too late to destroy Mr.. Hyde. He has grown too powerful, causing Dry. Kylie’s curiosity to kill him. Conflict can also demonstrate curiosity. For example Dry. Jewell deals with many internal conflicts while deciding whether or not to put Mr.. Hyde away for good. Before Dry. Jewell creates Mr.. Hyde, he always tries to do good things. While in the personality of Dry. Jewell, he knows that destroying Mr.. Hyde is the right thing to do, but he has grown to love Mr.. Hyde and he does not want to give him up forever. Dry.

Jewell tries to stay himself for a while; causing everything to go back to normal, and Dry. Layman, Mr.. Deuteron, and Dry. Jewell begin hanging out again. However after about three months, things take a turn for the worse.