The smartphones and there experiences, however thou they were

The year 2015 witnessed a massive shift in the smartphone market. The prolong dominated company Apple and Samsung was broken in many markets across the world by just one brand which was making its debut in the smartphone industries, well from the day of its launch expensive flagship smartphones giants are under increase threat from a new breed of smartphone which are addressed as Flagship Killers well the brand was expand this mobile world revolution and which is at the centre of this stage is none other than One plus.   Men Behind Oneplus   A Chinese smartphone start-up founded in 2013, the brains behind this are Pete Lau and Carl Pei. Pete is currently the CEO of One plus, the Chinese entrepreneur began his career as a hardware engineer for Oppo Electronics, thou he started as a hardware engineer he went on to become the director of Oppo’s blue raven and headed the marketing team as well later he also become the vice president of the company, he played a huge role in bringing the Cyanogen Mod in the android operating system on Oppo N1 smartphone, but both Pete and Carl always dreamed big. They believed that there are so many inefficiencies in the mobile phone industry and one such inefficiency was the higher prices of the premium smartphones, well both were extremely determined to start their own venture an eventually Pete quit his company in 2013 and thus both Pete and Carl began there entrepreneurial journey in the late 2013.    Ideas behind oneplus       iii  At that time Oneplus only had 5 employees, well like most startup incubate in a cafe this bunch of people were sitting in a cafe talking about smartphones and there experiences, however thou they were working on android most of them were using an IPhone. When they started discussing as to why they didn’t opt for an android phone the reasons were many, some of them included bad built quality, software not intuitive, and lot of bloat ware which comes along. That’s when they saw an opportunity to make a device with good built quality, attention to detail and a beautiful design which was missing in the market, price was never a focus then. They just wanted to built a great android device which they themselves would use rather then any other device, they soon announce there company and the work one there first project and that was the time when OnePlus One was born