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The government’s purpose to society, is to protect individuals rights and freedom. However, what if the government abused their power to control and manipulate the society their sworn to protect? In George Orwell’s 1984, he uses many different literary devices to prove his point that too much government control is detrimental to society. Propaganda, or information used to promote or publicize a political cause or point of view, is used repetitively throughout the book. Most often a author uses propaganda to manipulate public opinion for or against one idea or another. The ruling party uses propaganda to promote Big brother and to control the citizens. The party used the torture room, and the thought police, to place fear and manipulation into its citizens.Propaganda is also used to be misleading or confusing, for a political cause or benefit.In Orwell’s 1984 the party also attacks and destroys the capacity of individuals to make their own decisions and to trust in their own intelligence and common sense. The party does  this by turning families against each other and always makes the citizens second guess their actual thoughts. Overall, propaganda was used to place fear, manipulation, and confusion, into the citizens.Symbolism- an artistic movement or style using symbol images an indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind. (Also known as an abstract idea) Symbolism, can be something as simple as a pen. What makes that pen an example of symbolism, is that it represents something bigger than itself. In 1984,  a example of symbolism, was the glass paperweight. The paperweight represents Winston’s failed attempts to connect, and understand the past. When the thought police raids Winston’s room, it breaks, along with his chance to uncover the truth, and reconnect the past. Most examples of symbolism, represent freedom. An example of that in 1984 would be the telescreens. Telescreens are screens in the walls and in your house that track your every move. Every time it sees you complete a violation, it warns you. They’re even in the bathroom. Due to lack of privacy, the telescreens give, Julia and Winston would sneak off into the wild forest, so they can can have freedom and privacy, and not be observed by telescreens. Symbolism, is a big example of how the government had a way too much government control. It shows a lack of freedom, and the entrapment of the mind. Imagery- used by an author to create mental pictures for the reader. Imagery is a really fancy word for descriptive. It provides really vivid and clear pictures in your mind correlative to the authors words. There is plenty of imagery in 1984.In the beginning of the book, Orwell gave us really descriptive images of how life was like back in that time. In the beginning paragraphs, Orwell used word that relate to the five senses . A lot of what wrote in the beginning had to do with the government and how they were totalitarian.Imagery is also used to suggest an emotion or feeling without blatantly saying it. Orwell did this when describing Julia and Winston a lot. Orwell, made it to where people felt indifferent about Winston, with how he was treating Julia. It was reading a sad story, how Julia had way more feelings for Winston than he did for her. Imagery was used to provide clear pictures and images by using descriptive language, that leads to suggesting a feeling or emotion. Propaganda is HUGE in today’s real world society. Especially since our government is held by responsible. Donald Trump encouraging anti-lgbtq activities, and anything tied to the community.Only July 27, 2017, Trump/ administration threatened to use the federal gov. To roll back civil rights for gay and transgender people.Trump is against the LGBTQ community and what it stands for, so he’s trying to take away our rights.Trump allows businesses to not serve the LGBTQ community.December 5, 2017 Sarah Sanders told the media Trump that religious liberties extends to anti-gay activity.Trump is doing everything to prevent LGBTQ activites.There is plenty of propaganda going on in the real world and society. In the final analysis, many literary devices were used to prove too much government control is detrimental to society, some stood out more than others. Propaganda was used to place fear, manipulation, and confusion into the citizens. Symbolism was used to show the lack of freedom , and the entrapment of the mind. Imagery was used to provide a clear picture picture or image, without completely saying it.