The Production Of Calcium Carbonate Essay

Omya Hustadmarmor is chiefly bring forthing Ca carbonate slurry situated on west seashore in Norway, which supplies the filler and surfacing pigment to the papermaking companies. Omya Hustadmarmor group is the chief group and its major stakeholder is Omya Group. Company transport its slurry discrepancies from workss to paper Millss, so hive away them in UK, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Netherland based 10 first tier armored combat vehicle farms by cargos.

The scope of chemical armored combat vehicle vas is from 2400 to 16000 metric dozenss.Company is confronting some jobs in enlargement of its concern with other possible states, particularly the company is anticipating to make concern with North America but company will confront the on clip supply and routing issues. To get the better of on these issues the company must take the audience of their cardinal people in administration, instead than to utilize the big vas to decide the job, but it will restrict the available infinite for storage. The lone solution of this job to affect the cardinal people who have the power to impact the strategic planning and determinations in the administration, which solve the transit and routing issues. For the designation of cardinal people Power Interest Grid will be used, so ;

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Power-Interest Grid:

“ The grid normally shows those who have both the involvement and power to guarantee success or failure ” . ( Narayanan and Armstrong, 2005, p.268 )It is really obvious from the above statement that the Power Interest Grid gives clear thought about the designation of stakeholders in administration.

Power Interest Grid is the chief resource which identifies the cardinal people and issues/problems with best solutions, and besides influences the determinations and direction.Capable


CrowdStrategy Context SettersInterest Stakeholdersin schemedoingadministration UnaffectedBystanders ActorsBeginning: Eden C. and Ackermann F. ( 1998, p.130 )


Bryson ( 2004 ) stated that the people in administration who have high involvement in organizational ends and actions i.e. employees, but have low power to act upon the determinations and other facets.

It is clear from the above statement of Bryson, that the group who have less power to impact the determination procedure in an administration are most likely employees, holding high involvement. To use this theory on the Omya Hustadmarmor employees, it is apparent that the employees of Omya Hustadmarmor ever seeking to make their occupation in better manner, to procure their employment, but on the other manus they are more interested in smooth routing and other organizational aims but holding less power to implement the recommendation.The another stockholder ( AUR ) is a transportation company, who has less power to impact the company determination devising procedure, aims and routing issue ‘s. It is besides obvious in instance survey on page 24 that when the transportation company ( AUR ) received any demand for topographic point market activity, they contact the group who are doing the planes for the distribution, to cognize whether their calendar/schedule is flexible or non. It is clear from the instance survey of Omya Hustadmarmor that the transportation company ( AUR ) is pull offing and responsible for the transit of vass on short period notice, it gives an thought that AUR is giving more importance to Omya Hustadmarmor, and clearly shows that Omya Hustadmarmor is the anchor of transporting company ( AUR ) . From the above treatment in visible radiation of instance survey that AUR have low power to act upon the company determination doing procedure but have more involvement in company strategic issues. Besides influence its niche market grosss.


Bryson ( 2004, p.

112 ) states that, “ It shows the people who have low involvement and low power in an organizational job and actions to work out it ” .Supplier of natural stuff ( Marble ) and the ready slurries would come under topics as they have low involvement and low power to act upon Company ‘s determination and schemes. Equally long as they are supplying services to the Omya group, they have concerns with the company ‘s policy but they can non alter their policy. On the other side, when they will halt providing services to the company there will be no involvement at all.

Strategy Context Compositors:

Bryson ( 2004 ) stated that the people who have low involvement but high power in administration.

Strategy context compositors are the of import portion of power involvement grid, which play cardinal function in the achievement of every administration. It is clear from the above theory that the contrivers will be numbering in this class. In the instance survey of Omya Hustadmarmor it is apparent that whenever the contriver makes the programs for production, distribution etc. they must see all the issues to avoid the approaching jobs to the administration. In the instance survey of Omya Hustadmarmor it is clear that contrivers have the power to make up one’s mind for the transit to use the capacity of each vas, and besides to guarantee that the stock list range in good status, and besides the contrivers have to be after about the stuff should get on clip to avoid breakage in production. Omya group is the major stockholder of Omya Hustadmarmor, who has more power than involvement, which can act upon the determination at any phase, but holding less involvement in routing, which is solved by company direction.


Omya Hustadmarmor instance survey farther high spots and gives a clear thought about the participants, who have high involvement and high power. Who are playing a critical function and have the power to act upon the determination in an administration, which besides influence the strategic success or failure in an administration. In the power involvement grid participants are the most of import portion of this subdivision.The above theory accurately fit on the gross revenues section, they have the power to impact the determination, and besides are the cardinal indexs for solution of production and routing issues. Company direction can take few stairss towards routing jobs, which leads company to its ends.

From the power and involvement degree of the participants it is apparent that they have the authorization to work out the bing jobs. It is more obvious that gross revenues section is the cardinal section for the prediction of sale, and besides gives an thought to the production section to bring forth the right measure wholly depends on right gross revenues forecast. If there is inaccuracy in calculating batch of jobs will confront by sections in a company, like stock out, holds in production and distribution.

Cognitive Map:

Customer SatisfactionImproved Productivity Route and TransportLow cost Smooth Distribution Low running costImproved competencyManagement of stored stock listsBetter communicatingManagement of production Better degree of service combination among sectionsAdministration Enhanced Gross saless prognosis

Effective Computerised Planning system

( ECPS )

Gross saless Forecast Management of stock lists Transportation ProductionAccurate gross revenues Forecast follow the stock agendaRaw stuff on clip bringingCorrect finding enhance figure of providersof industry tendencySubstitute providers improved storage capablenessWeather PredictionIncrease suppliesDistribution Use of big vassDaily accretion numbering on clip coating ofSlurry from industry siteOrder Forecasting Augmented Number of DeliveriesTrained Staff


The above cognitive map is wholly dwelling on the five chief strategic issues along with the best possible actions towards accomplishing the ends.

Cognitive map clearly shows that how the goals/objectives are achieved and it gives results. These ends, actions are linked with one another with pointers.In Cognitive map it evident that gross revenues prognosis is the chief strategic issue and can be solved by five possible options. It can be solved by the accurate gross revenues prognosis, for this it is mandatory to see the accurate finding of industry tendency. True weather prognosis and trained staff ( employees ) will give accurate consequence for the prognosis sale and accurate finding of industry tendency.

It is clear from the above discussed theories that above options are the best solution of gross revenues forecast issues to accomplish the aims.The following issue is stock stock list direction, which can be solved by direct and indirect actions. The agenda stock is giving an thought about the direction of stock and replacement providers give a clear thought about agenda stock ( stock list ) and indirectly to the stock direction and enhanced Numberss of providers. Daily stock numbering give a direct lead to stock stock list direction and other one the enhanced Numberss of providers.The following issue is transit, which is resolved by the two possible actions. The usage of big vass and increased figure of bringings.

Because the instance survey of company clearly says, that big vass are cost effectual than little vass. And the increased figure of bringings will be effectual for the company stock, because company faced stock out every bit mentioned in instance survey.The 2nd last issue is production, which can be solved by three possible actions. The on clip bringing of natural stuff, increased capacity of storage and on clip transporting out of slurry from the site will increase the production.Last strategic issue is distribution, identified in the cognitive map, can be work outing by two major actions. First of all to calculate the accurate demand leads best possible distribution. And the 2nd action which is indirect but of import to calculate accurate demand is trained staff ( labor ) .The above strategic issues and actions leads to the combined ends of a successful computerised planning, cognitive map is playing a critical function in the designation of chief issues and supply the best possible options for the solution of these issues.

To discussed the strategic issues more in item, one of the issue e.g. gross revenues prognosis, which is briefly discussed above with its four option of solution like right gross revenues prognosis, correct weather prognosis, accurate finding of industry tendency and expert and trained staff.Accurate gross revenues forecast avoid the stock out state of affairs in company, as it is rather clear that right sale prognosis is playing of import function in the direction of prognosis gross revenues issues, because false prognosis consequence in stock out due to unexpected gross revenues. It could be gained by critical cheque on conditions and industry tendency, and the most apparent option is trained staff who can calculate right about the above discussed points.

Cognitive map shows that when the aims of the effectual computerised planning system are implemented it will give the undermentioned consequences.Effective computerised be aftering system ( ECPS ) will steer to integrate among the sections, because the computerised system gives an understanding to people to maintain in touch all clip. This incorporation is all in solution of communicating, by this people can cover with the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours issues with best possible solutions, in consequence leads to increased productiveness. Besides the effectual computerised planning system provides understanding about the direction of production which indicates the relationship of stock stock list direction, is valuable, on clip distribution and satisfied client. Trained staff is portion of disposal which will besides increased the disposal cost. By the execution of effectual computerised planning system it will work out the transit job.

Skilled and trained staff is critical for use and execution which is clearly indicated by efficient computerised system.Effective computerised be aftering system solves the issue of incorporation among all sections, stock stock list, production and distribution which affect/decreased the running cost. Which in consequence cut down running cost, salvage clip and avoid waste of stock, Besides it guides to rectify gross revenues prognosis and improved degree of service. It is now more accurate to state that effectual computerised be aftering system provides wide extent of improved and accurate prediction.


The job has been identified in the given instance survey that there are two merchandises ( heavy slurry and really heavy slurry ) demand to be delivered on three different finishs viz. Germany, Finland and Sweden. It needs to be decided that how much slurry can be distributed to those finishs in two scheduled yearss.

In other words allotment of heavy slurry and really heavy slurry ‘s capacity is required that can carry through the demand of Germany, Finland and Sweden in two scheduled yearss. It is besides required that, capacity should be allocated in a manner that can minimise the distribution cost while sing the demand of those finish in those specified two scheduled yearss.Therefore, linier scheduling will be used for allotment of specific sum of heavy and really heavy slurry to be sent on each finish.

The sum needed demand of heavy slurry and really heavy slurry over two yearss is 60,000 kg and 65,000 kg severally.Demand of three finishs is ;



Heavy Slurry ( Kilo )

Very Heavy Slurry ( Kilo )


Entire Demand

60,00065,000The tabular array below shows the capacity allotment of the heavy and v. heavy slurry which can run into the needed demand of three different finishs ( by utilizing additive scheduling ) . Additionally, given linier programming solution gave the range to Omya Hustadmarmor to pull off its slurry ‘s distribution on two scheduled yearss with minimal cost. The consequence of linier scheduling has shown that, if the distribution ( heavy and really heavy slurry ) is managed as shown below will be cost effectual.

Day 1


Day 2


Heavy Slurry to Germany25,000Very Heavy Slurry to Germany25,000Heavy Slurry to Sweden20,000Very Heavy Slurry to Sweden10,000Heavy Slurry to Finland30,000Very Heavy Slurry to Finland15,000





The entire distribution cost of heavy and really slurry

?197,500As it has been discussed that it will be cost effectual as linier scheduling helps to work out the job by utilizing cost minimisation map. The consequence shows that it will be ?197,500 to Omya Hustadmarmor for the distribution of 125,000 kg slurry.It can be seen from above tabular arraies that linear scheduling has changed the measure of heavy and v.

heavy slurry distribution. It has been assumed that, supply of heavy slurry to Germany should be 20,000 kgs on twenty-four hours 1 and 30,000 kg v. heavy slurry on twenty-four hours 2. By utilizing the additive scheduling this measure has been changed to 20,000 kg of heavy slurry and 25,000 kg of v. heavy slurry.

It has besides changed the measures of slurries distribution to Sweden and Finland excessively.The measure of heavy slurry to Sweden is changed from 15,000 kgs to 20,000 on twenty-four hours 1 and v. heavy slurry from 15,000 to 10,000 kgs on twenty-four hours 2. On the other side, the measure of heavy slurry to Finland is changed to 30,000 kgs from 25,000 and v. heavy slurry from 20,000 to 15,000 kgs.

Function ( Involved in Linear programming ) :

There are three chief maps involved in additive scheduling which are known as Decision variables, Objective map and Constraints.

Therefore, to work out the distribution job identified in the given instance survey six ( 6 ) determination variables in additive scheduling are involved. These determination variables gave the range to place the capacity allotment of slurry. These determination variables are as follow

Decision Variables

Heavy slurry to GermanyVery heavy Slurry to GermanyHeavy slurry to SwedenVery heavy slurry to SwedenHeavy slurry to FinlandVery heavy slurry to Finland

Objective Function:

The nonsubjective map of additive scheduling shows that what is need to be solved or demands to be done.

It has been discussed earlier that the job is to administer the heavy and v. heavy slurry to three different finishs in two yearss. Additionally, the major job is to be determined that how much heavy and v. Heavy slurry should be distributed to each finish on each twenty-four hours. Therefore, the nonsubjective map in this additive scheduling is to carry through the ( heavy and v.

heavy slurry ) demand of three finishs while maintaining the cost lower limit.


The preparation of job in additive scheduling involves the map of restraints. There are two kinds of restraints used in it viz. adhering and non adhering. The alteration in adhering restraint alterations the possible solution but on the other side, alteration in non adhering restraint does non impact on the solutions. After holding the solution one can alter those adhering restraints and can look for improved consequences.There are six different restraints have been used in this additive scheduling are shown below and it is referred to see the inside informations of binding and non adhering restraints in appendix 1.

Heavy slurry to GermanyVery heavy Slurry to GermanyHeavy slurry to SwedenVery heavy slurry to SwedenHeavy slurry to FinlandVery heavy slurry to Finland= & gt ; 75000= & gt ; 50000This theoretical account could be extended to happen out best possible distribution program if they are specified in existent, as the demand of slurries to be delivered has been assumed. So likely there will non be a realistic consequence as it is based on premises.It has been discussed in the given instance survey that weather status does impact on bringing timing. Therefore, it can be said that by sing weather status the consequences could be different than it is. Additionally, the production capacity of slurries has non been considered in this additive scheduling but it has critical importance and can alter the whole consequence.As, the consequences show that 25,000 kgs heavy slurry should direct to Germany on twenty-four hours 1 but if the production section is unable to bring forth it. So, it will impact all the determination made which are based on the additive scheduling.

Therefore, it can be said that by adding conditions conditions, production capablenesss and accurate demand or demand of slurries could assist in the extension of the theoretical account and the consequences will be more realistic.


Decision Support System ( DSS ) :

There are many definitions available to specify Decision support system but it is best defined by Kersten E. G. ( 2000, p.330 ) who explains that, “ A Decision support system is an information system uniting a scope of engineerings, such as database and modeling for complex planning and direction undertaking ” .Today concerns are developing quickly and the competition among them forces to execute at their best.

It is necessary for any administration to pull off their operations in a manner that can do them able to vie in the market. The above definition of DSS shows the importance of DSS that can execute critical function and assist an administration to pull off its operations, database, planning and several direction undertaking. It can be defined as that it is a aggregation of different information system engineerings. As it has been said that this is what can assist an administration ‘s to be after future schemes, resolve their issues on day-to-day footing and can do optimal determinations.There are some major demands defined by the writer to implement determination support system to do an administration able to use the benefits of it. By sing distribution be aftering issue of Omya Hustadmarmor to be resolved some of the key demands are:1: Collected informations from Distribution section, calculating section and market research.

2: digest and constellation of informations.3: For rating of determination the suited and right informations ever play a critical function.4: For the analysis of study and informations, the monitoring tools should be beef uping.Omya Hustadmarmor instance study clearly mentioned that the storage capacity is limited in the company, and are impacting its production. So the contrivers at Omya Hustadmarmor should look to the complex issue of distribution, to the uncertainness faced to the production and storage in company. Company produces some merchandises for which the consumer demands change clip to clip, and to calculate that uncertainness it needs more attending from the contrivers. Because the company has merely one lading bay and clip ingestion on one quay is 5 to proceedingss, to avoid the above uncertainness they should avoid more than two vass at one twenty-four hours.

For theoperation of system in respects to place the chief features, hypothesis about the system needs to be developed. The soft system methodological analysis will be the best possible methodological analysis for appropriate root definition.Pidd, M. ( 1999 ) stated that root definition is an effort to capture the existent significance of a system, will be utile for solution of jobs, its state of affairs. Root definition is a comprehensive account of a system, will be more acquainted with the solution of jobs.

In more item of root definition the six constituents “ CATWOE ” , it will be discussed for the planning of distribution.Customer: Harmonizing to Stahl G. R et Al ( p.

95 ) , “ Customer, who benefits from the system or who is affected by the system ” . Pidd M. ( 1999, p.137 ) explains clients as “ those are the immediate donee or what the system does. It can be persons, several people, group or groups ” .Actors: Harmonizing to the Checkland P ( 1999 ) that these groups provide the transmutation to the clients.Transformation: checkland P. stated that transmutation is the procedure of get downing and completing.

World view: Harmonizing to checkland P. ( 1999 ) that it gives more strength to the procedure of transmutation, it makes the procedure of transmutation more valuable.Owner: Harmonizing to the checkland P. ( 1999 ) that proprietor is to whom the the complete system is responsible to give reply.Environment: Harmonizing to the checkland P. ( 1999 ) that environment influence the procedure but can non command the system.Soft system methodological analysis ( SSM ) : Harmonizing to Checkland P.

( 1999 ) that SSM is the a acquisition and development tool, because it develop theoretical accounts and it is non necessary to stand for the existent universe, but utilizing the system regulations and rules which allow you to construction your believing about the existent universe. The presented theoretical accounts it is non necessary to demo both normative and descriptive, they may hold both elements as good.AUR transporting company production contriverForecasting close communicating and predictionDISTRIBUTION PLANNERCritical path checkingOmya gross revenues office disposal( Conceptual theoretical account )Explanation: from the instance survey of Omya Hustadmarmor it is apparent that the company faces the distribution job in its networking, from the above conceptual theoretical account it is clear that distribution planning is largely influenced any of the above elements losing.

The true prediction and communicating between the all sections helps to be after for the hereafter production, when at the production Site Company have the adequate storage of merchandise there will be no uncertainness in demand and supply. It means that the distribution will non impact the production and produced objects will non remain longer in the storage, it leads to cut down the running cost.The another of import facet of this theoretical account is the proper checking from the gross revenues office on the production and cargo, and to be after in front about the path for cargo of slurries, will cut down the cost of transit, and it will be clip devouring for the company and in that consume clip company will make more transit, distribution and production.The disposal at the company when direct indulge their ego in determination devising about the planning for production gained by the analysis of experient staff, will beneficial for the company.