The or maybe even from the people around them.

The picture above may
bring quite a few thoughts to people but many would come to the conclusion that
it is simply about how humans may sometimes portray themselves as the real
monsters. Humans have the power of making the moral choice, the only creature
in this life with real power to change everything. It can be said that many
people see and feel that they are their own monsters and do not know how to
escape such captivity from themselves or maybe even from the people around
them. For some it’s hard to admit and they have trouble convincing themselves
about the monsters living inside of them. Metaphorically speaking of course and
it can take quite the toll on individuals. Learning how to deal with it and
overcoming the fear of maybe never being able to get rid of them is what drives
people to look in to the depth and understanding along with learning the true
meaning of the monsters living inside of them.


  A number of many people are sufficiently
lucky in their lives to never experience a

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individual who is a
genuine “monster”; lives within their own selves. Many people are
able to understand and acknowledge the fact monsters live within all of us and
everyone has a different way to overcome that fear. The power of humanity and
morality is very strong and it has a huge impact in our society, and on our
everyday lives.  The understanding of
visual rhetoric brings my attention towards the fact that emotions is actually
one way humans try to mask their “monsters” or per say emotions. The energy of
mankind and profound quality is exceptionally solid and it has an enormous
effect in our general public, and on our regular daily existences.


  The author of the picture is unidentified,
however in my knowledge of understanding rhetoric analysis, it has come to my
attention that somehow the author was trying to convey not why monsters are
living within humans but how they are. Like it was mentioned in the previous
paragraph one way monsters can stow away inside people is by concealing
themselves by depicting as feelings, their behavior or just by simply communicating.
The creator is endeavoring to appear through this image of how feelings can
change and how well concealed it is. From the creator’s perspective it can be
inferred that this image is demonstrating different distinctive sort of
feelings that is depicted as “monsters” which may incorporate joy,
misery, dread, outrage, or even disgust. However, if it was indeed happiness
there would be no reason for the person to have to mask themselves through
other emotions. Clear natural instincts would be enough to show through
someone’s emotions. It falls more on the category of sadness, also fear or
anger and maybe even disgust. These are the type of emotions that many people
try to keep out of sight from the outside world when in fact they are feeling
and going through many different emotions.


  Behaviorism also connects to emotions and the
image because of how one individual may act towards another person. The monster
living amongst us has a way to control and manipulate not only with our
thoughts but the way we communicate to other people. This can go both
negatively and positively. Negatively because it has effects on how we take up
our sadness and or anger on other people and it can turn into either lack of
emotions or too much and this  act of
behaviorism also falls in the category of 
positivity because it shows how one might be so great at concealing
their feelings they wouldn’t want or need  other individuals feeling or notwithstanding
thinking about how they are truly feeling. Clear characteristic senses would be
sufficient to appear through somebody’s feelings. This effortlessly indicates
how troublesome it is for a few people to express their actual selves and how
effectively they can cover it behind their monsters. For many people
communicating or expressing your feelings, in general, is by all accounts good
for you In any case, in case you’re somebody who is accustomed to holding them
in, that could be less demanding said than done. The arrangement isn’t really a
walk in the park for somebody that has been holding those emotions in.


 One of the methods from the rhetorical strategies
that would be best fit would be suspend judgement. This image really makes the
audience think analytically about how the author is trying to convey a message
towards their audience. It makes the audience want to think outside the box and
really understand the image in many different levels. The image truly influences
the gathering of people to contemplate how the creator is endeavoring this
important message towards the audience through this simple image which defines a
few ways people tend to hide how they feel and a way to need to realize totally
new possibilities and truly comprehend the picture in a wide range of levels. This
picture truly influences the crowd to ponder how the creator is endeavoring to
pass on a message towards the audience. A couple of ways individuals tend to shroud how they feel and an
approach to need to acknowledge absolutely new potential outcomes and really
understand the image in an extensive variety of ways.


 The more understanding you get from this image
the more one learns and takes in the information that this may have a personal
connection to the author. It is convincing that, that was one reason why the
creator made the photo was to make an individually personal close connection
towards audience. My judgement as part of the audience tells me that this image
describes significant parts and the understanding of the small parts and
details that it takes to learn about the image. Personally, from my point of
view I’d like to believe that the author may have had emotional pain or
completely understood the concept of emotional pain to be able to show and make
such a powerful image and to be able to share it with the world, which makes
this valid as an international image. This image is relatable for people of
both genders and a person who has an understanding of the message behind this
image is trying to convey.

There are a wide range
of reasons that we may attempt to stow away, or mask, the enthusiastic torment
that comes in the wake of pessimistic convictions about ourselves evoked by a
specific individual or circumstance. Be that as it may, what they have in like
manner is that they’re all dread incited.


Maybe foremost among our
inclinations to disguise our passionate delicacy from others is the dread that
uncovering it would influence us to look week to them and, to be sure,
influence us to feel frail and weak ourselves. We expect that honestly revealing
our hurt emotions would sell out our defenselessness to them and hence
characterize ourselves as feeling down. Independent of people’s early
experiences, most people are concerned that revealing hurt feelings might lead
others to react negatively thus not being able to understand the certain kind
of emotion they’d rather have you feel. The feeling of fear where the person
may think that the other party may not fully comprehend what they are trying to
say instead of getting the wrong message. The fear of others reacting or
responding differently to one’s emotions keeps the person from ever showing
real emotion. Furthermore, people unquestionably would prefer not to hazard
turning anybody off by such “displays” of powerlessness or vulnerability.
Neither do they wish to be seen as immature or, even from a pessimistic
standpoint, terrible – on the grounds that, apparently in any event, people
seem to have lost control over.

  Certain people likewise expect that
unreservedly communicating their feelings could dispatch some sort of emotional
contagion. Afraid that straightforwardly letting out too many hurtful emotions
may somehow be infectious, people may hold it in, unwilling to take the chance
of making anyone else upset and brining it up may lead them to believe they may
be bothering others with their personal issues.

And afterward there’s
the dread that completely discharging emotional pain may influence people to
look absurd, or somehow strange. People like to hold in these certain emotions
because they are unwilling to take the chance of making anyone else around them
upset. Certain thoughts and questions may come up in one’s head about these
things may be, for example:

“What if others don’t–or can’t–understand why we’re in such pain,
or grasp its magnitude? Will we not look foolish to have unconstrainedly let
out our feelings? What is we get made fun of and not get taken seriously for
such pain and rapid emotions that we feel?” At the very least people may feel awkward
and or humiliated, worried that their uninhibited “emoting” may lead
others to consider them less important than they may have something else. Most
people positively would prefer not to be seen as overreactive, thus have their sentiments
reduced or dismissed.

There’s different ways for
things to be done about this certain topic of matter is that the suggestion
would be primarily not to. As an audience it is however easier said than done. Expressing
one’s emotions and letting out the monster that people try to bury deep inside
is hard to just let out.

 In short, on the off chance if people don’t
tell others that what others have said or will say would hurt them, they will
likely continue doing what they have been.


 Thus, in the event that people really need to
make others more receptive to other people’s powerless sentiments, they have to
show them physically and express them verbally. At last, people can’t much
point the finger at others for their cold-heartedness toward others but
themselves which brings me back to the point where it is said to believe that
there are monsters living amongst us. Their level of affectability is basically
where they are at this moment. It is hard to understand everyone’s level of
different emotion, but it’s upsetting when one doesn’t try to express or simply
does not know how to express themselves. Also having a negative effect on their
physical health and mental health. Those
who live lives of deep emotional intensity appear to have a more complex
sense of feeling towards themselves and lead experience that are more complicated
than do those whose feelings are less strong. 

Having trust issues is a
major reason why people have a hard time expressing how they feel and letting
out all of the emotions that they tend to keep inside for a long time. The
effect of other’s thoughts and negative feedbacks is what drives people away
from opening up to even their close ones. Their level of affectability is just
where they are at this moment.

The author has a shrewd
method for indicating how they passed on this critical message through this image
about monsters living inside us and it went to my comprehension on the best way
to overcome and if not to take in another approach to manage the shadow that
hides over us. This judgement truly makes one think about how this is an analytical
challenge for some to overcome or to even comprehend the true definition behind
this image.


 In conclusion, this image of “Humans are the
real monsters” may convey many musings to individuals however numerous would
reach the conclusion that it is just about how people may in some cases depict
themselves as the genuine creatures. People have the energy of settling on the
ethical decision, the main animal in this existence with genuine energy to
change everything. One might say that numerous individuals see and feel that
they are their own creatures and don’t know how to escape such imprisonment
from themselves or perhaps from the general population around them. For some
it’s difficult to concede and they have trouble persuading themselves about the
monsters living within them. Figuratively discussing, it can take a remarkable
toll on people. Figuring out how to manage it and defeating the dread of
perhaps failing to be ready to dispose of them is the thing that drives
individuals to look in to the profundity and comprehension alongside taking in
the genuine importance of the creatures living within them. From my perspective
it seemed to me that the author was some way or another was attempting to pass
on not why the monsters are living inside people but rather how they
affect our lives and how they can tend to even take over our lives. The author
is trying to show up through this picture of how sentiments can change and how
all around and well rounded it can hide behind us sometimes without even us
noticing. Last but not least, Individuals have the vitality of settling on the
moral choice, the primary creature in this presence with certifiable vitality
to change everything. One may state that various people see and feel that they
are their own monsters and don’t know how to escape such detainment from
themselves or maybe from the all inclusive community around them.