The or · People who were hurt while trying

The Criminal
Injuries Compensation Board


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The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was established in
1971 under the Social Justice Tribunals, Ontario. It provides monetary
compensation to the victims of crime and to the families of the deceased

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is an administrative
tribunal which is governed by the Compensation
for Victims of Crime Act1. The Board follows
the principles of Victim’s Bill of

falls under the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

Jurisdiction of the CICB

are four different types of jurisdiction of tribunal.

Monetary Jurisdiction-

maximum amount of money awarded by the Board is $25,000 to every person that is
injured or killed. If more than one person is injured or killed in an incident,
the Board can award a total amount of $150,000 for the entire incident. If there
are more than six people who are injured or killed, then the $150,000 might
have to be divided among the person who qualifies for the compensation.

rare cases, periodic awards of up to $1000 per month might be awarded, which
can be decreased or increased depending on the long- term effects of injuries and
the need of the treatment. These periodic awards cannot exceed a total of
$365,000.  Award may vary depending upon
the severity of the injury.

Substantial Jurisdiction-

following people are eligible for the compensation under the Board:

Any person who has suffered physical or psychological
injuries as a result of violent crime or

family members including spouse,
parents, child, siblings or any other relative who were dependant on the
deceased victim or

Guardian of the minor or

People who were hurt while trying to
prevent crime including police officers who are injured while making an arrest.

Violent crimes include murder, attempted murder,
firearm offences, poisoning, arson, assault, sexual assault, domestic assault
(abuse by a spouse/partner), child physical assault, child sexual abuse.

The Board does not award compensation for
damaged or lost or stolen property, motor vehicle accidents, work-place accidents, accidental
deaths and injuries, suicide, neglect or abandonment of child.


Territorial Jurisdiction-

order to be eligible for the compensation, the crime must have occurred in the
Ontario, Canada. But it is not necessary that victim should be resident of the

Temporal Jurisdiction-

applicant must apply for compensation within 2 years of the occurrence of
crime. In case of sexual or domestic assault or abuse by someone on whom the
victim is dependent then there is no time limit for filing the claim. In exceptional
cases, the Board may extend the time limit depending on the circumstances.

case of minor, the time limit does not begin until the minor reaches age of

General process of filing

are two different types of application forms for the injury and death. One can
fill application form in two following ways:

By computer- Use of Adobe 7.0 or a higher
version is required. Save the application form from the official website of the
Board and fill the information related to victim, applicant or legal
representative, details of the crime and injuries, medical or treatment
information or other expenses and additional information.

By hand- Directly fill the application
form with required details in a legible writing.


is highly recommended to include restraining order, probation order, victim’s
impact statement, power of attorney, death certificate, medical or therapy
records that demonstrate injuries, and invoices and/or receipts for costs related to
the injury or death, e.g. medical costs, funeral costs with application, if you
have them. There is no fee for filing claim under the Board.

You can send the
completed application form via email, fax or mail on the given address

By mail:
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, 655 Bay Street, 14th Floor,
Toronto, Ontario M7A2A3

By phone:
 Toll free: 1-800-372-7463, TTY through
Bell relay: 1-800-855-0511

By fax:
Toll free: 1-844-249-1619

By email:
[email protected]

Remedies awarded by the Board

Board award money for following

Physical Injuries- For medical care of serious
injuries like broken bones, serious cuts etc.

Treatment Expenses- For ambulance fees,
hospital charges, prosthetics, eyeglasses, dental expenses, counseling expenses,
travel expenses for treatment, money spent on counseling sessions or therapy to
recover you from the nervous shock or depression because of the death of the
victim, etc.

Psychological Injuries- For emotional or
mental harm proved by reports of counselor. Pain and Sufferings- When you face problem
in doing daily life activities due to physical or psychological sufferings like
a leg injury. It is one of the largest parts of money people get.

Lost Income

Others- For supporting a child born as a
result of sexual assault and funeral expenses.

Review or Appeal of Decisions

following options are available, if you do not agree with the decision of the

If the decision was given by a single
adjudicator, you can request a review hearing with two new adjudicators in
written form within 15 days of receiving the decision. The Board shall inform
the parties about place and date of the hearing, atleast ten days before the
fixed day.

If the decision was given by a panel of
two or more adjudicators, you can make appeal to the Superior Court of Justice,
Divisional Court within 30 days of receiving the decision.

cannot be made on the amount of award, it can only be made on point of law.