The on ways we can serve you as a

The Quad environment on the campus needs to be changed to an activity or fun space because the campus life is tedious but I feel that changing it with a few proposing suggestions will bring life to not only that specific area but to the campus. It is also a great area with a lot of ground that can bring growing adults together. To better understand each other and also just to have something to do on campus. I will start a petition stating that the change would be a great idea and take it to the student life committee and the president of the university to achieve this goal. As the campus life becomes more saturated with students who live on campus and off campus there should be something to look forward to after a long week of classes. There are times when students do nothing off campus, due to being so drained to try and attempt and plan an exciting, fun, social event. On every turn it is said that warner campus and its people who serve and learn are a family, a community. Bringing life to the quad can be another project that the warner family can claim to be another one of their well thought out projects that has become not only a success but a new beginning to the warner family bonding tradition. “Our campus community is focusing on ways we can serve you as a student.”  Words coming from the president himself. If this is really “The president’s message” then considering the quad being turned into a fun space at the end of the week could be a no brainer. I feel like making this change will make as far as myself, more of an extroverted individual with not just the selected few friends I surround myself with, but with the university and the inspiring and motivating people around me. I also feel that it is something that we can give God thanks for and enjoy our time in his name. In Matthew 18:20 it reads “For where two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” so being that we are a Christian university and being that they’re all about serving their students and serving God, changing the Quad gives us a two in one deal. Deals that can be life changing and fun all at once.