The of this intellectual property of the product is

name of the product is 250ml Extra
Virgin Olive Oil, Frantoio, Leccino and Koroneiki varieties. It consists
of Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Leccino
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has softly
flavoured oil with a mild, grassy aroma, with a distinctive lasting peppery
finish. It is 250 mL. The owner of this intellectual property of the product is
local Australian who lives in Taggerty, about 120km North East of Melbourne. It
is a boutique olive farm located in Taggerty where a Tuscan-style climate
provides the perfect conditions for growing premium quality olives.I chose this product because it
is suitable with the current trend which is healthy trend. This trend seems
to be increase continuously for few years. This product is 100%
homemade, directly comes from the farm. Moreover, Australian Olive industry has
grown steadily in the last 10 years to a technically industry from a cottage
industry that is gradually export focused. Australian olive oil quality has
constantly developed and production efficiencies improved over this time. They
are currently at the point of affordable and high quality Australian extra
virgin olive oil is currently commonly reachable to consumers both in
internationally and Australia. Each bottle of Olive Oil from this company
are prepared with absolute care and love. Extra virgin olive oils is an
accessible luxury for every gourmet food lover.In
2014, in United States, Californian oils are selling at unrealistic retail
prices which is up to $100 per liter which lead to increase in number of olive
oil importing. Also, Japanese market has grown to importing 51,000 metric tons
of Olive Oil imports. Besides, the demand of high-quality olive products in
Singapore Malaysia, Taiwan, and many northern countries in Europe are quickly
relevant legislation that may affect this business opportunity are consumer
protection acts, copy right legislations, and fair trade. Consumer protection
acts will affect the business because they have to concern more about their
products. They have to be certify and pass the Government standard which the
producers have to work a lot on getting those certificates. Since there are a
lot of company who have similar products launched out to the market, the company
has to seriously concern about copy right legislations. Moreover, they have to
comply with fair trade act at all time or else they will be punish because they
are against the law or may not be able to do the business again. Sources of
information that were accessed are from their website and webpages. Risk
review of the business opportunity are increased in number of vegetable oils
competition and Increased proportion of extra virgin produced. The sale of
vegetable oils including corn, canola and peanut oils, olive oil enlarged by
5.1% whereas other oils raised by 31.8%. Additionally, a larger amount of extra
virgin olive oil production is increased in the Mediterranean countries. Thus,
an improved production techniques is increased. Skills
required by personnel in country and the personal skills needed to manage the
business opportunity are negotiation skills, risk management skills, and import-export
planning skills. To be successful, negotiation skills are significantly
required. The company has to negotiate with customers or suppliers for higher
profits or advantages and good negotiators will always get a very good deal. If
the company do not well plan about the risks, the company may get in big issues
which may be time and money consuming. If the company can proper managed, it
will be one of the incredible opportunities aspects. Good import -export
planning skills will enhance the opportunities of the company sale, meet the
market expectation and demand of the customers.

conclusion, this product is worth to invest because the demand is increasing
and seems to be double time raising compare to the past. The owner of the
company can produce themselves. They can have lower cost of goods which they
can make a lot of margin on this products. 

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