The of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai where using DWSIM,

The world we
live in is so fluidic that things change at a very rapid pace. The lesson we
have learned from the evolution has become more and more relevant with the
advancement of technology and market dynamics. The challenges thrown by market
have been successfully overcome by industry and society by innovating and integrating
newer technologies complementing the current environment. I have always been
fascinated by the fact that 118 elements can combine to produce such an
assortment of materials with such diverse properties and specifications. The
desire to decode this enigma has imbibed in me a spirit to delve deeper into
the world of chemicals. Born in a family of chemical engineers, the ambience
inculcated in me an innate desire to be a chemical engineer.


It is often
said the journey of exploring the realm of knowledge and probing into the
unknown is infinite. However to me the desire to fulfil ambitions and the joy
from discoveries prevailed over any sense of hardship. My undergraduate studies
brought me face to face to a wide range of subjects in chemical engineering. I
strived to understand the principles underlying each chemical phenomenon and
how each principle was derived. This drove me to understand the textbooks
thoroughly and supplement my classroom education with information from the
internet, the library and other sources. This way of learning allowed me to
become familiar not only with the core courses like mass transfer operations,
heat transfer operations, chemical reaction engineering, process calculations,
solid fluid mechanical operations, petroleum refinery technology, etc. but also
with courses not offered to students majoring in chemical engineering such as
computational fluid dynamics, polymer technology, advance process simulation,

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I believe that the most important
task as an undergraduate was to lay a firm groundwork in terms of basic
knowledge and experimental techniques. I have acquired a lot of knowledge on
various chemical equipment during project and industrial training. I had the
opportunity to be a member of IICHE
(Indian Institute of Chemical
Engineers), helping in organising and managing IICHESCON 2017 in our
college. This national conference exposed us to works of renowned professors
and my interaction with them helped me learn new approaches in Science and
Technology. Furthermore, I attended a simulation workshop at the Institute of
Chemical Technology (ICT),
Mumbai where using DWSIM, an open source chemical process simulator, we saw the
unification and a more systematic view of theoretical concepts in various
thermodynamic models and unit operations.


The desire to
forge ahead in this field by doing cutting edge research has motivated me to
pursue graduate studies. My summer internship at Gharda Chemicals contributed
immensely to my knowledge of analytical chemistry. Working as an intern at the
quality assurance department, I had the opportunity to analyse the samples using
Gas Chromatography, High performance liquid Chromatography and Spectroscopies.
I was really amazed to know how it worked and by the use of spectroscopy for
analysing the matter. It was a great experience to see the synergy of
complementary techniques providing deeper insights into chemical composition of


engineering requires a great deal of interdisciplinary abilities in order to be
successful. I gathered first-hand experience of working on my B.E project which
is based on hydrodynamics of packed bed. The main aim of this project is to determine
the efficiency and pressure drop across the column. In the course of the
project, we encountered many challenging problems. To illustrate a few, we could
not ascertain the factors that caused channeling in the column. My analysis
pointed towards the improper distribution of the liquid might be responsible
for this and my hypothesis proved to be right when we made an alternative
arrangement for liquid distribution.


undergraduate study is instrumental in equipping a student with ground rules of
the subject, it only provides a broad appreciation of the field. I feel that
dedicated research is essential to gain comprehensive knowledge of a subject.
Graduate study provides the perfect environment to pursue research and thus
gain a better perspective of the subject.


Having gained
an in-depth conceptual understanding and vital exposure to the industry, this
is the opportune time for me to pursue graduate studies in Chemical Engineering
at Carnegie Mellon University. The program, with its rich curriculum including
courses like Process Systems Modeling, Analysis & Modeling of Transport Phenomena
will enhance my domain knowledge. Also, the state-of-the-art research
facilities for Catalysis and Surface Science and Energy Science and Engineering
are something which I hope to leverage. The research work of Prof.Myung S. Jhon
in Nanotechnology and Data Storage Systems and that of Prof. Lorenz T. Biegler
in development of large scale nonlinear programming methods for optimization of
systems, are eminently compatible with my interests.


I am acutely
interested in chemical engineering as a lifelong career and I am determined to
develop myself into a well-trained chemical engineer. Yet I am clearly aware of
the immense efforts I have to make in order to fulfil this aspiration. I
believe your university could be the nucleus to accomplish my goals. Your
graduate program blends high quality course work and state of the art research
facilities. I believe the programs offered will help me acquire the versatility
needed to reach my full potential as a chemical engineer. I am fully convinced
that my potential will be groomed to a well-designed capacity to produce
research of high quality under the expert guidance of distinguished faculty at
Carnegie Mellon University.


On my part, I
will put in every effort to excel academically and believe to make significant
contribution to the field. I hope the Admissions Committee is convinced of my
stature and gives a favourable response to my application. I look forward to
being a part of the fall 2018 class.