The number of psychiatrists about 1.2 per 10,000 people.

The American Medical
Association (MMA), state that Psychiatry is a serious part of health care but
often neglected. Psychological illness and substance abuse are amongst of the
highest cause of disability worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) data
from 2014 show that in most country the number of active psychiatrists globally
is 0.1 per 10,000 people. However, in the United States has approximately ten
times that number of psychiatrists about 1.2 per 10,000 people. These
statistics suggest that many counties don’t even have one behavior health
worker. The investment required to ramp up the care for depression and anxiety
in 36 countries in the next 15 years could cost as much as $147 billon dollars.
The article as so explores the idea that this lack of care could have untapped
potential for return on investment.  Psychology, Psychiatry, have always had gray
area when it comes to ethical dilemmas, and challenges that mental illness
presents.  Certainly, the nature of psychiatric illnesses can increase the
interesting questions about patient independence in their medical care. This
also provokes the idea when is it ok to intervein in one own care, and when can
the patient refuse care.  Another
challenge face by Psychiatric diagnosis have no unbiassed tests to confirm the
medical impression of medical health worker. Many factors play a part in this,
lack of true understanding of the mental issue, stigmas (from others including
the patient). It also talks about the impacted on the mental health worker them
self’s, many physicians met criteria for clinical depression. The article state
“statistics show that we lose between 300 and 400 physicians each year to
suicide”. It’s evident that mental health care is an over looked issue across
the world, and the lack of treatment has far reaching effect in society.


My feeling:

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          The fact that is has become an emerging worldwide problem,
that has no vaccine, surgery or cure. I don’t believe that the medical filed,
or the mental healthcare have a grasp on mental health issue. The mind is the
least understood piece of anatomy in the human body, and the vast different in
the way human behavior. The biggest issues that I can see with the mental
health care in the united states is that we all want fast results. This is type
of health care problems is not easily solved by medication, and hasty hospital
visit. A point that this article brings up is the amount of health care works
that are lost due to varies reason.
This evoke the though mental health physicians not only as face issue as
practitioners but also as patients and human beings. Burnout, depression, among
the individual’s that are trading to help the mental ill. This put the whole
system in an awarded situation, the strain on the people that are try to help
become mental ill them self’s.