The non-violent action was not their plan, they believed

The Black PanthersThe Black Panther Party was a group that monitored the evils of police brutality throughout African American communities(Patrick D Jones pg 1). They gave people living in those areas a sense of security and hope for the civil rights of African Americans were respected. This group was active from 1966 until 1982 and took their inspiration from revolutionary movements in Africa and Asia. From the start, the FBI mistakenly thought of them as terrorists. They even inspired black athletes to express their beliefs and show ‘Black Power’.(Patrick D Jones pg 1)             The Black Panthers were created Oakland California by two men that go by the names Huey P. Newton and Bobby Sale in 1966(C N Trueman pg 1).  The non-violent action was not their plan, they believed that did not work. They believed that the things Martin Luther King said he was going to do take too long. They took violent action for when they wanted something to happen.Ten Point Platform    Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale created this on October 15th 1966, . The Ten Point Platform consist of their ten beliefs and what they wanted for the African American communities all around the country, this is another example of how they introduced “Black Power”. The first point was that they simply wanted freedom. African American people wanted to pave their own path on what to do in life.(Luna Ray Films 2002)Their second point is they want the employment of African Americans, the Black Panther Party felt that it was the government’s responsibility to give every man employment or some type of income. They also believed that the means of production should be taken away by white businessmen if they don’t give every man a chance to become employed.(The Black Panther. 23 Nov. 1967:3.)Their third point is that they wanted the robbery of African American communities to end. They believed that the government was in debt with them for the history of genocide white men have committed throughout history. And for this debt they wanted actual currency spread throughout African American Communities.(The Black Panther. 23 Nov. 1967:3.)The fourth point of the Ten Point Program is that they wanted proper housing and shelter throughout black communities. They believed that the current housing that was already established was not adequate for living and needed improvements. They also believed that if the white landlords did not give them this, then there should be improvements with the help of the government. (The Black Panther. 23 Nov. 1967:3.)The Black Panthers wanted to give a education to their fellow African Americans that taught them the real history behind all African Americans. This was their fifth point in the Ten Point Platform. This education will also show the effect of their culture in modern American Society.(Luna Ray Films 2002)Their Sixth point states that they want all African Americans to be cleared to not go in the military. They believed that it was wrong for an African American man to serve for a racist government(Luna Ray Films 2002). The war that was going on was the Vietnam War and at the time there was a rule that if you were in college you were exempt from the war. Many minorities were not in college at the time and that made it a greater chance for African Americans and Latinos to go to the military to fight in war.(David Coffey 1998)The seventh point simply stated that they wanted the stop of the murder of black people. This also mentioned that they wanted the end of police brutality. Even today many minorities go through racial profiling and police brutality by police. Because of all of the problems African Americans had with the cops, they made self-defense groups for black people. These small groups protected the community from the evils of racism in the police force. I personally believe that this was one the of the more important points they introduced.(The Black Panther. 23 Nov. 1967:3.)The eighth point stated that they wanted all African American men out of every prison. They believed that almost all African Americans didn’t have a fair trial and their constitutional right were violated, and with that being said they wanted all African Americans to be freed.(history is a weapon paragraph 8)For their ninth point, they wanted African Americans to be tried in court to prove if they should be freed or not. They didn’t want a police officer to decide that. They want their jury to be tried by their peers, this is also already a constitutional right that they wanted to exercise.(Luna Ray Films 2002)The tenth point is a very demanding point, the Black Panther’s request was that they wanted land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace (history is a weapon paragraph 10). They wanted to exercise the right that ‘All Men Are Equal’. Significant Events 1966-1970    As stated before the Black Panther Party was established in 1966 by Huey P. Newton which was a former law student and Bobby Seale which was the Oakland community organizer. Their founding document was the program and the platform of their Ten Points which I  already mentioned before. During 1967 they debuted a rally over the death of a man that was shot by police. Bobby Seale also led a group to the state capitol to protest a law that stated that the government will restrict having guns. They made this law because of the Black Panthers patrolling communities bearing arms and Ronald Reagan signed the law. A shootout occurred after a traffic stop, Newton was shot in the stomach and hospitalized. He was then arrested and charged with murder. In 1968 Newton was then convicted of voluntary manslaughter, because of this, the Black Panther Party made a “Free Huey” campaign that stretched through 20 cities. In 1969, Bobby Seale was arrested on charges of inciting a riot. He had multiple outbursts in the courtroom and was then gagged and bound because of that. In 1970 Huey P. Newton was released from prison and all charges were dropped.(Sam Whiting 2016)1971-1973    During 1971, after Bobby Seale was in jail 21 months, his conspiracy murder case was dismissed. In 1972, The Black Community Survival Conference was held, ten thousand bags of groceries were handed out to black families. That same year Bobby Seale ran for mayor of Oakland, also a Black Panther member, Elaine Brown ran for city council. This was considered a big step forward for the African American community, but sadly both candidates lost. In 1973, a school was opened in Oakland to educate children about the Black Panthers and it eventually reached its limit of students in the school.(Sam Whiting 2016)1982-1989    1982 was a bad year for the Panthers, that year the Black Panther Party ended and the school was also closed. “Newton is charged with embezzling $600,000 from the school. He is sentenced to six months after pleading no contest to stealing $15,000 in state aid intended for the school”(Sam Whiting Paragraph 16). On August 22nd, 1989, Newton was shot and killed by a gang member named Tyrone Robinson, he was then convicted of the murder. Newton was only 47 years old. (Sam Whiting 2016)Legacy    The Black Panthers were an inspiration to many African Americans, they were the very few that stood up to the racism that was occurring throughout the United States. This gave people a reason why there can be change. Even though their tactics were violent, this helped them prove their point on what they wanted to happen to improve the life of African Americans. (Patrick D. Jones 2000)    Most of the time people did consider them as violent, the leaders also got into trouble most of the time and faced multiple charges and even got in trouble with the FBI, but they also did community organizing. They set free breakfast programs for children before school. Also, they supported and participated in electoral politics to support the community. (Brandon Harris 2017)Conclusion    To sum up this research paper, the Black Panthers played a large role in the civil rights movement. Their violent techniques brought up a lot of uproars but they proved their point and at times, got what they want. They were not the people to give up easily this group will always be remembered for standing up to the evils of white supremacy and standing their ground in the fight for equality for African Americans. The Black Panthers gave African American communities hope that there will be change and that racism will be stopped. They raised their fist in the air for the sake of Black Power. It showed that they will not stop fighting until racism is diminished.