The marvelous inventions, and if anything, making us stupid.

The internet to many, if not most, may seem as one of the
most outstanding inventions in the history of humanity, I for one disagree. The
internet has everything, everything you need, everything you want, but it is
never good to have everything.

Before the internet the greatest creations of all time were
developed by the most intelligent of the human kind. The Internet was not
needed to create astounding things such as the telephone, lightbulb, car,
etc.  The internet day by day is
depriving us from creating more marvelous inventions, and if anything, making
us stupid.  Even though the internet
provides us with more information than before, we are slowly becoming vague and
superficial as people.  The internet
makes things way too easy for us, in a second we can get a hold of any type of
information we want.  When those
resources were not available people had to think, and come up with answers.

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Nowadays, when someone needs an answer they just search the web and find it. “My mind now expects to
take in information the way the Net distributes it: in a swiftly moving stream
of particles. Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the
surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.”  We have
so much information available that we read through it and as they say it goes
through one ear and it comes out through the other one.  The information we read on the internet does
not fully stay with us, without noticing we are distracted by ads and pop-ups,
which will not allow us to read profoundly. 
Since we are so used to getting information every day and forgetting by
the next we are by the day becoming stupid.

Our lives without realizing have become dependent on technology,
especially the internet. We have become progressively dependent on the Internet
to maintain our daily normal life. When we wake up, what is the first thing we
look at? Our phones. And what do we check first? Social Media; which is based
on Internet. 

The number of people who use the internet daily increases by
the day, unfortunately so does the number of people who use it excessively, so
much that it may become the center of their lives. The internet can become an addiction;
an addiction is usually referred as compulsive behavior that can eventually
lead up to negative effects. An addiction can interfere not only with someone’s
daily activities but also work or school can be affected. Addiction can lead to
depression, anxiety, loss of communication, loneliness, and even family separation.

“… Problematic Internet use was “associated with subjective distress,
considerable social, vocational, and/or financial impairments, as well as
substantial psychiatric comorbidity.” As many as 8.2% of Americans may deal with
Internet Addiction Disorder.  People who
are addicted to the internet tend to only be focused on the internet and
eventually lose all relationships with their peers

Sadly, the internet has an immense number of illegal sites that
can be easily accessed by children, teenagers, and adults.  The internet as smart as it may seem it cannot
distinguish ages and therefore cannot prohibit adult websites to be seen by
children or teens.  9/10 websites a
person visits daily is full of ads and not all ads are pg. or real
advertisements.  By clicking an
advertisement pop-up, you may be clicking a virus, or a hacker. What I mean by
this is someone can easily access all your personal data including name, address,
age, credit card number, etc.  all by
just a click on the internet.  All the
information a person stores in their technological devices can be easily viewed
by a hacker, in seconds they can have your whole life available to their beneficence.

Just like they are advertisements that lead to viruses there are also ads that
can lead to websites that are not appropriate to all ages.  It can be difficult to control what a child
views since they can access any material through any device with internet, including
cell phones, computers, or tablets. The internet is responsible for the eruption
inappropriate sexual websites.  Before the
creation of the internet -there were fewer than 90 porn magazines in America.

now there are more than 2.5 million sites available to everyone on the
internet. Pornography used to be difficult to attain but once it was shared
over the Internet, it became affordable, accessible, and anonymous. As easy as
it is to have access to an article it is to those websites. Any child has the
danger of wandering around the internet and accidentally ending up in an obscene
website, causing trauma, horror, and confusion to the child or teen.

Just like it is difficult to control what a child or teen view,
it is also difficult to control what they do with their access to internet. Cyberbullying
is an immense problem in America today, over 25% of teens have been victims of
cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying is a form
of bullying that occurs over electronic devices such as cell phones, computers,
and tablets.  Cyberbullying occurs
through text or any form of social media where people can view, comment, and
share content.  Bullies have been around forever
but technology gives them an opening to offend and it gives bullies a whole new
platform for their actions. Cyberbullying can even be worse than face-to-face bullying,
when someone uploads something to the internet, it never goes away.