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The penitentiary ubicated in  220 Prison Hill Rd, Yuma Az mostly known as “Yuma Territorial Prison” was opened in 1875 and it closed in 1909.After 33/34 years of service the community of yuma decided to convert the penitentiary into a museum.In 1875 the legislature of yuma proposed a bill in order to cal for the establishment of a penitentiary.This new establishment would be located next to the colorado river.The visitors of the institution used to pay only $0.25 for the privilege of inspecting the prison and look at some plaques with information.The first seven prisoners that were led up to prison were located in their permanent quarters (they helped to built their own cells)this happened on July 01,1876.All of the persons that were in the prison were males and Lizzie Gallagher would be the first female convicted  in 1878.The first escape was committed in 1878 by J.Lewis.The prison wasn’t only used as a penitentiary  it was also used as a library,school and it was also used to film movies.There was a total of 9 films about the yuma territorial prison but some of the films are more popular than other ones.the most popular movies that were made in the yuma territorial prison were; To kill a memory it was created in 2012. 3:10 to Yuma was another popular film created  in 2007.This place was known because it was a great film location.According to different sources the Yuma territorial prison had more amenities than most homes in the entire Yuma.They had different services like electricity,ventilation, a library with more than 2000 books, a prison band and a sanitation with 2 bathtubs and 3 showers.Some people had a big impact in the construction of the prison.William Werninger  was the sheriff of the yuma county ,but he had a big responsability.George Thurlow was the person  who expanded  the prison from 2 to 4 cells and he also built a mess hall.William Griffith was the person who installed a second electrical plant.Thomas Rynning he  undertook construction of the new prison Florence,moving the last prisoner out of yuma un september 1909.The Colorado river is located next to the yuma territorial prison  which  is really good because all the water that the prisoners used in the prison came from the river.From there  water was pumped up into 85000 gallon granite-walled tank.