The is the American Board of Veterinary Specialties. By

The significance and the importance of vets in our society are many to list but the top  reason why they are important is simple due to the fact that they help all kinds of living animals from different ecosystems just as regular doctors help people from getting sick, to curing various diseases. Just like doctors, vets have various of requirements and different fields to enter and practice before they begin.A major requirement that veterinarians need for their career is a Bachelor’s degree, in some cases schools require a degree in science while other schools don’t urge that degree, but they do prefer you to take some courses in science. Some courses that are available are: biology, physics, chemistry and math. According to “Most schools of veterinary medicine require or prefer applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. While many students earn their degree in a biological science, most veterinary schools don’t have a preferred major as long as certain science courses are taken. These courses typically include general biology, chemistry, physics, and math. Some schools may require some more advanced science courses, such as mammalogy, biochemistry, or animal behavior”. You need to complete four years of veterinary school in order to receive your D.V.M., you learn something new for every year. You need a license in order to become one and by getting your license you need to complete the four years of veterinary school. According to “To become a veterinarian, you’ll need to complete several years of education and training. You’ll need to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree and obtain a license”. One must earn a certificate, which is the American Board of Veterinary Specialties. By earning the certificate you need to have 3-4 years of specialty training. The preferred requirements for the career is a state license exam and an internship. According to ” Many graduates also choose to complete a one-year internship after earning their license to gain experience in the field. If you’re interested in practicing in a specialty of veterinary medicine, you may consider completing a 3-year or 4-year residency program to become board-certified”. The responsibilities of a veterinarian’s career which is to examine animals to see if they have any health problems, treat and diagnose animals for medical conditions, perform surgery on animals, treating wounds, vaccinating animals to see if they don’t have a disease, fixing broken bones and checking x- rays, prescribing medication, animal euthanasia and advising animal owners about medications, treatments and primary care. Those are some examples but animals do get treated as if they are human.  Keep in mind that if you want to be a veterinarian you have to be able to work with animals. According to “Examine animals to diagnose their health problems, diagnose and treat animals for medical conditions,treat and dress wounds, perform surgery on animals, test for and vaccinate against diseases, operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines, advise animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatments, prescribe medication, and euthanize animals. They provide treatment for animals that is similar to the services a physician provides to treat humans”.It is not mandatory to be working at a  private clinic you can either be at a farm working with the farm animals, you can be working in a hospital or a laboratory, you can be traveling or you can be working in a classroom or work with the government.  According to “Most veterinarians work in private clinics and hospitals. Others travel to farms or work in laboratories or classrooms”. For the career path veterinarians have the option to do private practice with a species or by disciplines. Public practice you work with the government for example you work with the U.S Department of Agriculture or The Food Safety and Inspection Service. Military Veterinarians meaning you work in the U.S or overseas, veterinarians take care of the government owned animals. Teaching and Research veterinarians work in Universities, to research for food safety and diseases. Wildlife veterinarians are able to work with animals from the zoo or an aquarium.  According to vbs. “There is a great demand for veterinarians to work in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FISIS) employs veterinarians to ensure safe food supply. FSIS veterinarians take measures to prevent the introduction of foreign disease outbreaks into the U.S. They inspect animals brought to the U.S. from foreign countries. They also work with veterinarians and other public health officials at the state level to eradicate diseases that threaten human and animal populations (swine flu, avian flu, rabies, or tuberculosis). Veterinarians are also responsible for surveying, monitoring, control and eradication of many important diseases.  U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. They care for government owned animals, are engaged in research, and are responsible for food safety and security inspections for all of the Armed Services. They are stationed both in the U.S. and overseas. Veterinarians are central to the care of captive zoo animals, aquarium species as well as free ranging wildlife species and endangered animals”. The salary range in California for the novice and experienced is the hourly wage is $49.49. It starts from $30.05 and it goes up to $89.37. The highest earning is $89.37 and hour and per year a vet makes $185,890. For a senior vet their earnings is $63.93 an hour and per year $132,970. For an experienced veterinarians the earning is $49.49 an hour and per year $102,940. The junior veterinary gets paid $38.95 and hour and per year $81,010. For a starting veterinary their earnings is $30.05 an hour and per year is $62,490. According to “Veterinarians Earnings by Seniority: Top end Veterinarians Earnings; The highest earning Veterinarians in California earn: $89.37 and hour and $185,890 per year. Senior Veterinarians Earnings; Senior Veterinarians in California earn: $63.93 and hour and $132.970 a year. Experienced Veterinarian Earnings; Experienced Veterinarians in California earn: $49.49an hour and $102,940 per year. Junior Veterinarian Earnings; Junior Veterinarians in California earn: $38.95 an hour and $81,010 per year. Starting Veterinarian Earnings; Starting Veterinarians in California earn: $30.05 an hour and $62,490 per year”. The strengths of the industry is the D.V.M has to be prepared for anything. Vets need to prove that they are able to work independently. The D.V.M degree people have to be able to demonstrate that they can work on anything that is required to them. Students must be capable of working in a safe environment like classrooms, laboratories, examinations, clinics, and be able to work with animals. The students must be able to work with chemicals during school. The students also have to show that they work well with animals and that they have good communication skills with other human beings. According to “Candidates for the DVM degree must demonstrate the requisite skills and abilities to satisfy both the overall and course-specific requirements of the curriculum. Moreover, students must be able to function safely and effectively in multiple environments such as classrooms, laboratories, examinations, large and small animal clinics, and a variety of animal environments. Throughout the curriculum, students must demonstrate a high level of compassion for all animals and people, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, the highest moral and ethical standards, and a motivation to serve, and they are expected to interact effectively with people of all ethnic, social, cultural, and religious backgrounds”. The importance of a veterinarian’s economy and society is how veterinarians don’t just work with animals but with humans as well because vets try their best as possible to save the life of the little guys. Vets also work with the people by communicating with them on how they’re going to help or save their best friend when they’re in need. Depending on the type of veterinarian you want to be, the types of animals you’re going to care for will vary. There’s many veterinarians that treat small animals like dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc. Then there’s others that specifically work with horses or in a farm/ranch. According to “In the United States, approximately two-thirds of veterinarians work in private or corporate clinical practice, providing veterinary care for a wide range of species. Many treat only traditional or exotic pets such as dogs, cats, birds, small mammals (e.g., hamsters, guinea pigs), reptiles, and fish. Some veterinarians exclusively treat horses. Others treat a combination of species. Some veterinarians limit their practice to the care of farm/ranch animals and advise owners on production medicine and protecting our nation’s food supply from farm to fork.”If a student is in the InfoTech academy in Elizabeth Learning Center and the person wants to become a Vet then the student should consider moving to the Health academy because the Health academy teachers teach you about the human body and in the InfoTech academy they teach you how to create websites, students also learn how to program games, and how to make robots with Legos. If the student was to be in the Health academy the student would at least have some experience with the human structure because students will have an understanding of how the body functions, thus giving the students an understanding on how the animal body functions as well. Animals and the importance of them to people is enough reason to help and try to improve their health. Weather they’re pets, farm animals,  therapy animals,or even wild animals vets keep them alive and well out of the sake for both parties. Keeping these animals healthy and alive for present and future generations to enjoy the company and beauty of these animals.