The India. The study undertaken to assess the species

taxonomic studies on the species of Nemacheilidae were contributed by the
pioneering work of Hamilton (1822); McClelland (1838); Gunther (1868); Day
(1878); Chaudhuri (1910); Annandale (1919); Hora (1935); Banarescu and Nalbant
(1968) and Menon (1987). The morphological classification of Nemacheiline
loaches by Prokofiev (2009; 2010) and its recent revision by Kottelat (1990;
2012), further enriched our understanding of the group Nemacheilidae. The
studies on Nemacheilus loaches in Uttarakhand region by Day (1878, 1889)
was the first to undertake the scientific survey of the fishes of India and
published his work in two volumes. Walker (1888) recorded five species from the
Nainital lake. Hora (1937a,b,c) recorded seventeen species of fishes belonging
to different families from Kumaon hills. His collections were mainly from lower
waters of Nandhaur and Kalaunia rivers and from Kosi river near Khairna. Menon
(1949a, b) gave a list of twenty-three species of fishes from the lake and
rivulets of Nainital. He also collected fishes from Kosi river (Khairna) and
from Almora proper. Menon (1954, 1962) published a long list of fishes from the
Himalayas. Negi (2010) analyzed the fish assemblage structure in the streams of
Kumaon Himalaya of Uttarakhand State, India. The study undertaken to assess the
species diversity and composition of freshwater fishes in tributaries of
Ramganga in the foothills of western Himalayas describes the eight Balitoridae
family loaches (Atkore V.M et al., 2011). The karyotypic analysis of the newly
identified species Schistura obliquofascia was taken up to ascertain the
taxonomic position of the species (Lokeshwar et al., 2012). Genome diversity
and comparative chromosomal phylogeny within the genus have not been studied
yet as karyotypes of most Nemacheilus species of the region of the
western Himalayas especially in the region of Uttarakhand is still not
investigated. In this study, taxonomical characterization and genetic
divergence will be investigated among the Nemacheilus species from the
Kumaon region of India based on the results of a molecular and cytogenetic
analysis. The study also attempted to clarify the systematic status of these