The in the experiment. In my report, I have

The difference between my report and the professional report is that the way a professional report is set is completely different to mine. It is set in additional straightforward, engaging approach that makes it easier for the reader to go through the content of the report. The set organization is very necessary for example the method section of a laboratory report have to be layout in a detailed simple way because readers should perceive the procedure fully to examine the content behind it without making any gases throughout the experiment.


The professional report does not contain a hypothesis instead it contains background information about the alcohols that will be used in the experiment and how these alcohols are formed and produced in other relevant experiments, which doesn’t make the report efficient because it does not state if the hypothesis proved or not. The professional report contains a list of materials and their manufacturers where my report does not. This can be an improvement for my report to include background information about the content of the materials used in the experiment.

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In my report, I have not repeated the experiment more than once. However, the professional report did, this is because scientists run experiments more than once to verify that results are consistent. This can be another improvement for my report to have more than one result of the same value to verify that I have obtained the same results every time I repeat the experiment. In my report, I have included a section of accuracy, whereas the professional report did not. Stating the accuracy and how can it be improved is important for the reader because whenever they want to make an improvement to their experiment they can know things that might have went wrong and correct it.  


The similarities between my report and the professional report are that both of the reports have included abstract and stated the results that have been collected from the experiment. Also, both contains tables and graphs to represent the values from the experiment. Another similarity is that both have a brief of discussion of the results and other findings.