The humble London businessman who has buried his past,

The Foreigner is an action thriller film in 2017 that written by David Marconi and being directed by Martin Campbell, based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman by Stephen Leather. The Foreigner movie is starring Jackie Chan as Quan Ngoc Minh, Katie Leung as Fan, Rufus Jones as Ian Wood, Mark Tandy as Simpson, John Cronin as Denis Fisher, Pierce Brosnan as Liam Hennessy.The Foreigner 2017 Final Trailer – STX Entertainment movie tells the story about Quan (Jackie Chan) as an humble London businessman who has buried his past, but his past erupts when the only person he loves dead (his teenage daughter) in a senseless act of politically motivated terrorism, and Quan trying to revenge with relentless search to find the terrorists that leads the conflict with british government.Critic ReviewsThe Foreigner is a good, lean cut of meat—in other words, a typical Martin Campbell movie, expeditious and cold-blooded in its cross-cut, cloak-and-dagger plotting and violence. – The A.V. Club – Ignatiy VishnevetskyJackie’s back in town and it’s nice to see him in something that isn’t so campy. The Foreigner is actually at the other extreme — it’s serious to a fault. – David Edelstein (Vulture)In terms of overall visceral impact, The Foreigner is perhaps not as satisfying as a John Wick or the aforementioned Payback because it’s a more serious, complex movie. Nevertheless, it’s well-made, nicely paced and accomplishes what we expect from this sort of film. – ReelViews – James BerardinelliNot much Chan martial arts wackiness, here, and the killer smile is nowhere to be seen – but he’s as effective as he’s ever been; each blow (and there ARE quite a bit) counts, and you really care for him and his motivation. Brosnan is great as the suit with a shady past (and present?). Just a great thriller/actioner of the kind they don’t really make anymore. – yatzNot your typical Kung Fu flick but still an entertaining watch. – Reza Noorani (Times of India)