The HTTP resource API. The benefits of this type

The Developing software
industries and product design companies have found out that the micro service
architecture have allowed the software organizations to be more productive and
build software products frequently. With the progressive increase in the
network parameters such as speed, reliability etc. There is a demand to provide
various services to the third-party users through the network. In order to meet
these demands there is a need to develop the new software architecture styles.
And one such software architecture design ¢is the microservice architecture to
reach to the demand of the online service providers. In this paper we will
study about microservice architecture and its implementations. The main focus
of our study will be on architectural challenges, diagram and quality
attributes related to the microservice system.






The microservice architecture
has become an important architectural style in the software industry. It is a
type of architecture which emphasis on dividing the complex applications or services
into smaller independent services which communicate with each other through lightweight
mechanism often a HTTP resource API. The benefits of this type of architecture
style include: scalability, reliability, maintainability, productivity, easy to
understand, flexibility. However, all the above-mentioned benefits do come with
some challenges too such as security management, data sharing, data consistency,
services over the network, performance, fault tolerance. Many organizations outside
the software business have also tries this type of architectural style and have
observed that it is very beneficial. Various new technologies have played a
fundamental role in realizing microservice architectures and also managing the
challenges and complexities associated with it. Companies such as Netflix and
Sound cloud have adopted the microservice style in the cloud and has gained
many benefits from it. 

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