The goals faced in Operations Management Essay

Operations direction is concerned with pull offing the resources that straight produce the administration service and merchandises. The resources are by and large consist of people, stuff, engineering and information but may travel wider than this. These resources are brought together by a series of procedures so that they are utilised to present the primary service or merchandise of the organisation. Thus operation direction is concerned with managing inputs ( resources ) through transmutation procedures to present end products ( service or merchandises ).

Overview of the Company

Impressive Burgers was established 10 old ages ago with the end of supplying fast take away nutrient to their clients rapidly and of a higher quality to that of their challengers. Each eating house offered a simple bill of fare construction with a pick of six set repast options.

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1. Burger, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

2. Cheeseburger, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

3. Chicken Burger, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

4. Vegetarian Burger, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

The size of the french friess and drinks parts varied but the Burger size remained the same.

Using this format they were able to function each client their order within 4 proceedingss from a ordination at the boulder clay to having their complete order to take away.

Each eating house places their orders with the providers straight based on the director ‘s anticipation for demand based on the studies generated by the eating houses own boulder clay system.

The company has grown to a concatenation of restaurant operations and the direction introduced a figure of alterations to the format 12 months ago in an attempt to increase each concern at each eating houses.

The figure of set repast options available on the bill of fare was increased to offer more options to the client and to pull clients seeking healthier options.

The bill of fare options were increased by a farther three options:

5. Chicken Nuggets, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

6. Chicken Salad, Garlic Bread, & A ; Soft Drink

7. Hot Dog, Chips & A ; Soft Drink

In add-on to these set bill of fare add-ons the company besides offered the option of altering the french friess option on the set repasts for either a Side Salad or for Potato Wedges.

Since these alterations have taken topographic point the figure clients and turnover has increased but overall net incomes of the company have decreased, the order clip for clients has increased from 4 proceedingss to 9 proceedingss.

Evaluation of Impressive Burger PLC Expansion

Impressive Burgers had begun their concern with the purpose of supplying clients with the quality nutrient and in less clip than that of their challengers which they achieve in the start of their concern but they start confronting troubles when they expand their concern and put more things in their menu list. In the start they merely provide client with a little set bill of fare option which maintain it simple for the clients to do determination in speedy clip and usually clients before coming to restaurant cognize what they are traveling to eat but when they increase points in the bill of fare list they give more option to the client which increase the serving clip and therefore doing some of the client unhappy with the service provided.

Planing and commanding

The design activities should hold put all the operation resources in topographic point but to work efficaciously they need to be planned and controlled. Planning and controlling is the activity of make up one’s minding what the operation resources should be making so doing certain that they truly are making it. In Impressive Burger plc you can easy see that there is deficiency of proper planning and commanding activity, as they increase their bill of fare they did n’t increase their staff and machines which become one of the chief cause of their expanding failure and besides they did n’t develop their staff for more clients that why the quality of nutrient suffer and clients become unhappy of the service.

Change direction

Pull offing alteration in an administration is really hard thing ; if alteration can be pull off efficaciously so new operation system can work efficaciously. Impressive Burger did n’t pull off the alteration decently they merely enforce the alteration on the staff which consequence in hapless service and hapless quality of nutrient. The error which Impressive Burger did that it did n’t develop their staff before implementing the alteration in the company.

Staff must be trained and given experience, new equipment and processs must be developed and honed, new attacks to direction must be tested, shaped and given clip to insinuate themselves in the administration atmosphere. Sometimes companies are non cognizant of the full potency of the capablenesss they are developing until a sudden penetration incident reveals how they can be exploited. This is what has happen to the Impressive Burgers and they have been exploited large clip because of the alteration as their staffs was non train decently for the addition in turnover and heavy client rate.