The Fraud · Sexual harassment · Disobeying government regulations

Whidtleblowing Process

            Researcher have
studied that women are more than likely to be the whistleblower within an
Women are cautious when it comes to taking a risk in the business work and tend
to have more tolerance.
Women also feel the need to stand up for those who are suffering from the
wrongdoing within the organization.
Also, women tend to be
outsiders in the world of business.
Men typically run the business world and there is no room for women in it. Even though some of the most
well-known whistleblowers are men,
they normally share the same goal.
If they truly believe that what is going o is wrong, and a course of action should be

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            Other factors that play a part in the whistleblowing
process would be the seriousness or wrongdoing that has been observed could
impact on the whistleblower and could impact the individual. This is why rules, regulations and guidelines are a
necessity within an organization.
This allows all employees to know what the illegal and unethical actions that
are being carried out.

            It is your duty as an employee of an
organization to report any unethical behavior to your employer or whomever is
an authority within the organization. It’s our civic duty to report the
misconduct or wrongdoing in an organization. “Whistleblowers react first and must
worry about the reach of “public
later. Characteristically
unable to remain passive in the face of what they believe is wrong, they speak out.” (Halbert, Ingulli, & Frey


of Whistleblowing

play an important role in our democratic form of government by exposing
corruption on many levels,
including workplace injury,
scientific fraud,
financial corruption and sexual harassment.” (The
role of whistleblowers.)
Working in an organization as an employee you have the right to blow the
whistle not matter what your position is. The
main reason people report wrongful actions is due to:



Sexual harassment

Disobeying government regulations and laws

Misuse of power

Denying benefits

Making threats



Reducing hours or pay


to whistleblowing

            Being a whistleblower
you have to be courageous,
brave, honest, and fearless to expose wrongdoing. Depending on the wrongdoing, it can be a long process that
requires time and patience.
You have to be willing to stick through these times to reveal the wrongful action
that was taken place.
But you were a responsible person who spoke up when it was important. It is the organizations job to
protect you from society as a whistleblower,
because you stuck to your morals and made the right and ethical decision.

to Whistleblowing

            Organizations need
to understand that employees shouldn’t
be scared to speak up and make the right decision.
They should provide legal protection to loyal employees who have worked hard to
keep wrongful doing from happening within the organization. Many of times people choose not to
report the wrongdoing or be a Whistleblower because they are afraid of the
result that may follow if they are found out,
or simply choose not to take the responsibility to blow the whistle. They think it is not their job to
make this decision and report it against their employer. Their best course of action is to
continue with their work and not speak a word about it. Being punished or harassed by others
stops the person from reporting the information can overall harm an
organization growth and eventually their reputation.

Outcome to Whistleblowing

            Being a whistleblower,
can have endless negative consequences.
You will face many obstacles after reporting the wrongdoing. There are many things that will take
place through this journey like:

Protection from the organization

The original problem to be fixed

Possibility of job loss

Damaged reputation


This act takes lots of
courage and could be a difficult time suffering through some of these


is Blowing the Whistle?

            It is clear to me that whistle blowing is a major aspect
in an organization.
The question is what influences us to make an attempt to blow the whistle. Study show there are a few choices
that affect the employee’s
decision and how the wrongdoing that is happening in the organization is
The variables that are considered the effect the decision of the employee’s decision to blow the whistle are the
relationship within the organization,
personal characteristics,
and the issue that is presented before them.

            Younger generation are typically considered the
whistleblowers in an organization these days.
With technology being so advanced,
younger generations have information at the palm of their hands and are aware
of their rights and responsibilities in an organization. Advancing in their career is very
important and they are on a fast track to making it happen, which means they tend to blow the
To advance their career instead or damaging it,
they tend to blow the whistle externally.

            I don’t
think that the younger generation understand the importance of whistleblowing. Being quick to blow the whistle
could possibly lessen the terms importance.
If other employee’s
see that you are constantly blowing the whistle and not using it for important
it loses its meaning.
It is important that all employees understand the importance of this term and
should be used during serious situations.



            Whistle blowing
has gained a sense of importance in organizations.
Ethical dilemma and morals help those who are facing the wrongdoing or the
whistleblowers determine how the situation should be addressed. This shows the loyalty of the
employee toward the organization is clear and is not clouded by the factors
that may play a part in their decision.
It is you duty as an employee to be loyal,
loyalty to not doing any wrongdoing,
and loyalty to reporting the wrongdoing within the organization to your
Employees should always blow the whistle against the organization if the
wrongdoing is effecting not only the business but those who purchase or use or
Not reporting it can lead to affecting the organization reputation and those
who work for the organization.     

important that your employees understand that their duty to the organization
along with the rules and regulations that follow.
Organizations should not differentiate between their employees on the basis or
race, skills, qualifications and position in the
Employees should know that reporting something they consider wrongdoing is okay
to do. They should encourage
them to report these thing and ensure that protecting their employees is the
organizations main concern.

            Ensure your employees that informing them of the act will
benefit the company and its employees,
but they do not need to be reporting unnecessary information. This will show the importance of
this action and that it should not be taken lightly.