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The first step in knowing what our housing needs are is to identify at what stage of the life cycle we are, Let’s think, then at this moment in our personal and family situation and identify our life cycle.Let’s do the activity so that we have a better idea of ??the stage of the life cycle in which we find ourselves. (Let’s review the following figure to give us an idea).With this exercise we are clear, the life cycle of our family and gives us a very good idea of ??some of the housing needs we have as an example; size of the house and number of bedrooms, depending on the number of people who are part of our family, the characteristics of the home we need or want, such as its physical aspects, its location and the environment in which it is located.The task will start from the analysis of the different housing solutions that we have at our disposal, starting with one of the most common decisions that are presented to us: choosing between buying or renting (renting) a house, later we will study the convenience of building or, for who have a place to live, to expand, remodel or improve our home. But before we understand each concept well before making a decision:Rent or rent Renting means that we will pay a certain amount of money monthly, for living in a house for a while. The person who rents a house, be it a house or a department, is called a landlord and the people who rent it are called tenants or tenants. And the benefits of renting are; Instead of spending a lot of money on the purchase of a house or apartment, we can use the savings that we have accumulated, to form our own business that would allow us, for example, to have some additional income at specific intervals. And secondly, the houses that are rented may be better located than those that are sold and allow us to live closer to our source of income.Buy a house or apartment. Buying a home or apartment means living in a place of your own, that is, owning the dwelling that you inhabit. However, its acquisition represents an investment of high magnitude, so it is commonly done through a long-term loan, usually more than ten years. In this way, the first question we must ask ourselves before buying a house or apartment is if we are willing to fulfill the commitments and responsibilities that long-term financing brings with it. And the benefits of buying are; We do not pay rent, the house is ours if we buy the house with a loan when we finish paying it, we stay with it. Knowing these concepts, you are ready to make a better housing decision according to your needs. Remember you have to plan the next step very great because it is a very important decision for your family’s assets.