The fishing on big islands.I go all my information

    The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is part of the united states. Hawaii is located near the Northern Pacific Ocean.  The location is on North America.  The Volcano appears to 4,000 feet high and 40 kilometers wide.The Volcano range from sea level to the summit of the two active volcanoes.  It always rainy and chilly anytime of the year. Sometimes the temperature can be colder than sea level. The volcanoes National parks is on a big island. And it gives the visitors to look at the most active volcanoes.    The first person to discover the Hawaii volcanoes was president Woodrow Wilson.  August 1, 1916 when the president Woodrow Wilson sign the country’s 13th national park in existence. Because of volcanoes eruptions their ar more gentle than other volcanoes around the world. President Woodrow Wilson sign the country’s 13th national park to be paid off.The movement of the Pacific tectonic Plate is controlling the volcano activity. The Hawaii volcanoes can also form when the middle of the plate where the magma rises to the top of the volcano. The rocks were formed when the molten lava cool the rock and form it into different types of rocks. In the Hawaii volcano different types of animals and plants that you have never seen here or they just could be different from here. The plants  that you might see in at the Hawaii volcano national park is a lotus corniculatus, Gold fern, Sword fern and the moa.   Its nearly a empty forest floor in the high elevation. The large animals that you might see in the Hawaii volcano is a monk seal and Northern Elephant seal and also Whales.  The small animals that you might see is a Hawaiian hoary bat, Nene, Indian mongoose.  The fishes that you could  is a sea turtle, dolphin and other volcano fishes.  Some animals that had tried to survive are now facing tremendous threats.   A Lot of animals had lost their habitats.  People are trying to help animals. And other animals that can see is Axis deer and mule Deer.For the tourism that want to come see the hawaii volcano national park.  The driver that has to park there will be tow main roads of the visitors will travel crater rim drive and chain of craters road.  You can also horseback ride indoors and outdoors also a big island tours.  The backcountry hiking in Hawaii.  People be hiking on Ula Ula country redhill cabin.People be sometimes camping outside.  Visitors rock climbing ha’akulmaru also visitors be fishing on big islands.I go all my information from texts book and on google when i had search up Hawaii volcano national park.