The fighting against violence .he was a peaceful protestor

  The Martin Luther King Sculpture                      The art work that I chose to work on is “I the martin Luther king sculpture’ .The sculpture was made out of a wood and was created by an African American artist, Josef shallow in the years of 1934. The art work is now located at the African American museum in Dallas .The art work, is a figural sculpture of the Doctor Martin Luther king. The sculpture is in square and circle shape the color of it art comes out like black brown, black, and beige, the statue is a figural sculpture of the Martin Luther king .I cannot see the full body but once I get closer to the to it, I can see that he was wearing a suit and a tight under the suit he got on a brown shirt and tight. His face look brown and his eyes, hair and beard were all painted in a very dark color and the suits in a black brown color. Moreover, under the sculpture there is his name written “Doctor King”  .The art work show calm in is face .The figure is also  a representation of  some sort of hope .I believe the art work is about the story the of martin Luther king who was a socialist, pastor  and a civil right activist who was leading the civil right  movement in the United states  from the year night teen fifty four till his death.  .He played a very important role in the story of the United States. , he believed in equality and human right for people of all color. However he was fishing  mostly for , people of color , since they were being treated unfairly .Martin Luther king also wanted he wanted  the American society to invited regardless of color , or races ,he gave the iconic ‘ I have a dream speech ‘ which predicted that the united states will have a black president one day .Doctor king was fighting against violence .he was a peaceful protestor , he was not protecting in a violent way , because he did not believe that violence was s the answer to freedom .martin Luther king is now considered like a hero in the united states .The message that I am receiving from this art work is a message of gratitude an pride .I believe the artist was trying to honor martin liter king trough his art .he wanted to thank him for everything that he did for the community, also he want to make sure that even though his dead, that people will still remembering him by looking at this art work.                  the artist uses implies lines to direct the viewer eyes around the art work .He uses many lines to bring out all the future shown on this art such as hair beard eyebrows, and tight of martin Luther king .Also he used a heated to wood to help bring out skin color of the art .the artist used abut tree color in this art which was, black, brown and beige. On the bottom of the work the black color helped to created his hair and  brown color is what he used to give for the skin color and his suit .he used the being color for to bring out the color of his eyes .He used several shapes to help created the carving ,these shapes are; circle square and rectangle for example, the head of art his circle so he used the circle form was to help create his head and the square form to shape his face since , martin had a square shape types of face. The Artist used the rectangle to help created his upper body to give from to his shoulder neck and the suits he was wearing .the painting of martin Luther king was painted on a surface looks so that it can be simple form.                  The elements that the artist use on this sculpture are regularly reputed .from the line to the texture .He used the lines multiple times to help to enhance the beauty of the art work for example he use several lines to help create the brows, hair, and beard, he used the texture multiple time to bring out the look of martin Luther .The color are not repeated he used multiple  Colors to help viewer to see the difference between the face and the cloths that martin Luther king was wearing. When it comes to form, he used difference form, from circle to rectangular to help shape his upper body. For example, his head looks circle, and his face look rectangular and the body look square he used different elements to create this sculpture, such as, oil paint to bring out the shine. He used the heated wood to help shape and black paint for his hair also and being an brown .he balanced different types of element to give sense of his art .the focal point of thus art work is the forehead, the eyes and the mouth of martin Luther king because those are is the first things I notice when I first saw the art.                The work that chose is art created by African American artist ,located at the African American museum .I think the work fits in with the other work at  the African American museum because the art work located at the museum are about African American. Next, is because Martin Luther King was a very important figure for the black community therefore, the museum will always have some of his work there I think the artist intention is definitely to honor martin Luther for everything that he has done for African American community he wanted people to remember him and continue to celebrate his life and legacy of the man who brought peace and hope to the American society.                    My personal  response as not changed , I like the way the artist put every elements together to bring out this sculpture from lines to texture the sculpture really do look like martin Luther king .The statue represent a lot that I am fully explain .it is a representation of hope, change, and freedom .I  am happy that The artist Joseph Shallow made this art because, I was not born yet when Martin Luther king was fighting for peace he did but because the art, today I can look at the status and see how he looked like. Also I like the fact that artist vision and purpose was to help people like us learn about him and his work