The everything else being the third. This made sense

The three-world order was the result of the world after world war II. Since Europe was destroyed it greatly weakened it grasp on the world and formed a new three-world order. This consists of the United States being the first world, the Soviet Union being the second, and effectively everything else being the third. This made sense given that post world war II both the United states and the Soviet Union waisted no time trying to pick up the pieces of the war to become the world’s superpowers. As I mentioned before due to Europes weakened state they lost their colonies. One major one was India freeing itself from English rule. Another thing to come of this was the cold war. Communism started to grow throughout Europe as both it and democratic parties had conflicting idea on how to rebuild. The Truman administration didn’t approve of this and started to try to contain communism so that caused conflict in Berlin with Russia  and was the beginnings of the cold war. After the disagreements about how to rebuild Germany, Stalin ordered for the Berlin Blockade to prevent food and supplies from arriving in West Berlin. The United States and several other countries began a massive airlift, supplying West Berlin with food and other supplies. The East and west differed in ideals. The East was controlled by the Soviet Union and became a communist nation. While the West was under the protection of the United States and became a capitalist democratic nation. Due to many people migrating from the East side to the West the East put up a wall to separate the sides and end the migration. The wall was built in 1961 and would not come down until 1989. The united states went as far to contain communism from spreading to the other countries by giving money to those countries that would rebuild as a democracy instead of communism. This money and grants was known as the Marshall Plan. This did not go well with the Soviet Union. Its very interesting because even with all of this conflict about the restructuring of Europe the united states and soviet Union were very hesitant on resorting to violence given the current state the world was in, and the current disdain for violence. In conclusion, the three-world order was a name for the new world order that would come to be post World War II. It is to this day still in the same structure that was put in place decades ago.