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The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of rationale in question, is what I find most appealing about Information Systems. Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, I believe, leads to a constant learning process. This approach adds to the already immense potential for innovation that exists in the field. As a student in the undergraduate study for a Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology, I aspire to graduate in Information Systems to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will serve to guide and direct me towards my career goal to be a business analyst. For my under graduate studies, I have opted for ” Information and Communication Technology” in Manipal Institute of technology, Manipal where I find my diligent study has brought home to me very strongly, that there is still a vast field that I must explore and master to achieve my goal of been the best. The four years curriculum in Information and Communication Technology exposed me to the entire gamut of computer courses thus laying a strong foundation for both my hardware and software fundamentals. If given the opportunity to join your Information Systems program, I will be able to utilize my extensive background in computers, while learning additional skills and techniques that will be greatly beneficial to my future career development. I hope to use my skills and background to learn how to effectively analyze and solve business problems. Modern businesses are heavily reliant on information systems, and this is integral to the successful management of an organization. I am eager to explore this field in the presence of the esteemed professors at your university.I remember the day as if it were yesterday. During my second year in college, I realized the importance of contextual advertising when one of my little cousins remarked, “Internet likes me, it shows only what I like.” Data Mining and Database Management System has fascinated me ever since and I have shown great interest in these subjects. I have presented a seminar on Graph Databases which has been highly appreciated. I have also involved in a college level paper presentation which was based on Mining Network Traffic, where classification of network traffic was done using decision tree and prediction of network traffic was done using data mining techniques such as Linear and Bivariate Regression. I have gained good knowledge on the overall SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), picked up a few additional skills like Data Modelling techniques, SQL/PLSQL through various academic and online courses which will aid me in my pursuit for a Masters in Information Systems. The essence of university education lies in the success of the symbolic relationship between the student and her department. It is with this in mind that I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with your university. Your university is a confluence of people from varied culture, nationality, religion, race and ideology. I am sure that my exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would aid in the overall development of my personality. I am well aware of the quality of education that is available, and this has especially motivated me to pursue a slightly altered educational path, as the challenges and opportunities available at your university will allow my potential to grow unfettered.Technology develops at a staggering pace. In most instances, it progresses much faster than the rate at which it actually reaches the masses. Eliminating this disparity is what I plan to devote my career to. The graduate studies at your reputed institute would provide me an ideal platform to develop a deeper knowledge to tackle these challenges confidently. In addition, it would give me a chance to undertake the present practical challenges and play my role in solving them for the future.I feel it a privilege to have come up first in elocution, debates and other language proficiency competitions held at district level during my school days. I also showed an aptitude towards innovative skills by participating and winning several prizes in science exhibitions and other technical events. During my under graduation, I showed keen interest in Engineering Economics and Essentials of Management, which was highly appreciated. I also took active part and volunteered for social service and community events. All these activities have helped me to develop into multifaceted personality with strong interpersonal skills.I aspire to pursue M.S. in Information Systems because of my strong interest in information technology and its applications to business settings. I have seen how information systems can serve as a bridge between technology and business by supporting its planning, operations and critical decision making. Now through MSIS program I desire to refine my skills and deliver technology-driven business solutions for global organizations to meet their strategic objectives.I believe that MSIS program at your esteemed University will enhance my knowledge and help me greatly in attaining my career goals. Amidst the brilliant academic setting, I desire to gain the expertise and eventually make an indispensable contribution to the field of Information Systems. I look forward to being an active contributing member at your University. I would be grateful if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with financial assistance at your institution and I assure you that I’ll maintain a consistent good performance, bring value to the university and justify your faith in me.