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Intellectual capableness of the organisation builds successful concern. Heart of this is people and their endowment. To be successful concern has to continuously attract, groom and retain endowment. “ Process of pull offing human endowments to accomplish organisation ‘s nonsubjective ” is called Human Resource Management. The procedure includes enlisting, compensation, employee services and dealingss, larning & A ; development and overall, contributing organisation clime.

One of the of import constituents of HRM is Compensation and benefits called “ wagess ” . Anything that organisation does for the employee is loosely considered as wages. The influence of wages is high on employee and that is why Michael lupus erythematosus Beouf, ( 1985 ) quotes, “ You get more of the behaviour you reward. You do n’t acquire what you hope for, wish for or beg for. You get what you reward. ”

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What was called ‘pay ‘ and so became ‘remuneration ‘ is today frequently termed ‘reward ‘ .

“ A wages may be anything touchable or intangible that an organisation provides to its employees either deliberately or accidentally in exchange for the employee ‘s possible or existent work part, and to which employees as persons attach a positive value as a satisfier of certain self-defined demands. ” John Shields 2007

Types of Wagess
Wagess can be seen as including non merely fiscal wagess but besides wagess of a good non-financial nature. Wagess can be divided into two wide classs: ‘intrinsic ‘ and extrinsic ‘ .

Wagess that are at the terminal of the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands similar income to last feelings of security, etc which are external to the occupation are extrinsic wagess. These wagess meets the basic demands of an employee.

Wagess that are on the top of Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands like satisfaction, occupation challenge, duty, etc which are internal to the occupation are intrinsic wagess. These wagess are considered to be the most powerful incentives of work attempt.

Wagess Tendencies
Under traditional direction wages mean “ wage ” , “ wage ” or “ compensation ” , the substance that can be measured in hard currency and paid to the employee in return for their service to the organisation. Traditional attack was more of a salary disposal, missing strategic elements, more of a stiff policy, where employee autumn in the system and line directors do what they are told.

As per Rosabeth Moss Kanter ( 1987 ) “ Status, non part, has traditionally been the footing for Numberss on employees ‘ pay-check. Pay has reflected where occupations ranked in the corporate hierarchy – non what comes out of them. ”

Modern direction looks beyond substance and money and cosnsiders indirect income and non-monetary compensation as an built-in portion of the wages construction.

Michael Armstrong ( 1998 ) gave the construct of the wages direction which aims at back uping organisation aims and civilization on the one side and promoting the value added behaviour on the other side by offering flexible and just wagess to actuate employees and achieve squad work.

As mentioned by Michael Armstrong in ‘Employee Rewards ‘ , Lawler ( 1990 ) originated the phrase “ new wage ” to reflect demand for an apprehension of the organisation ‘s end, values and civilization, and of the challenges of a more competitory planetary economic system when explicating wages policies. He advocated people-based wage alternatively of job-based wage, i.e. paying people harmonizing to their value in the market and in relation to their cognition and accomplishments.

More recent is “ entire wages ” . This scheme considers all the possible manner of honoring employee, whether pecuniary, non-monetary or emotional. It considers constituents like favourable working environment, calling growing chance and compassion foliages as a portion of the bundle. It attempts to accomplish organisations nonsubjective by increasing public presentation and by prosecuting employees.

The attack to honoring people
Reward should see all the agencies of counterbalancing employee. It should be a good mix of pecuniary, non-monetary and emotional payments. To be effectual it should be balanced in a manner that employee s are motivated and entity ‘s end are swimmingly achieved.

This necessitates a more strategic attack to wagess ; one which attracts new endowment ; retain the existing, and every bit ensures that the corporate aims are achieved.

Wagess Schemes
Wining wages schemes is about developing the strategic dimension of reward direction by taking into history concern drivers and employee outlooks. It is model of wages policy, procedure and pattern of how people should be paid to accomplish organisation ends.

“ A strategic orientation to honor agencies understanding the ‘big image ‘ – what organisation is at that place to make, where it is traveling, and how it is traveling to acquire at that place. It involves alliance of the wages scheme with the concern scheme and wages scheme with other facet of the HR scheme. This means reward scheme flows from the concern scheme and the HR scheme ” . ( Armstrong M. , 2003 )

“ Reward scheme is a holistic attack alining with concern scheme and people scheme ; it encompasses everything employees value in their employment relationship like compensation, benefits, development and the work environment ” . ( Kaplan, 2007 )

Effective wages schemes have three constituents: ( Brown, 2001 )

A clearly defined ends and a chiseled nexus to the concern aims.

A well-designed wage and wages plans, tailored to the demand of the organisation and its people ; one which is consistent and incorporate with each other.

Important but widely neglected ; demand of an effectual and supportive HR and reward procedure in topographic point.

Reward scheme is an evolutionary procedure and one should non seek to make excessively much at the same time but instead should concentrate on the critical issues one at a clip.

To be complete, wagess should be built in a manner that non merely boosts the public presentation of the staff but reinforce positive behaviour and should hold the concluding aim in head – which is alining employees with strategic end of the entity. If organisations concern ends are to be met, pay system must flux from the overall concern scheme.

Reward Plan
By definition wages offers range for batch of creativeness and flexibleness. Let us speak about cardinal constituents of a winning wages program and its benefits.

Components of winning wages program
Pfeffer ( 1998 ) in his paper ‘Six unsafe myths about wage ‘ published in Harvard Business Review ; May-Jun 1998 references six aureate regulations for effectual wages program.

As per Pfeffer, organisation should concentrate more on edifice a proactive acknowledgment system around the wages procedure, pay attending towards making positive work civilization and promoting enhanced working life instead than merely seeking to pull off the procedure.

Include a ‘large dosage ‘ of corporate wages in employees pay bundles.

Acknowledge that wage can non replace for a on the job environment ‘high on trust, merriment, and meaningful work ‘

Make wage patterns unfastened and crystalline, thereby directing a positive message about the equity of the system

Use other methods besides wage to signal company values and concentrate behaviour.

Recognize that wage is ‘just one component in a set of direction patterns which can either construct or cut down committedness, teamwork and public presentation ‘ .

Ensure that the messages sent by the wage system reflect what the organisation values, and align wage with other direction patterns.

Benefits of strategically designed wages program
A strategically designed wages system creates a “ win-win state of affairs ” both for the employees and the employer.

Benefits to the employees
Balanced wages bundle aims to pull, retain, and actuate employees. It will profit employees in the undermentioned ways ;

Provides clear apprehension of the compensation doctrine of the company.

Make feel staff that they are valued as the wages is in conformity to their public presentation and behaviour.

Enhance calling development as company focuses on developing the accomplishments, cognition and abilities of the employees.

Benefits to the employers
“ Strategic HR considers reward as strategic tool to convey best endowment through the doors, and keeps them there ” . ( McKinsey & A ; Company, April 2001 )

A clearly defined wages policy that links employee ‘s ends with organisational ends and is designed to run into single employee ‘s outlook could take to following benefits.

Attract and retain best endowment.

Enhances public presentation & A ; services by aiming motive.

Encourages creativeness and productiveness which helps reduced overall cost.

Plans such as calling development, preparation, occupation rotary motion, clear calling way, and work-life balance will increase employee satisfaction and cut down turnover.

By associating corporate ends with wages policy, organisation aims are achieved

Aids in keeping and beef uping of the psychological contract by bespeaking what behavior the organisation values, i.e. what is paid for.

Motivating through Reward
Motivation comes out of behaviour that can be influenced but non generated. If non decently motivated, even self motivated persons can be disturbed, down, or exhausted. They can be motivated merely when they recognize that their attempts are noticed by the direction and are suitably recognized, valued and appreciated.

Strategic wages plays of import function in employee motive by making voluntary behaviour. It positively influences employees ‘ behaviour and belief. A individual with a strong belief in the topographic point he works gets motivated which reflects in his public presentation. Therefore making an environment of public presentation based civilization. Company that has civilization of public presentation and a squad of content employee has greater opportunities of lasting in this cut pharynx market conditions. Such companies tend to do better returns for their stockholders.

Organization has to introduce themselves and offer employees more interesting and piquant wagess that are non merely originative but besides seasonably, and recognizes the demands of employees every bit good as the corporate. Comprehensive wages can pay a bigger function in retaining and actuating endowment if they are fitting aspirations of employees.

Wagess that do work
To be successful, reward program needs to be designed in a balanced. Any system designed without sing the concluding desired result could and the outlook of the staff will non bring forth coveted consequence.

Influencing ends
Dr Edwin Locke ‘s end puting theory of motive high spots importance of good defined ends and timely feedback in motive of employees. As per the end theory employee plants towards their set end and aspiration to accomplish those ends motivates people which will ensue into improved public presentation.

This provides organisation an chance to construct a wages scheme that seeks congruity between single and corporate ends. A clearly defined wages that links personal ends with the organisational ends and draws relationship between wages and accepted behaviour will bring forth higher employee public presentation that achieves organisational aims.

Performance Oriented
A transparent, simple and realistic public presentation based wages system where individual is paid on the footing of his part to the overall system, to the squad work and towards the aims of the company, on a longer clip frame, helps in making a positive public presentation based civilization.

A balanced public presentation system in which employee can mensurate his wages with attempts, builds trust among employees that improved public presentation will be rewarded. Since good behaviour are rewarded and hapless behaviour are punished it motivates employees to continuously better their public presentation.

Performance related program, with extrinsic motive like money besides provides intrinsic motive ; basic human need – to be rewarded for accomplishments.

A flat playing field, pay that does n’t distinguish by-gender, by-caste, by-nationality and is strictly based on individual ‘s occupation, quality and competences creates a positive environment for public presentation.

As per Adam ‘s equity theory of motive, employees seek equity at work topographic point as compared to others. A feeling of having an just wages influences their behaviour and public presentation.

Three major equations of just wagess are ; ( Donna Deeprose, 2006 )

Reward must be equal in value to the quality and measure of work done by the employee.

Reward must be equal in value to what is received by other employees making similar work of similar quality and measure.

Reward must be equal in value to what is received by people who do similar work for other organisations

Meets outlooks
As per Vroom ‘s anticipation theory of motive people thinks about their attempts and perceived value of the result. They build on their outlook based on their perceptual experience of what they should be rewarded for the given attempt. If they believe they will be justly rewarded for their attempts they get motivated.

Hence, wages will actuate merely if, there is a clear relationship is established between wages and attempt, if reward lucifers demand of the people and if they matches perceptual experience of people.

Whatever good the wages may be but if they are perceived non to be sufficient or fells short of belief it will consequence behaviour and thereby motive of the employee. One of the of import facets of wages scheme is that they should be crystalline and informed. Employee should be able to associate wages with result or say they should be able to place what they need to make to acquire that wages.

Contingency theory as applied to honor scheme Tells us that:

Diverse organisational schemes and civilizations require different wages schemes.

The utility of different wages schemes, policies and patterns varies harmonizing to the context

It can non be assumed that any one wages pattern will hold an equal consequence on all those who experience it.

Not everyone is motivated in the same manner and people ‘s reaction to a pattern such as public presentation – related wage will be contingent on what motivates them separately.

Successful program is one which is sensitive to the demands of its people. Giving a pick to employees with different wage program satisfies demands of employees as per their perceptual experience and helps hike public presentation.

This will besides ensue in lower costs, as company so tries to supply merely such benefits that motivates single employee.

A wages system which is often changed, leaves employees in uncertainness and de-motivates them from executing as they do non hold trust as to whether the public presentation will take to the benefits as predicted by the current system or the system will be twisted to lead on them from their lawful wages.

This state of affairs of misgiving can outdo avoided merely if reward system is systematically used over a period. Any alteration is the system has to be a better version of the earlier and employee should be taken in assurance before altering the system.

Complicated program does n’t give coveted consequence as people would non be able to map the return with the attempt. Such programs sometimes rises concerns over the purpose of the direction and with this uncertainty in head a little misreckoning will bring forth the feeling that wages program is to lead on them and therefore could impact the public presentation negatively.

Easy to understand program helps employee set up relationship between the attempt and the wages. This one to one function of attempt and wagess helps employee cipher their ain wages which helps constructing trust as what is perceived is received. This helps purchase positive behaviour and thereby a better public presentation.

Merely seting employees should be educated about the wages so that they he can himself cipher his wagess.

Organization should force frontward any wages scheme after a thorough due diligence of the cost and the benefits that it will bring forth. Any ill formulated wages policy without sing the cost could turnout to be a load for the organisation.

Policy one time pronounced if altered due to high cost impact will hold negative deductions on the public presentation. Hence organisation should take a wages policy which is financially sustainable.

Wagess to be effectual should hold a good blend of all the ingredients ; hard currency – non hard currency, long term – short term ; fixed – variable ; single – squad and guaranteed – fillip. Any program to be successful should hold a clear attempt – reward equation. It has to do a differentiation between the performing artist and the non performing artist.

Merely raising wages is non the solution ; organisation should happen the right balance between employee outlook and organisations objectives..

Employee Engagement
Employees are better guide to plan an effectual wages system as they know the undertakings and demands of the occupations.

“ When employees have input into the wages system they are more likely to cognize what they have to make to gain a wages, because they ‘ve established the standards. They will besides value the wages and esteem the wages receivers, because they set the criterions the receivers met. This will assist make a flat playing field and charges of favouritism disappear when employees are system interior decorators and Judgess. ” ( Donna Deeprose, 2006 )

Any wages scheme to be successful should hold an built-in changeless feedback cringle. Management should make assorted mechanisms whereby uninterrupted feedback on the wages system could be gathered. Methods that can be employed are ;

By inquiring right inquiries,

Giving assorted options to employees like anon. online study, suggestion box, so that the employee can pick one without fright,

By detecting what makes the employee smiling? What does the single return pleasance in during the working day?

Right feedback and timely action can salvage the organisation from any possible reverberations of the wages program. Such a mechanism will besides give a assurance to the employee that inputs are taken and valued.

Emotional battle
Employees are human and every homo has emotions. A wages scheme which is insensitive towards the emotional demands of people ca n’t be successful in the long tally.

As per Maslow ‘s hierarchy theoretical account, need for belonging and self realization are high once the basic demands are meet. Hence any wages system to be effectual should besides basically include physiological wagess like acknowledgment and grasp as a portion of winning wages scheme.

Wagess like thank you note besides go a long manner in actuating an employee. Appreciating employee for his outstanding accomplishments and positive behaviour can be achieved through wagess like “ best employee for the month ”

See wagess like ;

Flexible work agendas

Workplace comfortss like on-site fittingness centres, lactation suites for new female parents, on-site subsidized child-care installations

Long holiday with household

More discretional occupation content

Set challenging ends for themselves

Job rotary motions

Continually supplying new chances

More duty and control over the work

When people are recognized for their possible, their attempts, and their achievements, there is a greater likeliness they will develop into more motivated employees.

And Rewards that do non work
Not all wagess motivate. A inactive wages procedure which does n’t alter with the altering clip can be damaging to employee ‘s motive.

Pure Money Plan
There is no uncertainty that money is an of import portion of the wages construction. It satisfies the basic demand for endurance and security. It can besides fulfill the demand for ego regard as it is seeable grade of grasp and position.

But money can non make a permanent satisfaction though temporarily deficiency of money can even make dissatisfaction. This is reflected in fact that the best-performing companies do non ever pay the highest wages, but they do pay their top performing artists much better than their mean 1s.

“ Peoples do work for money – but they work even more for significance in their lives. In fact, they work to hold merriment. Companies that ignore this fact are basically corrupting their employees and will pay the monetary value in a deficiency of trueness and committedness. ” – Jeffrey Pfeffer, “ Six Dangerous Myths about Pay, ” Harvard Business Review

Theorist differ as to what widen money motivates but one thing is clear that value of money is different from individual to individual. Money is one of the indispensable portion of wages but non complete wages in itself. It can turn out unsafe to presume that everyone can be motivated to same extend with the aid of money.

Simple Merit Plan
One of the widely use reward programs are based on virtue where persons are rewarded for their public presentation. Simple merit wage by itself is non plenty to actuate people. Sometime it is non sufficient to retain right employees. Increase in virtue based programs is little and becomes portion of the monthly wage hence the relationship between wage and public presentation gets weaken and less actuating. It demands consistent public presentation twelvemonth on twelvemonth and ignores long term public presentation and trueness of the employee, which de-motivates as due to some uncontrolled ground a blip in public presentation penalize employees good connotations.

Poor Implementation
Any program if ill implemented will non function the intent. Reward scheme to give you desired consequence has to be implemented on clip and with clearly set standards.

Execution has to be continues procedure and organisation demands to keenly watch the procedure and support staff whenever required. It ‘s non plenty merely to put ends for your employees and so wait until reward clip to see if they ‘ve met them.

Organization demands to maintain up with employees ‘ advancement toward ends, facilitate employees ‘ entree to resources, and steer them toward solutions to jobs that block their advancement.

Not decently Communicated
If wagess are non decently communicated than it will non hold an coveted consequence. Wagess to be efficaciously hold to be communicated to the employees and organisation should guarantee that employees understand the wages system. They should cognize what they are expected of and what they will derive out of certain behaviour or result.

Honoring results and non behaviours
A consistent positive behaviour that contributes towards constructing positive workplace atmosphere is more ambitious than honoring public presentation.

If organisation recognizes and wagess outcomes more than it does behaviours so it is losing an chances to better employees ‘ perceptual experience of the equity equations ; to actuate them to better their accomplishments, work wonts and procedures ; and to clear up for them what behaviors the organisation values

One-size-fits-all attack to honor system does n’t work in longer tally. Reward to be effectual should run into the single outlook of the employee and hence has at that place has to be picks for the employee.

A wages system that has been designed without sing the cultural, spiritual or professional difference of individual does n’t work good. A supervisor can be motivated by extrinsic wages but a non a scientist or an NGO worker, as their demands are more intrinsic in nature. Same manner an American can be more motivated by money instead than a Korean whose demands are more societal.

NGO workers, creative persons, scientist and such vocational are non rewarded by substance but by manner of intrinsic wagess. They look for satisfaction from the work, like enjoyment from the public presentation of the occupation, exhilaration about overcoming challenges, satisfaction in assisting others, joy of inventing and pride in making a occupation good.

Reward that has high opportunity of acquiring acknowledgment from the employees is one meets their aspirations. The challenge for the director is to acknowledge employee aspiration and consequently offer wages that meets his aspiration.

Case survey: RasGas Company Limited.
RasGas company Limited ‘s corporate nonsubjective “ to be a dependable universe category provider of LNG ” . The concern scheme picks that the company has made to accomplish its corporate aims are ;

Enhance dependability and gas deliverability from reservoir to bringing point

Attract, retain and develop a high-performing work force and supply a lovingness and inclusive workplace environment that will enable RasGas to run into its ‘ current and future concern demands through an effectual set of incorporate people procedures and a choice Qatarization plan

Analyzing the current wages processes, I believe that company has been taking stairss in the right way by offering comprehensive wages program that is ;

Flows from the overall concern scheme

Balanced with assortment of extra benefits

Simple and easy to understand

Clearly communicated by manner of policies, processs and guidelines

Prosecuting as it offers intrinsic values like work-life balance, regular rotary motion of occupation, occupation households, employee preparations

seeks employee feedback with regular study on organisational clime

Integrated with other HR schemes like uninterrupted stress on investing in developments of Qatarisation ( locals ) .

Though so much has been done, following are the major betterments that RasGas direction needs to concentrate to do wages pattern more effectual.

extinguish component of forced ranking from public presentation based program

Ensure equity as presently reward pattern follows Middle-East patent of wage construction, where wage is based on gender and nationality instead than public presentation, quality and competence of the employee.

Meet outlook by doing wagess just and crystalline

Infuse flexibleness by offering wages picks to employees alternatively of seeking to suit one program for all.

See long term public presentation under virtue program which presently merely focuses on annual public presentation

Make a strategic balance by acknowledging long service wagess

Encourage squad wagess against strictly individualist wagess

Focuss behavior instead than merely outcome

Be consistent in execution of the adopted scheme.

see variable constituent of the wage which stimulates people to maintain disputing themselves and thereby come up with incremental higher public presentation is still a bantam portion of the wage

It is all from money to stating “ Shukaran ” to the employee for the occupation good done falls under the wide term “ wages ” . There is a strong connexion between different constituents of wages and positive employee behaviours. Everything has its ain influence on people. Not all reacts in same manner to different constituents of wagess but however you can purchase a great grade of good behaviour if you strategically blend the constituents and offer different discrepancies to the employees.

From whatever has been discussed winning wages should hold following character

Attract, retain and engage employees,

Links personal end with corporate end

Encourages positive behaviour

Equitable, just and non discriminative

Meets perceptual experience and belief

Simple and accomplishable

Communicated and easy to understand

Balance of short term and long term constituent

Recognizes non hard currency constituent

Flexible to turn to the demands of different civilization and personality

Cost effectual to prolong in the longer run for the organisation.

Consistent and efficaciously implemented

Considers employee feedback

Pull offing wages plans in a mode that include all the elements of wages has a huge entreaty. The challenge, nevertheless, is to implement a plan that will hold a permanent positive impact. Important is to plan the wages in a manner that finds good balance between cost and public presentation, employee ends and corporate ends. Overall it is more of import that wages policy wins the Black Marias and heads of the employees.

To me, maintain options wide and flexible for your people. I will pay money to the money oriented, emotional wage to the sensitive and power to the egocentric, but all within the right model, at a right clip and in just mode.