The courage not knowing where they were headed to.

 The Holocaust was a time
period where people were killed and beaten just because of their Jewish
identity. The Jews were forced to go to concentration camps and even taken to death
camps to be killed and stripped of their identity but despite their prosecution
they held on to their hopes and morals. Life Is Beautiful depicted an attitude
of hopefulness as Guido tried to make his sons experience a positive one and
make a game out of the situation they faced during the war. In Escape from
Sobibor the Jews planned an exit strategy and had hope that their strategy
would make them free from the pain they endured daily. In both situations that
the Jews faced in the camps, they worked with what they had and although their
goals were different, they worked hard to attain their goals and never lost

is an Italian book keeper that dreams of opening his very own bookstore. He
meets a young lady named Dora and is taken away by her beauty. After meeting
each other numerous times, Guido wins her over with his charm and humor and
Dora runs from the man who she was being forced to marry. They end up marrying
and have a child together named Joshua but their happiness doesn’t last long
when the Nazis come to deport all the Jews to the concentration camps. Guido,
although he didn’t practice his Jewish religion, was forced to be taken away
along with the rest of his Jewish family. Dora was not Jewish herself yet
refused to let her family board that train alone. She insisted on going along
and gets to the train just in time to go with them, showing a great amount of
courage not knowing where they were headed to. Guido doesn’t want his son to be
afraid so he tells Joshua that this is all a game and if he follows directions
carefully he could win the “grand prize” a real tank. At the concentration
camp, Guido and Joshua are taken to the men’s side while Dora is taken with the
rest of the women. Guido and Joshua play the game and keep earning themselves
points while hanging on to whatever they could to stay alive. One night, Guido
awakens to gunfire and realizes that the war could be over. There is
speculation that the Nazi soldiers are trying to hide the evidence and trucks
are being loaded with prisoners but come back empty. Guido decides to flee and
warm his wife. He hides Joshua in a corner box telling him to stay inside until
everyone around is gone and the place is silent. Guido gets caught while going
to his wife and gives Joshua one last look before he is shot to death. The next
morning Joshua comes out of hiding and sees a real life tank approaching
thinking it is his prize for winning the game. The American takes Joshua in for
a ride as they see the prisoners of the liberated camp and eventually reunites
with his mother. They embrace each other and Joshua is overwhelmed because his
father was right, they had won.   

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            Sobibor was one of the six major
death camps in World War II. Located in Eastern Poland the Jews were forced to
be taken there, where their death awaited. Not many knew where they were going
and brought their belongings with them as if preparing to relocate. If only
they knew what they were about to endure. Previous prisoners were forced to
greet the oncoming train and the Natzis would tidy up the camp and greet
everyone with smiles. The men and women were divided into two groups. The SS
officers would then ask the professional shoemakers and seamstresses to step
out of line to continue their work for the Nazi soldiers. The rest of the
prisoners were told they would be taken to receive a hot shower however once
they went in they would never come back. Gassed in the showers and beaten in
the camp hundreds of men, women, and children were left dead. The workers faced
hunger and feared for their lives. One day a Nazi pulled the working Jewish boy
aside and showed him what really went on to those who were taken to get
“showered” but ended up coming out dead. The boy ran back to the rest of the
Jews working with him and it was then that they realized they needed an exit
plan or the same would happen to them. It started off as an escape for as
little as 10 people but they were contemplating if they should really leave
their fellow prisoners to die torturously. They decided this would have to be a
plan for all six hundred people in the camp. They stole guns and ammunition and
even cut the phone lines in hopes of escaping the death that was running their
way. They killed Nazi soldiers and that afternoon all the prisoners would run
to their freedom. After the whistle was blown everyone fled to the nearby woods
but many did not make it far. Out of the six hundred that attempted to flee
only three hundred made it to the woods safely. Throughout the entire escape
plan every man was for himself but overall the Jews were determined to survive
which led them to their freedom.

            Life Is Beautiful as well as
Escape From Sobibor led the Jews to liberation at the end and the Jews felt
as if they won because of their freedom. They both found methods to cope with
the situations they were in and continuously remained hopeful. They both set a goal
as well to look forward to, whether it was Guido to make his sons experience
into a game to win a prize or the prisoners in Sobibor who made their goal to
get out. The Jews had no idea where they were taken forcefully while on the
train but when they found out they knew they had to fight their circumstances
and break away from the Nazi rule. They lived each day with the thought of hope
which kept them busy long enough to continue working to the day that their
freedom would finally arrive. They struggled to survive but in the end, they
were able to liberate themselves and escape.

            Life is beautiful is a fictional
romantic and humorous movie that portrays the situation lighter than that of Escape
From Sobibor which is a more serious movie, as it is a death camp based on
a true story with real survivors that lived to tell. Guido makes his situation
a more playful process as opposed to the other Jews that were eager to break
free from the Nazi rule and keep their eye on the open field that would lead
them to safety. The movies give off two perspectives that can be seen, one from
the victims who experienced this and the other from the father whose son later
realized what really happened.

            Both movies portrayed people of
courage who faced tragedy that represented true horrors that took place in
history. During the Holocaust people held on to what they could in order to
remain alive and found different ways of coping the difficult challenges they
were forced to face. Although in Life is beautiful and Escape From
Sobibor they were both led to liberation their methods of surviving the
camps differed but what truly matured was their newly gained freedom.