The Copenhagen Criteria Are To Be Respected Essay

The Copenhagen standards, besides called the Accession standards are the definition of the status required to seek rank of the European Union. “ To fall in the EU, a new Member State must run into three standards: a political 1: stableness of establishments vouching democracy, the regulation of jurisprudence, human rights and regard for and protection of minorities ; an economic 1: being of a working market economic system and the capacity to get by with competitory force per unit area and market forces within the Union ; and eventually the credence of the Community acquis: ability to take on the duties of rank, including attachment to the purposes of political, economic and pecuniary brotherhood.

For the European Council to make up one’s mind to open dialogues, the political standard must be satisfied. ”

Any state that wishes to fall in the Union must run into the accession standards. The pre-accession scheme and accession dialogues provide the necessary model and instruments.

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Turkey, between Europe and Asia, is in a strategic diplomatic and military place, being every bit good a powerful economic and military ally. In the same clip, it is a menace for some members and their population. In this essay, we will chiefly be concentrated in the periode from WW2 to today, but chiefly from the late 80s to today.

If Turkey had met those standards, should it be accepted in the EU? Positions are truly assorted on this subject, I will seek to cover most of the ground why they should or should non be accepted in this essay. I will now see Turkey as a absolutely democratic state esteeming the EU members.

This inquiry do me analyze the chief advantage and inconvenient Turkey could acquire and give to the EU.




Four European Population

Economically, Turkey would be a major advantage and in the same clip a load on the EU. Bing one of the rare states in Europe with a high economic growing ( 11.7 % in the first one-fourth 2010, compared to the 0.2 % of the EU ) , it is easy to see why Turkey could be a high stimulation for the EU economic system. Indeed, it is a large industrial force, notably with fabric, with 400 thousand employee and 20 1000 companies or with other industries like baccy. Besides, with 73 million people, this state will be a monolithic ingestion force and be a monolithic importer and exporter of different merchandises of the EU.

Nevertheless, it is known every bit good that Turkey, as the largest and least developed compered to new entrant, will necessitate a truly big portion of the European budget compared to the other campaigner, and will be demanding for high agricultural subvention ( with the Common Agricultural Policy ) , topic which already divides Europe ( more than 40 % already pass on agribusiness ) . Besides, Turkey will hold to transform is economic system in order to fit the European economic systems. The agricultural sector will be one major concern of this transmutation, one of the biggest economic sectors in Turkey ; they will hold to reform it in order to accomplish the European directives.

Another job linked to the economic system is the in-migration job. The accession could make some new monolithic flows of in-migration. It can be a solution to hike the European economic growing rate, or work out partly the “ pension clip bomb ” , which is a existent issue for the hereafter of the EU, so the population in the EU is ageing, oppositely to the Turkish population. However, it will be besides a problem, because of the inexpensive cost of labour and production in Turkey.

The “ future migrator ” will hold to work for less, which could be an of import economic and societal facet in the acceptation of Turkey, and make a reject even more of import from the European population. The industry might every bit good leave their old state to bring forth in Turkey, where it will be cheaper, like Renault did with Dacia ( inexpensive production to sell auto at a cheaper monetary value ) . Besides, those in-migration flows will likely get in Paris, London, Berlin and some other major metropoliss, and will make cliquishness. This is why this in-migration could take to a cultural job.

Politically, Turkey could be considered as a menace for the powerful state of the EU. Indeed, Turkey could be the 2nd most powerful state in the EU because the European parliament is divided by its population. For illustration, Germany, which contains the biggest population in Europe, have 96 seats, while the UK got 74 and Malta 6. Turkey would acquire more than the UK or France as the 2nd largest state. France, UK, or Italy might waver before they let all this power to Meleagris gallopavo. Besides, citizens from the Western Europe might fear that this concentration of power dressed ore involvement and support on this portion of Europe alternatively of them. On the other manus, Turkey could be a strategic place, a strategic ally in the Middle East ( even if as we are traveling to see, it is non the best allyaˆ¦ ) , with a common boundary line with Iraq or Iran. It could be besides increase the power of Europe compared to the chief world power USA, because Turkey is considered to be an ally of USA.

The last political problem Turkey has is the 1 in the Middle East. It might besides be a lagging factor for the accession. First, The Kurd inquiry is a job in the Middle East for Turkey, and tenseness will be for a long clip even if Turkey respects the standards and protect the minorities. Besides, tensenesss besides exist between the “ Arabic ” provinces ( chiefly Iraq, Iran, Syria ) and Turkey, notably because Turkey blocks the H2O in all the Middle East by constructing dike ( the Great Anatolian Project ) , where commence the Tigris and the Euphrates.

Finally, since Armenia is an independent state ( 1991 ), Turkey has closed the boundary line and blocks all the exchange ( this job is due to the non-acceptation of the Armenian race murder committed in 1915 ). Those jobs do non concern straight Europe, but they might if the European Union considers the accession of Turkey. Indeed, the EU will be straight involved in those tensenesss which are traveling to be more and more of import every bit shortly as the H2O is traveling to lose in those states. Equally far as I am concerned, I think that the EU will prefer to work out those jobs from the exterior.

Another chief political job without any opposite position is the Cyprus job. Cyprus is shared in two parts. The first is occupied by a Turkish authorities ( North Cyprus ) and the 2nd is the European member Cyprus. The chief job is that Turkey refuses to acknowledge Cyprus as an official province and oppositely that Europe do n’t acknowledge North Cyprus. In order to fit the standards, they would hold to acknowledge Cyprus, but Cypriots and Greeks ( which portion the same civilization ) might so decline the accession of Turkey because of those old dissension, notably because Turkey being the traditional “ enemy ” of those two state.

The possible accession of Turkey is a cultural choc for Europe. Firstly it will be the lone Muslim state in Europe. Indeed, while being LAIQUE, turkey ‘population is Muslim, with 99.2 % of the population. This is considerable when we know that Europe contains about merely 12 million Muslim. Even if it should non be an statement because Europe is a non-religious country and so is turkey. However, it does do a point because Turkey is one of the first states which accession is feared besides by the citizen of Europe. The statistic shows this easy cipher like Turkey. Geographically, it is besides the fisrt state which could be accepted while it is non in wholly in Europe. But the European Union says that the boundary lines are less of import than the regard of the different European standard. Besides, Europe and Turkey have had history and civilization in common, notably with the Ottoman Empire, the ascendant of the modern Turkey.

All those job have positive and negative consequence on the EU, on Turkey and on the Caucasic country, but some of those job seems to be without existent solution, notably the past and current relation with some of the EU members.